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The Savage Kingdom characters Î 7 Ù Everyone has the potential to change the world but some are born to do itWhen Drue's beloved cat Will C goes missing she's unaware that his disappearance is the start of the greatest global conflict the world has ever known The animal kingdom has declared war on mankind and now domesticated creatures must chooseD now domesticated creatures must choose who to fight for Man or Beast Cast into a world full of danger but determined to rescue Will C and bring him home Drue starts out on a uest and makes an astonishing discovery an ancient tribe of shape shifters who have lived in the. I spotted this book today at the bookstore and bought it without knowing anything about it except I love books with cats on the front cover I admit to being a sucker for pretty art on a front cover and this one completely bowled me over I was intrigued by the words 'An Animalian Novel' What did that mean I couldn't wait to get home and find outIf you follow my reviews you know I read a lot of animal books from true memoir types to animal fiction like Warriors and Watership Down This book was right up my alley in that regard As well as the animal side we have the remaining humans and the Nsray mysterious beings capable of changing into animal formThis is the author's first novel and I admit it was laggy in places We get some information in blocks which gets a little tiring But at heart it is a fun adventure with some great characters that I'm sure will expand in the next book I'll definitely keep my eye out for that Oh did I mention this book sold for only 899 at my store today Go get a bargain and try this one out Four stars

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Shadows since the dawn of time are about to play a key role in shaping the future but can they save mankind And what role is Drue herself about to play The Savage Kingdomis an unforgettable tale about courage hope loyalty and the unbreakable bond between a girl and her cat. The animal kingdom has decided that enough is enough and mankind has done enough damage to the planet They rise up en masseThe first part of this book is pretty frightening as it brings home how little our defences would matter if every species of animal decided to attack Then just as you want to stop reading because it's too bleak the idea of humans who can shape shift into animal form is introduced bringing a ray of hope for the survival of mankind This book is interesting on several levels – the main concept of karmic retribution for how we've destroyed or damaged the world's ecosystems the torn loyalties of domesticated animals and the demands that are placed on everyone including children when times are dire It's not a new idea but this book adds an extra dimension by taking elements from Christianity and other religions without making it preachy I enjoyed this book even if it gave me the odd nightmare

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The Savage KingdomEveryone has the potential to change the world but some are born to do itWhen Drue's beloved cat Will C goes missing she's unaware that his disappearance is the start of the greatest global conflict the world has ever known The animal kingdom has declared war on mankind an. REVIEW BY ARCHIE 93The Savage Kingdom is very detailed and has a lot of descriptive sentences for characters and loads of beautiful interpretations of scenery and buildings some of which are famous landmarksThe characters in the book are very peculiar in the fact that they aren't the usual stereotypical characters as the lead character is a scrawny teenage girl who is a vegetarian and has an abandoned three legged cat called Will C who is also a very important character in the book Will C was the character I related to the most even though he is a cat I can still empathise with his feelings and emotions that are displayed in the text I think that the scenery I related to the most was that of the countryside which is regularly mentioned in the book as the main characters are set in the vast countryside I live in a grass filled setting and can somewhat relate to the greenery and the trees All the characters in the book are important in their own way and all that are named and mentioned are important in the story and the plotThe plot was strange and it depends of what you think of as 'believable' if you think believable means an ancient race of people with a special gene that gives them a special ability which is later explained in the book and most of the animals on the Earth team up and cause an apocalyptic war between humans and animals then this book would be very believable However some of the descriptions in the book persuade me that there is a possibility that this story could be trueAt the end of the book a fact is shared between the lead role and another important character which is very brief and is unexplained which didn't really make much sense I don't know if it will be explained in a seuel book but I didn't really understand the point that the author was trying to create Another point about the ending was that it was very fast and it wasn't as detailed and descriptive as the main body of the book I think the ending was very unexpected and I thought all odds were against the things that the characters managed to achieve at the endThe Savage Kingdom reminded me of the 'Hobbit' as there is fantasy creatures a great journey to achieve resolution at the endI think the author Simon David Eden has created a very good piece of literature ; his hard work shines through the piece of writing However there are some mistakes that the editor has failed to pick up such as the error on page 51 when it states 'The Gryfalcon' and on the same page it states 'The gyrfalcon' This is a spelling and capital letter error It's the little things that stand out ; Recommended for anyone who likes action animals and adventure