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READ ¿ Gangster Country È Logan Marshall moves to New York to be a social worker where he feels he's needed most Logan's always had it good His Daddy is a preacher sure but he preaches a laid back tolerant congregation who accepted Logan's sexuality gracefully He's from a ranch in nowhere Texas which makes him a hot ticket in the clubs with his tight work sLogan Marshall moves to New York to be a social worker where he feels he's needed most Logan's always had it good His Daddy is a preacher sure but he preaches a laid back tolerant congregation who accepted Logan's sexuality gracefully He's from a ranch in nowhere Texas which makes him a hot ticket in the clubs with his tight work strengthened body and his cute accent He's out of his element in New York not looking. 45 Mind Blowing and Heart Racing StarsHe was the dark to Logan's light Gangster Country is a fast paced anxiety filled read I started this book with low expectations wanting a simple and good read What I got was an amazing trilling book that kept me intrigued all the way I didn't want this story to end I was highly surprised by how talented this author is at capturing the readers attention all the way through This booksimply outstanding Gianni Rodriguez is the second in command of Los Cuervos gang run by his brother Gianni follows his orders like a solider all in the name of honoring his family His known no better since the age of fifteen But his beliefs and thoughts soon change in the presence of Logan He begins to hesitate when his asked to hurt others and doubts begin to form as to whether he can continue to live the life his leading Because you're good And the world needs good like you angel Gianni's jaw ticked then he finished I need your good in the world Logan Marshall new to New York is a social worker who is passionate and serious about his job His from a ranch in Texas where his laid back family are comfortable with his sexuality Logan is open to finding the right person to be with He didn't expect that person to be non other than the secretive and closeted Gianni Gianni and Logan agree to form a physical relationship with no promises But sometimes when you find the right person its hard not form feelings and grow attached With Gianni's work its impossible to be gay and in a relationship without risking his death and that of his lover LoganGianni fights the connection he feels towards his 'Angel' for his sanity and Logan's safety But one case leads Logan right into danger and Gianni's dangerous world I loved every bit of this book The heart break the feelings of betrayal every tear shed and the raw love shared between them I only wished for a longer ending I felt that the book needed an epilogue and it was missing it I was left with some uestions but still surprisingly satisfied with what I receivedMates a definite read I will be on the look out for from this fabulous author xxSeemed fittingEvans Blue Erase My Scars

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For Mr Right Now but Mr Right Gianni Rodriguez grew up in Brooklyn Nothing could be further from the way he was raised than innocent good hearted Logan was Gianni is fascinated that people like Logan even exist And parents that not only are God fearing but also accepting As second in command of Los Cuervos his brother's not so merry band of drug runners and pimps Gianni's life would be in serious jeopardy if anyo. 25 lukewarm starsThe book doesn't follow the typical mm relationship curve meet clash or crush tension angst relationship development conflict resolution possibly a HEA In the preuel first chapter Logan and Gianni meet at a Manhattan party Gianni a gang member from the wrong side of town feels out of his element He originally hits on Logan's twink roommate but uickly abandons that idea when he catches a glimpse of Logan a social worker and preacher's son from Texas Logan however doesn't much care for Gianni's attitude and walks away from him not very far though The next chapter begins one year later Logan and Gianni have been together for a year as sort of boyfriendsfuck buddies Gianni doesn't want to commit because Logan doesn't know the whole truth about his job or life Logan suspects there's to Gianni than meets the eye but doesn't want to let Gianni go It was never entirely clear to me how Logan can be so well oblivious; as such he seems to suspect all's not right in la la land but puts up with Gianni's evasiveness Why I couldn't understand We're told Gianni is thoughtful but he's also um a killer so that was a bit hard to swallow However when Gianni's involvement with a drug dealer threatens to hurt Logan who was at the wrong place at the wrong time things explode Suddenly Gianni has to choose his gang and family or his loverThat sounds exciting no But it's not plotted tightly enough to be all that interesting The juxtaposition between the men is too black and white Logan is a social worker and all good; even the total acceptance of his sexuality by his religious parents goes without a hitch they're god people but they're hippies Logan glows; he helps people and walks on water Meanwhile Gianni glowers He's had a shit life was wrapped up in gang activity before he knew better etc The stereotypes abound The crimegang stuff was fairly central to the plot here but it was nothing new The sex scenes were scarce and abstract and didn't offer particular tension Also there were many typos and spelling errors At one point one MC wraps his arms around the other MC's waste face palm The typos seriously got in the way of my reading enjoyment Yes there's resolution and a HEA I liked the ending but it wasn't uite enough to fully redeem the book for me


Gangster CountryNe ever knew the truth That's why his growing attachment for Logan is a bad thingWhen Logan's work collides violently with Gianni's life Gianni has to decide if the man is worth risking everything even his family the man that may not even want him once he realizes what a monster the man he's been sleeping with really is Could Logan be Gianni's reason to go straight Or will they both go straight to an unmarked grav. Spoiler Ahead This was a really good book that I didn't think I would like this much Logan Marshall moves to New York to be a social worker where he feels he's needed most Logan is from a small town in Texas where is father is a rancher and a preacher and his mother his a school teacher who taught health His parents were very open minded and didn't have any problems with him being gay So when he goes to a party with his two roommates he meets Gianni Rodriguez a gang member from Brooklyn who is leading a double life because he knows that his family will never accept him for being gay I did have a problem when the book skipped ahead to one year later after these two hooked up Gianni never tells Logan what he does he is second in command of Los Cuervos with his brother being head honcho Gianni tries to keep Logan from the real world that he lives in so he keeps telling himself that it's only sex when he feels so much I was really pulling for these two to get their happy ever after When Logan is ordered to investigate a report at the home of a local drug dealer things don't go as planned and he fines himself on the dealers hit list and Gianni is ordered to do the hit Logan is shocked and devastated when Gianni puts a gun to his head and he learn the truth about his lover although he knew deep down that Gianni was a gangster but he wasn't afraid of him until he learned that he was a killer This was a really good book Gianni did everything he could to save Logan's life because he realized that he loved him so he goes against everything he holds dear to him This was a really good book these two had a lot of hot chemistry This was my first time reading this author This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading of his work