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Summary ´ Hunt for the Bamboo Rat (Prisoners of the Empire, #4) 102 å “A gripping saga of wartime survival” — Kirkus Reviews Starred Based on a true story this World War II novel by Scott O’Dell Award winner Graham Salisbury tells how Zenji 17 is sent from Hawaii to the Philippines to spy on the JapaneseZ“A gripping saga of wartime survival” Kirkus Reviews Starred Based on a true story this World War II novel by Scott O’Dell Award winner Graham Salisbury tells how Zenji 17 is sent from Hawaii to the Philippines to spy on the JapaneseZenji Watanabe was born in Hawaii He’s an American but the Japanese wouldn’t know it by the look of him And that’s exactly what the US government is counting on  Because he speaks both English and Japanese perfectly the army recruits Zenji for a top secret mission to spy on the Japanese If. The historical fiction novel Hunt for the Bamboo Rat by Graham Salisbury is about a young Japanese American man whose name is Zenji Watanabe and lives in Hawaii in 1942 That is until the diplomatic relations with Japan break down to the point where he is recruited by the US Army to spy on Japanese business men in the Philippines Then one day the japanese bomb Pearl Harbour and invade the Philippines and he becomes trapped in Japanese held territory all alone with the Japanese army This book however is than just a World War 2 novel There is a definite theme to this book and it has to do with the human spirit and perseverance He keeps trying to get information even when getting repeatedly mugged but a better example is on pages 207 through 217 On those pages he is tortured by a rather violent Japanese colonel yet gives no information This theme is shown again on 285 when he must summon his willpower clean his wound and get out of the Jungle The uote goes “With willpower he couldn’t believe he had Zenji pushed himself through the fire bellowing from his wound” I would say this is a good book

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The Empire titles which began with the award winning  Under the Blood Red Sun Salisbury has once again crafted a fine novel based on an actual person about first generation Americans of Japanese descent and the clash of culture and national identity that World War II accentuated  The story will leave readers spellbound Kirkus Reviews StarredFast paced and compelling this title will be enjoyed by voracious and reluctant readers SLJThe history is fascinating and Zenji is a fictional hero readers will long remember The Horn Bo. A uick note this claims to be based on a true story when in fact the author asserts that he invented the characters the dialogue and many of the events It's certainly inspired by a true story but that just seems to be a bit misleading considering it's entirely fabricated excluding a couple major characters and historical events Sorry for my pedantryReading as fiction and not reinterpretation of factual events this novel loses little uality Forget historical accuracy this is just a plain engrossing book I've never liked WWII stories being not actually from Earth international wars confuse me slightly but this book stands out as the exception From the lower vantage point of a young Japanese American spy rather than a military commander the novel plays out with less strategic tedium and in my opinion with a much interesting plot Some decisions struck me as a little sudden and some decisions were uestionably supported but I suppose that's unavoidable in trying to sueeze so much action into such a small book It could have helped being a little longer though and slowing down so as not to gloss over major eventsSome of the dialogue from the Bamboo Rat himself struck me as a little unbelievable at the beginning but it smoothed itself out pretty uickly Would certainly recommend for anyone with a basic knowledge of WWII and an interest in actionadventureespionage novels

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Hunt for the Bamboo Rat Prisoners of the Empire #4They discover his true identity he’ll be treated as a traitor and executed on the spot As World War II boils over in the Pacific Zenji is caught behind enemy lines But even though his Japanese heritage is his death warrant it’s also his key to outwitting the enemy and finding the strength to face the terrors of battle the savagery of the jungle and the unspeakable cruelty of war The riveting Hunt for the Bamboo Rat is based on a true story and follows in the path of author Graham Salisbury’s other highly acclaimed Prisoners of. Even though the writing was very basic the story was very captivating Then at the end I found out it was a fictional account based on some real people After I learned that I was judgemental on the basic writing and liked the book less