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Summary ´ Normal Calm ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Amina is an Arab American woman attending one of the best universities in the US During the spring of her junior year Amina is raped by one of her friends making her essentially unmarriageable in the eyes of her parents and possibly the entire Arab community When hOnly good ualities He is successful kind generousbut she feels no love for him When Mazin asks for her hand in marriage Amina struggles with the idea of settling for a man she does not love Knowing that he too may abandon her when he learns of her rape is another burden she continues to be. There were so many things I enjoyed about this book It was a fast and easy read and it truly kept me turning the page I am always SO curious about other people's religions and cultures and the whys behind their practices and for the first time ever I felt my uestions were being answered in a way that didn't make me feel like I was sitting in a classroom The fact that there was a glossary in the back was one of my favorite parts and I used it constantly As I read it initially I felt like I could tell this was the author's first novel due to the simplistic writing style What was an eye opener for me and something I did not consider before I realized when I went to a book signing for the book Most of the people at the signing spoke English as a second language And although the author was born English speaking I had to wonder if there wasn't a piece of her during her writing that wanted to make it readable for a broader audience The style also made me feel like this would make an excellent addition to a high school reading list The rape scene is not at all graphic and I feel that especially in this day and age our youth need to broaden their perspective about the Muslim community There are just too many misconceptions It was such a breath of fresh air to have such a strong Muslim female character

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Rvous breakdown Amina fears that she is to blame for her mother's condition Eventually she falls in love with Sherif but his reaction to her rape proves him to be unworthy Deciding to forgo love Amina focuses on her career When her best friend introduces her to Mazin however she sees in him. The plot of this book had all the right ingredients to captivate my attention a female character a tragic event that will change her life the prejudice of her own people and the clash between different cultures but it didn’t turn out exactly as I expectedNormal Calm is the bittersweet story of Amina an American woman of Egyptian descent She lives between two worlds eating pancakes and wearing a headscarf Her parents are a mixture of tradition and modernity They allow Amina to live alone for four years while she is in college but they think she shouldn’t be too intimate with her fiancéeAmina doesn’t complain because she shares their same values When we get to know her college friends we find out that Sahar’s family comes from Pakistan and Layal has blue eyes and blond hair They have different origins but they are all part of the same religion The same is true for her male friends the black Tari and Rami who is of Egyptian descent The only exception is her childhood friend Kayla with blond hair and hazel eyes who doesn’t know if God exists and who Amina hopes and actively tries to convert to her faith At the end of the book we don’t know yet if Amina succeeded in her intent but before that we are told that Layal chooses to start covering her head and accepts to marry a man who doesn’t love even if this makes her unhappy Reading all this is a painful suffering but the plot is so captivating that it’s almost impossible to take a break before the endAmina biggest problem is that she was raped by her friend Rami Virginity in her community like it was in others until some decades ago is still an essential condition to find a husband Amina falls in love for the Egyptian architect Sherif who lives in Chicago and feels the need to tell him the truth even if her mother advised her otherwise and wanted her to undergo a surgery to restore her physical integrity Sherif doesn’t accept Amina as she is because he has no way to know how many men she slept with Only women must hide their body till the end of their days and preserve their virginity until marriageAmina goes on with her life and after graduation she finds a job as a chemist She drives a car but her parents convince her to decline a promotion to avoid her staying at work during the night Amina’s mother is so eager to find a suitable husband for her only daughter that she looks like the mothers of some 19th century English novelsAmina turns down the candidate chosen by her mother but she accepts the engagement with Mazin He is a good looking dentist whose parents live in Egypt and he treats her well but Amina doesn’t love him Anyway she starts planning the wedding and a few moments before the ceremony she tells him about the rape Amina is really surprised when she finds out that her father had already told him about that and Mazin accepted her past probably because he didn’t blame her for what had happened since she had lost her virginity against her will The same Mazin however had decided to cancel his wedding with a girl who revealed him she had sex with her former boyfriend It seems to read one of those old comedies or fairy tales where a prince falls in love with a poor girl but at the end of the story we are told that in reality she was the lost daughter of some king and this is why their marriage which at the beginning looked so subversive is in reality socially acceptableI discovered this book through a giveaway on Goodreads Unfortunately I wasn’t the winner but I decided to buy it The binding is really well done even if the book was published by a very small publishing house and it’s a pity having found some misspelled words like “heeled” instead of “healed” “states” the United States without the capitalization of the first letter “bad been” which should have been “had been” and so on

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Normal CalmAmina is an Arab American woman attending one of the best universities in the US During the spring of her junior year Amina is raped by one of her friends making her essentially unmarriageable in the eyes of her parents and possibly the entire Arab community When her mother experiences a ne. I have to say that I had a very rare and very special experiance with this book I'm usually a fast reader and could've finished this book in a day but chose to savor and almost study every piece of it for a course of months reading and sharing it with my best friend It was my treat at the end of a long day or an exciting moment on the weekend I have to say I learned alot from this book I love the way it captivated my attention from the beginning Although I wanted build up that lead to the rape and in a way despite not liking graphic details I wanted to empathize with Amina from an emotional stand point during the inicident; thinking this was the main event in the story After getting deeper into the story however I completely understood why there wasn't so much elaboration on the actual event but the after math I definitely felt the aftermath process from start to finish was written brilliantly First reading it I thought the story was going to focus on the controversial aspect of rape in Middle Eastern society but no the concept that I got was much much deeper and greater than I expected It's about faith acceptance hope perseverance and most of all what true love is all about This book with its suttle and simple refreshing style of storytelling changed my outlook on the definition of love That true love isn't about passion attraction and butterflies as we are trained and raised to believe but ultimately about acceptance and faith The ending blew me away as the authors small little touches like how beautiful she speaks of her faith making it such a highly spiritual and enlightening experience I immensely enjoyed and learned so much from this book and recommend it anyone who wants a truly good read