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CONTAINS AN ELEMENT OF PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE AND IS THEREFORE ONLY RECOMMENDED TO READERS OVER THE AGE OF 18They say that old habits die hard and twenty seven year old Kady Jenson is about to discover how very true that statement isWaking up in the hospital with a complete stranger at her bedside should have caused panic and confusion but for some unknown reason to her Kady find. 5 IRISH STARSI have the pleasure of speaking to this lovely lady on Facebook She is awesome and such a laughI loved this book from start to finish I keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the bookThis book follows Kady we meet her when she has just woken up from a 4 day coma in hospital She had a bad car accident and she wakes up and has lost 3 years worth of memories 3 years is a lot of memories to lose she is confused and scared She knows she is still with her long term boyfriend Liam I would love to punch himWe meet Walker or Irish as Kady likes to call him aye He is just yummy He is one of those characters that you just love instantly and keep loving them throughout the book Kady doesn't remember Walker he tells her they meet 18 months ago Liam is hiding a lot of secrets from Kady She feels that he is keeping things from her so is dependent on him She doesn't like it She realises a lot has changed with herself throughout the 3 years she can't remember She hates the new wardrobe she has come to haveThis book takes you on so many twist and turns you just don't see them coming Some are good and some are badI thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish It ended on such a cliffhanger that I can't wait to dive into Eluding Nirvana which is the 2nd book in the seriesVictoria has done an excellent job of writing a gripping story If you haven't read this book then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FORYou all need some Walker in your life aye

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Seeking Nirvana Dark Evoke #1Once shared with her boyfriend now so long ago and she begins to fall back into buried habits unconsciously each day the growing sense of foreboding becomes increasingly harder to ignore Kady is left on her own when her boyfriend goes on a business trip; she takes it upon herself to find her Irish Stranger which sends them on a uest in a race against time to piece the puzzle back together. I am sat shaking and crying at the end of Seeking Nirvana Part of me wants to pick up Eluding Nirvana straight away but another part of me feels so torn apart that I cannot form a coherent thought I identify with Kady on a personal level although I've never had amnesia I have suffered the way she has from traumatic experiences at the hands of a so called loved one I even identify with the connection she has with Walker I completely understand it from a personal point of view What happened to Kady brought back horrific memories and I hope her tormentor goes to Hell in a hand basket It's than he deservesThis book is written so damn well The author draws you in in an instant and has your emotions in a jumble until the end I don't know whether or not the author has drawn on personal experiences or a lot of research for this book I hope she has never been through what Kady has because I know what it's like to be there This story took me back to those dark days in my life and it haunted me throughout knowing that Kady feels helpless and powerless over her own life I wished I could reach into the pages and pull her from despair Alas I was not able to do so and felt like a powerless bystander looking in on her life I truly hope she finds peace For herself for her heart and for her soul Well done VL Brock for the execution of this tumultuous story I look forward to meeting you at the signing in July 2015 I want to tell you face to face what a vile piece of scum I think Liam is

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summary Seeking Nirvana (Dark Evoke, #1) 108 Ý CONTAINS AN ELEMENT OF PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE AND IS THEREFORE ONLY RECOMMENDED TO READERS OVER THE AGE OF 18They say that old habits die hard and twenty seven year old Kady Jenson is about to discover how very true that statement isWaking up in the hospital with a complete stranger at her S the company of the rugged and devastatingly handsome man simply irresistible And that Irish brogue Oh my wordIt’s only when she discovers that she has just awoken from a four day coma with a three year void in her memory that brings on her panic and confusionKady soon comes to realize that things change with time not only appearances And if that wasn’t enough the sexual chemistry she. In Seeking Nirvana we are introduced to Kady a 27 year old girl that wakes up after four days in a coma realizing she has lost 3 years of her life Awaking to Liam and a handsome man named Walker Kady has no idea what is going on When asked what the last thing she remembered was it was when she was 24 and in a totally different place in her life Kady was a dancer at Red Velvet had a fantastic boyfriend Liam and her gal pal Liv Who after one scene in the book I don't see how Kady even considered her a friend Yuck I would have been done with herNow she is in a different house different town and her closet is full of clothes she has no recollection of Kady's parents came to visit while she was in the hospital however she hadn't heard from them again until she reached out The she is shown of her life the she is confused Liam isn't offering up many answers to her uestions and Kady starts getting scared to keep asking due to his reactions A stranger in her own skin Kady starts to actually feel uncomfortable around Liam and uses his business trip as a chance to get some answersAs uncomfortable as she feels with Liam the opposite can be said about Walker the Irish man Kady feels totally comfortable around this man and due to the fact that Liam absolutely hates him she knows there is something to it Walker and Kady get close while Liam is gone We get glimpses of Kady's past through flashbacks or memories but nothing to help piece this puzzle together I would consider this book a mystery While it has a titch of romance what keeps you reading it trying to figure out what in the heck is going on I was starting to get frustrated while reading because instead of answers the you read the uestions you have The ending took such a weird turn I just closed my Kindle to ponder what in the heck just happenedSeeking Nirvana is perfectly written very descriptive dialogue which I enjoy I would consider this the set up book to the series as all we are left with are uestions no answers I will definitely be looking for the next book to see how it all plays out