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Daring Pax Arcana #2Gickind who tries to get close to this big bad wolf winds up dead No knight can infiltrate a group whose members can smell a human from a mile awayno knight except oneJohn Charming Ex knight Current werewolf Hunted by the men who trained him he now might be their only salvation But animal instincts are rising up to claim Jo. 35 Dare to be Charmed StarsJohn Charming is from a long line of Charmings but that doesn’t make him a Prince Right now he is uite an outcast John is running away from The Knights Templar who want to kill him avoiding his friends and Sig a woman he might love so they don’t get killed and trying to deal with the ever conflicting instincts between his werewolf nature his own Templar training and a geas magical compulsion to protect the Pax Arcana a magical curtain of sorts Currently he is stretched pretty thin actually John is kind of a hot messIn order to save the girl he is trying really hard not to use the L word and I don’t mean lesbians in front of John tries to make a deal with the Knights Templar to surrender The Knights want John to solve a problem for them cough kill the werewolf pack leader cough Then they might pretend he doesn’t exist and stop trying to actively hill him John might not be a prince but he is also not an assassin plus who knows if that werewolf guy is really all that bad Let’s just say there is a disagreement and an escape with fighting and concussions and such Head trauma is like a box of blood clots You never know what you’re going to get Through a series of events John is invitedcoerced to spend some time with the werewolf pack the Knights wanted him to infiltrate in the first place Sig thinks this is a good idea might as well check them out and why not get in touch with your wolfy side in the meantime John isn’t good at that whole feelings thing and spending time with the wolves has been a little touchy feely don’t sueeze the Charming for him “What are you afraid of John” “Becoming the kind of monsters I hunt” I admitted “Then that’s the part of yourself you need to accept” I glared at him “You want me to become a monster so that I won’t become a monster That’s helpful” “What I’m trying to tell you is that you won’t become anything” Chai stared into my eyes “You need to make peace with the monster you already are” Charming was all about getting the bad guys and making a few friends John could trust along the way Daring is a journey about accepting all of who you are and fighting some bad guys along the way Charming had a very linier path while there was a time in Daring I wasn’t sure what the point was a few timesbut no worries it all makes sense and comes together at the endJohn really had to journey through a lot to determine who the good and bad players in the game are I missed the Scooby Doo Gang type vibe of the first book as John spent a lot of time with a different set of characters all of whom were much edgier I had no illusions about my claw Nikolai had handpicked them to keep an eye on me Gabriel was from Bernard’s inner circle even if he was in exile Virgil was a detective who could monitor me Paul was ex–special forces if he had to take me on up close Tula was a markswoman who could take me out from a distance But they were mine all the sameThere is a section in the story that went a little slow for me while John was hanging out with the wolves doing the touchy feely thing until they started hunting a Bakaak Native American undead hunter I had no idea what it had to do with the story but the ending explains it all so just go with it Once John was out of the woods and had picked a side to be on the story started moving along a lot faster and I was ready for all the craziness that ensued One of the best things about the Pax Arcana Series so far is really John He is a fun character and an easy guy to like He is self deprecating at times and sarcastic but he is always entertaining When he talks to the reader I always giggle at the sort of statements he makes I really enjoy reading an UFPRN from male perspective Plus John is pretty self aware Sure he might run off and start to do something stupid but at least he knows that it is stupidBut besides the different mythologies and lores used in the story the thing I like the most is the building relationship John has brewing with Sid Is it love Is it lust He doesn’t know maybe it is just the possibility of but he likes the idea of Sid I like the idea of Sid she is a kick ass and take names Valkyrie who communicates with ghosts What is not to like Was it crazy that I’d missed her My whole life I’d made fun of the idea of love at first sight and I had fallen for Sig pretty hard pretty fast But let’s be honest I had a pretty big emotional void looking for something to fill it “Have you been stalking me this whole time” She wasn’t as angry as she was trying to sound I would have smelled it “Not in a pervy way” I said “Dammit” I’d say it was a pretty good follow up to Charming that will give John into a few possibilities for the future now that a few things have been cleared up After that little hick up in the middle the ending was pretty strong and I really like where the series is headed over allGreat for lovers of The Iron Druid Chronicles Burn Notice and Mercy Thompson

