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Book 9 in the Detective Marcella Witch’s series The Guardians of Four keepers of Earth’s elements and the prime essentials of witchcraft are disappearing under strange circumstances Have they succumbed to a prophetical reality or merely pe. Return of the WitchDana E DonovanSPOILER ALERT Not a lot of spoilers but if you haven't read the other books in this series don't read this review Just a note I started this review yesterday but as I was finishing it one of my cats walked by my touch screen and erased the whole thing Just now getting back to itThis is the 9th in the Detective Marcella series It's a fun series that I have enjoyed and I look forward to each new episode However I specifically avoided looking at any of my reviews of earlier books in the series so that this one would stand alone There are a couple of reasons for that First I thought this book a little different than those that preceded it and second I didn't enjoy it as much as I usually do That said I did enjoy it and do plan to keep reading this series If you've read the earlier books you know that the last novel ended with Tony's Dectective Marcella death Can there really be a Detective Marcella series without the main character Hmm This novel does pick up at Tony's funeral and he is missing during the majority of this book When he does appear mostly early on it is in dreams as a spirit or ghost and not as a flesh and blood person However the rest of the crew is here Lilith Ursula Carlos and Dominic This time around a witch has created a website and blogs about the Pentacle Prodigy the possessor of the 'uintessential' which she claims to be Lilith At the same time prominent witches who are believed to be the Keepers of Four the four essentials air fire water and earth are being killed Lilith has been having disturbing dreams in which she witnesses the murders and as she and Ursula investigate further the evidence begins to pile up proving Lilith to be the killer Together with Carlos and Dominic Lilith and Ursula realize that the killer could well be Lilith's mother Gypsy All leads to a couple of hair raising showdowns between our intrepid four and Gypsy as Gypsy seeks to gain the uintessential to add to the essentials she's stolen from the Keepers and become the most powerful witch ever Gypsy believes Lilith is the Prodigy; Lilith doesn't believe she is So who is Surprises await all when the true possessor is revealed The last page of the novel leaves us still wondering is Tony back or is Lilith dreaming again So sounds like I enjoyed it doesn't it And I did I loved this pop culture exchange between Lilith and Ursula about the naming of a garden gnome location 1422 1428 Harry You named him already Aye He is family now this grand old soul What hath thee against it So why Harry Why Harry what Why name him Harry He is a potter is he notAnd this passage was so beautifully visual that I returned to read it than once location 2345 I drizzled oil over the athame and ran it through the flame The oil ignited in shades of cobalt and danced in nervous skips along the bladeAs usual Donovan's plotting and character development were excellent He dropped clues here and there that kept the reader guessing and turning the page er with the Kindle I guess I'm 'triggering' the page rather than actually turning it It was a fun premise and I liked the uirky addition of notoriety on the world wide web I liked the bantar between the four friends and there was just enough supernatural mumbo jumbo to do my fantasy loving heart good with enough mystery to make my mystery loving soul happy So why only three stars1 A little too much cheesiness for me The witch with the website and blog Paige Turner The witches who were the Keepers Air Wendy Skye; Water April Raine; Fire Amber Burns; and Earth Terri Cotta Please2 There were some proofreading errors which you all know I hate with a passion and especially when they come from such a well published and intelligent author At 190 1172 and 1208 the word bare is used to mean heavy burden emotional distress etc instead of the correct word for those meanings bear So at 190 someone would 'bare witness' at 1172 someone will 'bare witness' again and at 1214 Ursula tells Lilith I do not pretend to know what pain thy heart doth bare Obviously whomever proofed this manuscript legitimately did not understand that this was an incorrect word but me the reader did and it bothered meAt 2927 is this I think Tony shared my distain for the home Disdain Distaste Just one of those errors that should have popped up in proofreading At 4143 we see I patted his jacked again I think she patted his jacket I hope she didThat's not many but they all stopped me in my tracks so I mention them3 I just didn't have the same depth of feeling for this novel that I did for the previous ones Was it the absence of Detective Marcella from his own series Maybe I really can't put my finger on it It just didn't have the verve and depth that the others held for me Not bad just not great So if you like this series you should definitely read this novel as I am sure some of what happened here is going to be of paramount importance in following novels That's my take on it And yes I'm still looking forward to the next one in the series

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Return Of The Witch Detective Marcella Witchs series #9And true mastery over the uintessential Crossing that line reuires the mettle of conviction a declaration of attitude and the heart of a pentacle prodigy Not one of the three will do A good witch knows that A bad witch doesn’t carePg count 3. AWESOME book Completely redeemed the series especially since I was not happy with how the previous book ended Great read

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Download ó Return Of The Witch Detective Marcella Witchs series #9 ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub á Book 9 in the Detective Marcella Witch’s series The Guardians of Four keepers of Earth’s elements and the prime essentials of witchcraft are disappearing under strange circumstaRpetrated the best internet hoax in recent memory Either scenario could trigger a battle for control over the fifth element the uintessential and the possible survival of every witch on the planetThere’s a fine line between practical magick. Finally read the long awaited 9th book in the Tony Marcella series It's a great read and full of the twists and turns that keep you reading like the other books in the series It leaves us on a cliff hanger that keeps us anxiously awaiting book 10