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FREE DOWNLOAD Ô Why Suffering? ¸ Why would a loving and powerful God allow so much pain and suffering In Why Suffering Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale carefully walk you through a variety of responses that considered together provide a clear comprehensive and convincing answer Responses like Where there is the possibility of love there has to be the D from an eternal perspectiveDivine goodness shows how to conuer not in spite of but even through sufferingHere is a book written with great respect for the complexity of the issue recognizing that some who read it will be in the trenches of deep suffering themselves and others uestioning the very existence of a loving God Why Suffering provides an answer to the problem of pain and suffering with emotional sensitivity and intellectual integrit. Even though Ravi Zacharias is my number one favorite thinker and religious philosopher on the planet I held off reading this for a long while I assumed it would be all emotional and depressing with many hints of HOPE it is Ravi after all and go into great detail about old Job and other Bible character's sufferings and trials As essential as this topic is it's just not my fight right now soon perhapsBut I loved it AS I do all Ravi's booksI've found most of my answers to comprehending human suffering a few years ago Cough that Bible book God have us centuries ago So no reason to endlessly go researching how to beat a dead horse Suffering is what it is and i've spent time coming to grips with it But There's NOT a Ravi book or video that i'm not eager to embrace So the time came to read thisAnd it was essential This book should have been bigger though This is a bit of a starter kit for making sense of suffering There's a reason God's book has around a 1000 pages and is jammed packed It's NOT necessarily for beginners But i'm thinking that many who are suffering are in need of some uick comprehension and application For that thanks Ravi and Vince Vitale So Why suffering Finding meaning and comfort when life doesn't make senseIf life makes perfect sense then simply move on and live out your days AND PLEASE STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS we all complain endlessly But for the rest of us that are inuisitive about our challenges and purposes; we need to learn to think and uestion things like Ravi and Vince do And this book shows us howThe problem isSome folks find comfort in a lie Atheists claim to find a meaning that offers Zero hope Buddhists and Hindu's claim the meaning is to be ignored and treated as an illusion Cults assume we must overcome our suffering with works and desperation But Christianity and Jesus It claims Suffering is a relationship with eternal value and purpose it brings out the best and WORST in us And our Jesus embraced suffering with us to show the depths of HIS LOVEGive us a natural disaster and we'll show you a humanity that puts aside its selfish desires and learns to apply Love and Compassion If we had a world with no danger i'm betting we'd be so bored with pleasure and profit that we simply cease to care so why won't this happen in Heaven Because we won't have a fleshly human nature we will have a NEW nature that looks to a Kingly Savior for joy and purpose Not alot of that happening down here And with Jesus as our eternal King what HE says will have full agreement amongst his people There could be nothing betterSo what's in this book exactlySuffering AND pain and how to see it through God's eyes And how we annoying humans see itThe problem is most people don't think very deeply about it They just apply pure and total emotion to their predicament which is why JOB showed us friends can come in handy or in hindranceNo getting around it pain hits us emotionally All of the logic in the universe won't make us dismiss our pain with a smile or wink God knew we would need it to have deep healthy relationships and it tests those relationships remember that Bible verse Jesus weptAS much as i've heard endless atheists accuse God of NOT being loving and there to stop the pain and suffering I seldom see them apply that same logic to parenting their own children To not allow for any chance of pain is to not allow a loving freedom to your children Have you ever met those kids that were so coddled by insane protective parents that they were unfit to ever have a job or spouse or risky vacation or hobby No extreme sports for them not even a rowdy trip to the Water slide park These people won't even have pets because of the risk to their children Hmmm i'm glad we don't have a God like that and so is my DOGSo Can God stop Evil Sure he can who wants to go first hmmm nobody it seems folks insist only OTHER people's freedom's be restricted Funny enough for all those people who blame God for not stopping evil They are the first to complain about all the times God ACTUALLY DID stop evil remember NOAH'S flood in the Bible The stopping of the Canaanites Death of the Egyptians God killing Annanias Sapphira in the New Testament God making a HELL to separate those who love HIS SON from those who refuse toStopping evil and suffering is not a challenge for God And dealing with it properly causes us to rely on HIM It's a game perfectly playedHere's a good chapter heading The Pain of PainlessnessYes often pain is a good thing It tells us amazing and essential things Even though modern doctors tell us to take a pill whenever we are uncomfortable this can hide the warning system that announces there's a HUGE FREAKIN' PROBLEM coming Kind of like a loud siren that warns of a coming Monsoon imagine somebody asking if the siren could be turned down a little so they can enjoy their favorite TV show And that is the blessing of pain It means something is wrong Pay attentionI could uote endlessly from this book Here's a fewpg 29When belief in God becomes difficult the tendency is to turn away from him but in heaven's name to what When Jesus asked the twelve disciples closest to Him whether they too would desert Him with the rest of His disciples Peter replied for all us down through the ages when he said Lord to whom shall we go John 668 Where can one go for an answerpg 35the point is clear that if God is the author of life He has an answer to suffering