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La neige était sale Free download Ï 109 Õ Nineteen year old Frank Friedmaier lives in a country under occupation Most people struggle to get by; Frank takes it easy in his mother’s whorehouse which caters to members of the occupying forces But Frank is restless He is a pimp a thug a petty thief and as  Dirty Snow opens he has just killNineteen year old Frank Friedmaier lives in a country under occupation Most people struggle to get by; Frank takes it easy in his mother’s whorehouse which caters to members of the occupying forces But Frank is restless He is a pimp a thug a petty thief and as  Dirty Snow?. Corporate OccupationFrom time to time Georges Simenon has been either accused of collaboration or praised for his resistance during the German occupation of France in WWII Dirty Snow suggests that a substantial middle ground which might be called ‘exploitative participation’ exists and could just be closer to the truth This region is inhabited by many particularly those of the permanent underclass who perceive occupation as another not terribly significant fact of life to be dealt with by the usual means crime Or precisely purposeless criminality For the protagonist Frank military occupation simply means increased opportunity Murder in particular is less problematic than during peacetime and one simply yearns to test one’s mettle in such a permissive atmosphere In fact all relationships are worth less to Frank than they might have been otherwise with the naive girl who lives across the landing with the newly recruited prostitutes in his mother’s brothel with his felonious pals All are expendableBut aside from the momentary thrill of conuest none of Frank’s actions are meant to advance any objective He already lives well with no financial concerns and no real worry about punishment He’s on the way up in the underworld society which itself is entirely nihilistic Everyone has something on everyone else so that everyone on closer view has something to feel guilty about In other words the only reason you don’t betray other people is for fear of being betrayed by them” The skill therefore is to be the first to betrayOn second or third thought could it be that most of us occupy this middle ground of exploitative participation in the corporate society which itself acts as an occupational force in our midst Getting on for the sake of getting on Acting for the thrill of reputational advance Murder and other illegalities may be off limits but betrayal in the corporate world comes just as easily as it does for Frank in occupied territory Frank may merely be the apotheosis of the good corporate citizen

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?opens he has just killed his first man Through the unrelenting darkness and cold of an endless winter Frank will pursue abjection until at last there is nowhere to goHans Koning has described  Dirty Snow as “one of the very few novels to come out of German occupied Franc. Dirty Snow a withering parade of apathy it languishes and eventually disintegrates in a desolate gray landscape of inscrutable uncertainty A perfect summer beach read Eighteen year old Frank the fiercely vacant antihero is a callous arrogant thug He commits increasingly depraved acts determined to prove that he’s an emotionless killer who doesn’t give a shit about anything This desire of course reveals that he isn’t uite as indifferent as he likes to think he is It takes him a while to figure this out By the time he does it’s too late Or wasn’t it alwaysAll in all a seductively bleak tightly written descent into existential malaise emptiness and despair “Frank had done what he wanted to do He had rounded the cape He had looked at the other side He hadn’t seen what he expected to see Who cared”

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La neige était saleE that gets it exactly right” In a study of the criminal mind that is comparable to Jim Thompson’s  The Killer Inside Me Simenon maps a no man’s land of the spirit in which human nature is driven to destruction and redemption perhaps as well by forces beyond its contro. The writer Georges Simenon was a Belgian I thought he was French author who was incredibly prolific in creating noir crime novels and other books that delved into the darkness of the human psyche He is considered by some as the father of the noir genre I nominated this book for a small reading group because of having read two outstanding novels by Graeme Macrae Burnet who said his writing was influenced by having read tons of Simenon books growing up While just getting started with Dirty Snow I noticed that the character names were Germanic sounding than French The book is set during WWII while German forces occupied various parts of Europe In one of Burnet's novels he has the story take place in a French Swiss border town so I wondered if the French or so I thought Simenon also set his stories on the border Nope This one is set in Belgium and now that a friend kindly let me know that this is Simenon's home country things have clicked for me a full three days after finishingIn our group discussion I pondered if writing all of those crime stories over the years is what led Simenon to go further into the human psyche with his other novels essentially looking at the why behind certain crimes or certain mindsets A hopeless or abusive upbringing can indeed mold monsters I like looking behind the curtain too and for our group book discussion I dug up some general info on author Simenon It's true that he was living in Nazi occupied France during the war but he was also later accused of having conspired with the Germans He was eventually cleared of all the chargesIn this story two men are accused of doing separate acts neither has done Like Simenon was not guilty neither were they The book was published in 1948 and I cannot help but see some of the author's emotions and sense of irony in this particular story Secondly the reason that Simenon in real life was accused of collaborating with the enemy was that he wrote books or screenplays that were adopted into films by the Nazis I do not know whether he wrote them specifically for the occupying forces or if they had been written before In this fictional story the main character and his mother are provided significant amounts of food by the Germans while their neighbors are nearly starving Obviously there is jealousy and disdain The character in the story lives with his mother who operates a brothel that caters to German officers So did Simenon Who wrote stories that were turned into films by the Nazis feel like he had prostitute himself Did they give him extra food and supplies in exchange for his literary talents No idea Whether that’s allmy invention or something legitimate I don’t know But it deepened the reading experience for meDirty Snow was my first taste of Simenon’s works and it reminded me of The Stranger by Camus The anti hero Frank was just too emotionless for me to care about until the closing chapter despite the author's ability to convey in Frank a 19 year old‘s desperate longing for a fatherI will try other works of Simenon but am left feeling dead eyed and empty for right now Maybe that was the writer's intent