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Read & Download Lies the Mushroom Pickers Told ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ø Part human comedy and part mystery Lies the Mushroom Pickers Told is an enthralling masterful story about what holds a village together and what keeps people apart When journalist Patrick Bracken returns to Gohen the Irish village Part human comedy and part mystery Lies the Mushroom Pickers Told is an enthralling masterful story about what holds a village together and what keeps people apart When journalist Patrick Bracken returns to Gohen the Irish village where he was born he knows the eyes of the townspeople are on him He has come home to investigate two deaths that happened decades earlier when he was a child deaths th. In 1951 55 years ago two suspicious deaths occurred within days of each other in Gohen a small rural village in Ireland The first death was of Father Jarlath Coughlin recently returned from India staying with his brother and sister whom he despises and pestering the Catholic residents for donations to his school in India while ignoring the real poverty of these people The second is of Lawrence Gorman or the Doul Yank who has returned from The United States to inherit property and has made virtual serfs of his nephew and his wife with promises of inheriting after his death only to be seen at the bank borrowing money using the property as collateral Now Patrick Bracken 66 and a retired newspaper reporter who lived in the village as a boy at the time of the deaths has returned to Gohen because he has always suspected that there was to the two ‘accidents’ than anyone would admit and that the entire town conspired to cover it up He has come to the home of Sam Howard who was the Coroner at the time of the deaths and his wife Elsie Else and through their conversation not only the truth about the deaths is revealed but both Patrick’s and the Howards’ stories as well as that of the other villagers who were involvedI will admit it took me a while to get into the novel but once I did I found myself completely engrossed in the tale of this small Irish village and its inhabitants Lies the Mushroom Pickers Told is not only a mystery but a marvelous coming of age tale and a fascinating look at life in a small Irish town in the middle of the 20th c Author Tom Phelan has suffused the novel with wit and humour as well as populating the tale with some wonderfully rounded characters who despite their flaws and some of their actions still elicit empathy from the reader and will stay with them long after the book is finished The book may have started slow at least for me but it turned out to be the perfect book to end the year on Loved it

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At were ruled accidental But Patrick knows and believes the whole town knows they were murders He knows because he and his best friend Mikey Lamb were witnessesAnd so Patrick goes to see eighty year old Sam Howard the lawyer who conducted the inuest into the death of missionary priest Jarlath Coughlin As he uestions Sam and Sam’s vibrant loving gossipy wife Elsie he seeks acknowledgment of a co. A wonderful novel one to read over and over again to enjoy the language and the characters of this Irish villageThe protagonist returns as an adult to the village of Clunnybo in Ireland where he'd spent his early childhood He returns to uncover the truth behind two deaths that occurred in the village shortly before his family moves away in the early 1950s and the story unfolds in flashbacks during his final interview in the village an interview with a delightful old coupleYou'll care deeply about the people in this village past and present

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Lies the Mushroom Pickers ToldVer up and an explanation of why the Protestant establishment would help conceal a crime among Catholics During their give and take about this and the nearly simultaneous shotgun death of Lawrence Gorman aka Doul Yank what emerges from their collective memories are a pungent wry portrait of village life in Ireland and a tangle of human relationships some twisted and some that show our better side. Phelan has created a dark tale of two murders in a small Irish village just after WWII; a priest home from a mission school in India and a Yank who seeks his home after a long period of time Having earned the moniker Yank for his abandonment of the isle The dénouement of this novel involves the memories of people who were part of the village and how they neither encouraged nor did they expose those who committed the crimes Indeed the uestions of guilt and justice are intriguing in this well written account and the reader is taken for a long ride through the minds of villagers both as children and as adults While this review may appear to be of a classic mystery and my local library shelved it as such I think it does a disservice to cling to the label It is much much