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Free download Be with Me ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ From the bestselling author of WAIT FOR YOU prepare to be blown away by her next New Adult story of love lust and longingDid WAIT FOR YOU leave you gasping for Did you leave one of the hundreds of online rave reviews for a book and a man that stole your heartIs CaRiendWith a story linked to the bestselling WAIT FOR YOU J Lynn’s second novel in her New Adult series is sure to set your heart racing agai. SPOILER ALERTMan I'm such a sucker for a good romance J Lynn I love you girl Men should read your books and take notes on how to treat a girl That being said I didn't like this book for several reasons I didn't like the end So she can no longer dance and now she's stuck with teaching which she hates and that's it Jase was annoying most of the time and so was she I just didn't see how they can't be together at all I did like how the violence topic was handled thoughI was expecting Debbie to die like a 50% but I didn't know why If just feels like it and man that was so damn sad It was like watching a tragedy about to happen and you're so powerless Violence against women pretty much any kind of violence is just a fing awful thing and see how people lose their lives because of it its so damn hard and then there's the thing about getting your dreams stopped by certain circumstances and how to learn to persuade differents things That should've happened This book could've been really good but then Jennifer goes and turned okay characters into annoying ones Can we just have the rest of the books being about Cameron and Avery

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E you gasping for Did you leave one of the hundreds of online rave reviews for a book and a man that stole your heartIs Cam your new #bookboyf. “Thank you” His spine lost some of its stiffness as he draped his arm over my shoulders Tugging me against the shelter of his body he rested his cheek against the top of my head and sighed “Thank you for being here with me” Well that was difficult to read This was very different than Wait for You While Wait for You was a passionate and a well driven novel Be with Me was so much different It shared less passionate romance it shared way too much drama and it didn't have any of the expectations I had after Wait for You I don't do half stars with books no matter how close it is to a5 or how far it should be from the given rating but I feel like this one deserves it Even with that being said I'm not rating this a 15 I'm leaving it as a 1 I had a lot of problems with it I had problems with both of the characters the side chararacters and the plot itself Be with Me is about Teresa Hamilton and Jase Winstead Cam's little sister and best friend from Wait for You Teresa has been in love with Jase for a while now especially after sharing a small yet passionate kiss with him After that Jase and Teresa stopped communicating with each other as the years went by especially because Jase was afraid to start a relationship with his best friend's little sister One year later they are both sharing a class together in college since Teresa enrolled late after having to drop her dancing career Like in Wait for You both characters have a secret past that they are running away from Teresa is trying to get over her abusive ex boyfriend Jeremy while Jase is trying to make up his mind about life and whether he wants to be with Teresa or not As the two start seeing each other they begin to learn about each other as well Teresa still in love with Jase knows he is attracted to her as well but can't seem the to find the reasoning for him acting the way he does Jase being Jase can't seem to make up his mind because there is something behind the reasons he doesn't want to be with Teresa As the two start rebuilding a friendship the two start learning about each other understanding each other and even sharing moments togetherThis was difficult to read like I said It was so different than Wait for You and I didn't enjoy it as much As a matter of fact I didn't enjoy it that much There was too much drama and it was the kind of drama I don't enjoy It wasn't a second chance love story and it wasn't a romance novel where the two are trying to find a way to be together No not really Instead it was a story filled with drama involving the two main characters finding out ways to fix the way they can be together They were both complicated characters especially together and they weren't the kind of couple I enjoyed reading aboutTeresa was very different than Cameron I know she's been through a lot especially now that she can to drop her dancing career because of her injury but she was still uite annoying and stupid She thought she could do a lot of things for her age but she really couldn't She was also annoying with Cameron when it came to him being the protective brother he is I mean she really needed to chill at times She's his baby sister and she's been abused what does she expect to get from him Does she expect him to not care at all to not worry about her Her attitude was plain ass boring and her personality as well unlike Avery Tess as Jase calls her didn't have a big sense of humor and that was a missing part I was expecting to laugh at this and giggle when it came to her scene with Jase but instead I found myself skipping a few things and not caring what was about to happen She was really different around Jase which was something else I didn't like and she was also easy to be controlled Tess was also very stupid when it came to Jase's rejections Honestly the girl needed to give up and find someone else Like my friend Amber said if I kept getting rejected by the same guy I would've already punched him in the throat She kept saying she would stay away from him and that she would punch him in the throat if he kept saying it was all an accident or a mistake or any of that bullshit but every time he kissed her she was all up on him and couldn't seem to control herself Honestly Tess you should've given up on him In my opinion she should've been the one to walk away She did one time and then she was with him again but I wish she kept walking away I wish she did a test on him walking away and seeing if he would come back for herJase wasn't different He was also an asshole especially because he kept rejecting Tess over and over again I hated how he would always kiss her and then say I'm sorry that was a mistake only repeating the process only to say the same thing He would bring up excuses saying he was drunk or saying that was a bad idea but then he would hate himself for what he did regret it and pretty much kiss Tess again Tess being the selfish person she is was able to just relax and not care what was happening because she was so in love with Jase and couldn't think of a single thing that she didn't want from him Jase also happens to view spoilerbe a dad hide spoiler

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Be with MeFrom the bestselling author of WAIT FOR YOU prepare to be blown away by her next New Adult story of love lust and longingDid WAIT FOR YOU leav. 4 Stars Be with Me is the story of Teresa Tess and Jase Jase is Cam’s best friend and Tess is Cam’s little sister You can see where this is going right Although Jase and Tess have had feelings for one another since that shared kiss over a year ago Jase has stayed away Now that Tess is on the same college campus as Jase it is so much harder for him to keep his distance He wants Tess it’s obvious but he can’t have her For so many reasons he feels they can’t be together He can’t have Tess but what he doesn’t realize is that he already does No one compares to Jase for her “I’m sorry What happened between us It shouldn’t have and I am so very fucking sorry” “You’re Cam’s little sister You’re untouchable” Tess and Jase do the friendship thing for a while Tess is at that college for one reason She injured her knee and can’t dance at the moment After learning she shares a class with Jase he offers to chauffeur her around campus to make it easier for her This means they spend a lot of time together The time they spend together the harder it becomes for Jase to resist her He still has so many reservations but he can’t control himself around her He can’t continue to push her away Tess and Jase enter in a relationship but they keep it to themselves for now When is a good time to tell Cam that his best friend who used to be somewhat of a ladies man and his baby sister are together Cam is extra protective of Tess especially after the situation with her last boyfriendview spoilerHe was abusive to Tess Cam found out and beat the crap out of him etc hide spoiler