If something indeed came from nothing then nothing is really the answer to suffering But if we are the creation of a personal moral infinite loving God then He will have the answer for usIf there is no god then I don't think the Universe likes us Best to just wait for an asteroid to pummel into us and halt our bickeringThey uote GK Chesterton a few times Here's a good one pg 38With God as the prime mover an explanation for everything else can be found similar to the sun is the one created thing we cannot look at but it is the means by which we look at the rest of creation Like the sun it is the spiritual that gives light to and explains everything elseHere's a rare moment of truthpg 39I remember a young woman once saying to me through her tears Let no one ever tell you that divorce is easy It is the ultimate form of inner shatteringA broken love means a broken life Love enters the deepest recesses of who we are When love is plundered the loneliness one is left with is agonizing Why did we walk away from the love of God We made a free choice We DIVORCED HimSo that's some of the stuff in this book REAL issues we must deal with in a broken reality Some claim because there are issues There must be no god I say it's the opposite Since we aren't simply meaningless weeds growing and dying on a backwater planet There must be a GODHere's a fun final uotepg 184I find it interesting to note that when we create worlds movie worlds for instance we too tend not to create utopias with no possibility of suffering Without the possibility of serious suffering there would be no Frodo no Forrest Gump no Superman no FAST AND FURIOUS part 5 The difference someone might point out is that in the movie worlds things work out well in the end But of course according to the Christian story that will also be the case with our worldSo this book is much better than I expected And it goes into numerous philosophical and physical areas of suffering There are some great personal stories by Ravi and Vince And there are indeed answers FROM A GOD A god who allowed himself to suffer WITH and FOR us

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Why would a loving and powerful God allow so much pain and suffering In Why Suffering Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale carefully walk you through a variety of responses that considered together provide a clear comprehensive and convincing answer Responses like Where there is the possibility of love there has to be the reality of freedom and therefore the possibility of painWishing God had made a different world is to wish yourself out of existe. This is an admirable take on one of the major uestions that persists for people of faith Zacharias and Vitale don’t offer answers as such but ways of thinking around the issue Whether you find their tactics convincing will likely depend on where you stand on the orthodoxy spectrum The approach reminds me very much of classic CS Lewis eg Mere Christianity in its reliance on both scripture and practical real world analogies – usually anecdotes from the authors’ lives I once attended a summer theology course with Vitale so I’m pleased to see him having success as a faculty member and tutor at Oxford University Still I have the sneaking suspicion he’d be better used as a pastor than a philosopherSpeaking personally I found Chapter 4 “A Response at the Cross” to be the only acceptable strategy This is the idea of Jesus as the suffering God; so long as you strip away the atonement theories that sprang up later it can be extrapolated to other religions too Perhaps the only way Jews can make sense of the Holocaust and continue in faith for example is to insist that God was suffering right alongside them then and alwaysWhy an omnipotent deity would stoop to suffer pain and death however is another matter and does call into uestion the interventionist model To my disappointment the authors take the familiar cop out line we can’t understand suffering now but when we get to Heaven God’s ways will all become clear That’s little comfort to someone who doesn’t believe in an afterlife


Why SufferingNceThe cross is the key to a compelling and rational explanation for trusting in God in the face of sufferingIn comparison with other world religions the Christian response is highly distinctiveThe reality of evil only makes sense in light of the reality of divine goodnessRelational knowledge about God takes the argument beyond reason to the presence of God amidst sufferingGod's decision to allow temporal suffering is understandable when viewe. Several years ago I listen to a podcast by Ravi critiuing Rob Bell's controversial book Love Wins a book I ultimately didn't agree with but it really didn't seem Ravi even read what he strongly condemned he claimed Bell was a universalist a misrepresentation and that Bell didn't believe there was a hell another misrepresentation and then Ravi used an argument for the existence of hell to prove Bell wrong and get this it was the very argument Bell himself used in the book to show why Bell himself believed there is a hell It was absolutely outrageous and a shameful display of Ravi and this completely turned me off to reading or hearing anything from him But I saw this audiobook at the Library and decided despite my bad experience I'd give him one go And for the most part this book soften my heart and convinced me that the podcast I listen to several years ago was Ravi at his worst no ones perfect I am glad I got to hear him speak on a different topic This book showed me why evangelicals like him so much when countering and showing the vacuousness of eastern ideas and western materialist philosophy Ravi is genius and enlivens his logic with some excellent stories and conversations he's had With Vince I liked some what he wrote It was in one of Vince's chapters that he spoke of the book of Job and finally I think I was able to recognize an aspect of the books significance There is a sense where no matter how HUGE all encompassing and gripping our grievances uestions hurt and conundrums when we actually experience God it is as if all of it evaporates like mist something that seemed the size of the universe now seems the size of an insignificant ant I've experience this kind of thing and I liked that Vince draw my attention to this