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Summary Daring Pax Arcana #2 è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free È THE WEREWOLVES HAVE A NEW LEADERAND HE CANNOT BE STOPPEDSomething is rotten in the state of WisconsinWerewolf packs are being united and absorbed into an army of super soldiers by a mysterious figure who speaks like an angel and fights like a demon And everHn powerfully than ever before and he must decide if this new leader of wolves is a madmanor a messiahDARING is the second novel in an urban fantasy series which gives a new twist to the Prince Charming taleShort Fiction in the Pax Arcana world Charmed I'm Sure Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls Pushing Luck Surreal Estate Dog Gon. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsI was left with mixed feelings when I finished CHARMING a few months ago; I liked John’s character Roger Wayne’s narration and the author’s uirky writing style but the love interest and info dumps were definite cons However when I read DARING’s blurb and discovered that the werewolves were going to be front and center in round two I just knew that this series deserved a second chance And even though I didn’t love this installment either it was along the lines of what I’ve come to expect from Urban Fantasy and my issues with this one were vastly different that its predecessor so at least it was a step in the right direction The story was darker the humour subdued and I did struggle to see the links between the four parts but it all came together in the end which made this novel marginally better than its predecessorThe prelude was a hoot James shared a list of the ‘top ten things that people who didn’t read the first book really ought to know’ which served as a good recap while also turning a boring necessity into a fun intro The opening section was my favourite because it not only explored John’s past as a Knight but provided some much needed clarification about his insta attraction to Sig and set the tone for the rest of the story The second part was somewhat of a mixed bag; I liked learning about this universe’s werewolves although certain aspects were a little overly touchy feely for me—too much zen not enough predator The final two were the meatier pieces with plenty of action unanticipated twists and an ah ha ending The world building was also greatly muted which made this installment about the journey than the magical rules which was a welcomed tweakDARING was nowhere near as funny as book 1 but given the nature of this tale it fit That’s not to say that I still didn’t crack a couple of smiles while listening because I did however the overall tone was much heavier I was disappointed that the majority of the secondary characters that the protagonist formed connections with previously were for the most part MIA although they were replaced with new ones so at least the author found a way to fill that void Sig’s role was minimal which made me exceedingly happy because she was my main problem with CHARMING so I liked that the Valkyrie was pushed to the back burner for the time being John’s POV continued to delight and entertain; I loved how he talked directly to the reader and his keen wit and sarcastic dialogue are the main reasons why I am diggin’ this series so muchAs expected the narrator delivered another winning performance which was why I had no ualms about pre ordering this audiobook His voice is well suited for James’ writing style and he absolutely nailed Charming’s first person POV The hero gets his butt handed to him on multiple occasions and Roger Wayne helped to add authenticity to that fact by slurring his words as though he himself had gotten punched in the teeth He also showed adaptability as a narrator by taking a step back from the first installment’s snark and adopting the somber tone that this tale demanded It normally takes me a week on average to listen to nine hours but in this case my listening time was cut in half thanks in large part to WayneDARING is proof that werewolves make everything better

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THE WEREWOLVES HAVE A NEW LEADERAND HE CANNOT BE STOPPEDSomething is rotten in the state of WisconsinWerewolf packs are being united and absorbed into an army of super soldiers by a mysterious figure who speaks like an angel and fights like a demon And every Knight Templar keepers of the magical peace between mankind and ma. That's me I am very sad I loved Charming and gave it four stars My review is here What happened with this oneThere's nothing wrong with the writing but the pacing and the plot was a big old dud for me First off the original gang from book one was gone John goes off on some werewolf investigation Okay So I thought maybe a sexy new werewolf would be introducedNo These werewolves are stupid It was like an Alcoholics Anonymous support group or something None of them knew how to be a werewolf They were all new and basically idiotsI didn't like a single one of them Even the ones who were supposed to be the leaders were incompetent and unlikeable They were seriously boring I kept waiting for things to pick up or something interesting to happen and nothing ever did I'm sitting here confused And bored Just trying to write a review about itJohn was even kind of annoying Every single time he sees a female we get to hear him thinking about what she looks like Is she hot fat old what kind of boobs she has He plays the would you do her game in his head with literally every single female he comes in contact with Please John get laid Just go screw someone and get it over with You need to Sheesh With the guys it's always Can I kick his ass I really missed Sig and the gang By the time Sig makes an appearance I could have cared less That's how bored I wasThis one really did not work for me I expected after what a great start the series got off to I will still continue but am not going to be starting book three anytime soon Again the writing was fine and every once in awhile there were little bits of the humor I loved But it wasn't enough Impromptu buddy read with the MacHalos We all except for Sarah that weirdo loved book one view spoilerJust kidding Sarah I love you hide spoiler