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Ricardo The Santini Brothers #1He brothers starts spiraling out of control his violent nature leading him down a path that could rip his family apart But when two women walk into his life His first love Bianca D’Angelo And. This was what I was like when I got the ARC for RICARDOThis was what I was like after finishing RICARDOThat ending Be still my beating heart I have fallen for a hitman who is both an arsehole and one beautiful bastard I can't wait until Brando is out I want his book in my grubby hands now He was sexy as hellOkay I'll stop talking about Ricardo's brother and actually attempt to do a proper review sigh I hate doing reviews because I'm lazy but this book is worth doing one for It was action packed with mafia hotness galore This must be the hottest mafia family because I was drooling over than one of the brothers Of course Brando was my favourite how could he not be He looks like Jagger from MMN but is a bigger arsehole Why do I love the arseholes in books I'm talking about him again Back to Ricardo the main man of the story the one on the cover and the oldest of the brothers He was one hot tamale with a roaring hot temper He has Intermittent explosive disorder which makes it very hard for him to control his temper He doesn't just have a bad temper he has violent rages When he loses control he can even hurt the ones he loves without realizing it I've never heard of this condition so looked it up on Google and learned something newOkay I'm digressing His love interest is Bianca D'Angelo from MMN Yippee Bianca finally gets a man who wants her Boy does Ricardo want her and bad The sex scenes were hotter than hot He is one tamale I want to peel and lick even if he burns my tongue Ivy wanted to do the same to him But alas assassin bitch he didn't want you hahahahahha Brando wants her though but he wasn't very nice about getting something from her During that scene my eyes were popping out I loved itI'm doing a terrible review I'll get down to the nitty gritty The story captured me straight away with the mafia war This nasty don wants to kill Ricardo's nieces so he is asked to protect them which flings them even into the war Ricardo also has to contend with his mother who is a bitch from hell She doesn't want him to be don so causes him major trouble Cutting to the chase After a certain point in the story everything came together and the author lit the fuse and whooosh like one of the rock propelled grenades in the book the story shot off at fall speed and was very fast paced All hell broke loose and there was major action The Vipers the female assassins were GREAT They were kick ass fighters and so entertaining to read about And the brothers fought hard too I loved the twins Dominic and Vinnie were super hilarious and I definitely want to jam with the sexy rockers you know what I mean ; Salvatore was super lovely and I felt terrible for something that went down in relation to himSigh I will stop All the brothers were delish I will look forward to stories about the Santini brothers the sexy SOBs I will also look forward to those viper assassins entertaining me Bring on BRANDO baby

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On a Mediterranean Island run by mafia the Santini brothers are fighting a war against the Landi family who are targeting their loved ones After his fiancée is murdered Ricardo the eldest of t. RICARDO is a story about a mafia run Mediterranean island where 5 mafia families are vying to be the overall ruling family The Santini family is in need of a new Don because their father who has been Don is ailing and no longer able to rule sanely Ricardo is first in line for this position and he is bound and determined to be the Don for his family His first love Bianca re enters his life after a tragedy puts her on the run from another mafia familyRICARDO has very little angst and mystery throughout the story I was hoping for of both of those things as I journeyed with the Santini family as they battled with the other mafia families The epilogue holds promise for some drama with The Hitman being the hero in the next book for this series I have not read 'My Masters' Nightmare' series but lovers of that series will find glimpses of Jagger in this bookI appreciated the user friendly guide that was put in at the beginning of book It included who the five mafia families are and a description of each family member Also added was an ItalianEnglish Glossary which came in handy MEET THE 'SANTINI' MAFIA FAMILY Ricardo Senior Don♥Concetta♥ mother to 10 grown children all born within the space of ten yearsRicardo Junior 37 years old Heir to becoming Don HotheadedSalvatore 36 years old Loyal and right hand man to Ricardo Tallest in the family 6'5 Gentle giant♥Rosa Aggio♥ childhood sweetheart Short 5'Valentino 35 years old love child of Senior Widower Brando 34 years old a hitman Beautifulcoloring like a D'Angelo Filled with hate view spoiler love child of Concetta hide spoiler

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Ricardo The Santini Brothers #1 Free download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ On a Mediterranean Island run by mafia the Santini brothers are fighting a war against the Landi family who are targeting their loved ones After his fiancée is murdered Ricardo the eldest of the brothers starts spiraling out of cAn assassin from the Viper Sisterhood he finds himself pulled into a world of espionage intrigue and seduction where he'll win his family's safety and the woman of his dreams or lose everythin. BLOGGERS Blog Tour Blitz Sign Up HERE☆ I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you SO MUCH hun Review to be posted on my blog on August 1st 2014 ☆35 stars#A stunning intricate action packed masterpiece filled with a wide array of entanglements from secrets lies betrayal revenge deception old and new foes and enemies; as well as love power plays seduction and heart pounding decision making where one mistake could result in blood loss ruin and even an all out war My thoughts As an entirety the plot story line and characters were well crafted and thought out There are some issues with cohesiveness and execution in certain significant turning points and character points but overall I thought everything to be fresh and to be out of the box compared to a lot of reads I’ve come across in a long time But on a side note And this is just PURELY a suggestion but maybe it would have been better to have moved the characters and glossary to the back of the book I don’t know For me it would have relieved the initial tension and anxiety I had when starting Ricardo because opening the beginning pages was extremely frightening and overwhelming I mean as a person who knows about 10 words of Italian and to get a crash course of it and 30 people from five different mafia families and their backgrounds was a bit stupefying and mind boggling to say the least SO WITH THAT SAIDAll in all I do recommend this read to those who are looking for a dark mafia romance But then again since when are mafia reads ever light Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of being in a mafia or reading one of that particular genre in the first place The build up angst and uncertainty of the situation is what sells it for me I'm sure it does for you readers as wellBe prepared for the first in a series guys Ricardo's coming to your e readers August 14th 2014