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characters × Waiting for Eden Eden Series #1 ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ On the day her husband dies Alexandra Winter's fragile world begins to disintegrate To date her life has been built on a sham a materialistic fantasy world that had rotated solely around Richard Winter's law career After dEn protected by generations of a native family Unknowingly her rash decision places her directly in the path of a ruthless company that will stop at nothing to possess the property when its true value is discovered including manipulation threats torture and murder Yet there is to Eden Ranch than one would ever guess Alex Jamie and his entire family will soon discover the true darkness that faces their homeland With its cold advance they will learn that he lush boundary of Eden's forests contains a power that has been guarded through generatio. Disclaimer I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the second novel by Jessica Leigh that I've read and I've loved them both Waiting for Eden introduces us to Alex Winters right after the lost of her husband She's left the hectic city life behind to rediscover who she really is in the peace of the Black Forest Unfortunately she ends up uite lost and is rescued by a forester Jamie who seems to antagonize her at every step She stumbles upon a little slice of Eden in the middle of the forest and decides to stay and make a new life for herself There are dark forces in the novel with a mining company intent on taking the land of virgin wood at all costs Jessica Leigh does a wonderful job of connecting the reader to the characters and painting a vivid picture of the landscape This story has a little bit of everything; romance suspense and ghosts I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense novels and am eagerly looking forward to the next one in the series in order to catch up with the characters I fell in love with

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N is a forester with an unbreakable love of the mountainous land and of his family's farm He happens upon Ms Alexandra Winters alone in the woods a hard cold shell of a woman with an arrogant city attitude straight from hell But as Alexandra's bitter layers recede beneath her intensely mounting attraction to Jamie and the promise of a fresh new start in a beautiful place all bets are off Alexandra impulsively relocates to the Black Forest buying a dilapidated ranch surrounded by acres of magnificent forest old growth virgin timber that has be. Fast paced interesting read Original characters Alexandra Winters is the heroine She starts as pretty much a miserable person due to life circumstances When she meets Jamie Sheldon in the middle of this mountain wilderness there are lots of sparks Jamie is everything you'd want in a man Except he's got this wry sense of humor that sets feisty Alex off The book is about her road to personal change getting over past abuse and loving a new way of life with the help of Jamie and his awesome familySub plots There is an ugly corporationland company after Alex's beautiful ranch property because it contains thousands of acres of virgin timber Her ranch is like a fairy land that's why she named it Eden Ranch Love the horsesBad guy Marcus Allen is really awful He is hired to force Alex into a deal with the corporation His tactics get dirty and then deadly I won't spoil Very faced paced intense ending LVOEd the character Mouse he is awesome He is a special needs person with exceptional talents and a heart full of love I hope his in the next book Sub plot Marta is a native American woman who is killed by Marcus But she comes back in a special way to help her family She has a special connection with another side character MouseSometimes scary sometimes funny sometimes hot sexual and steamyWell done

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Waiting for Eden Eden Series #1On the day her husband dies Alexandra Winter's fragile world begins to disintegrate To date her life has been built on a sham a materialistic fantasy world that had rotated solely around Richard Winter's law career After discovering his awful betrayal and with no real friends or family to rely on Alex flees her city life in desperation And she turns up in a very unexpected place The Black Forest of Northern Pennsylvania was merely a dot on a map until Alex ended up lost in the middle of its wild interior millions of acres in size Jamie Sheldo. This is my second book the first of a new romantic suspense series I hope you guys take a chance especially if you enjoyed Savage Forest with this new series that is paced a bit faster is edgier hotter sexually and infused with my own brand of humor Come meet Alexandra and her new man James Sheldon as they steam up their lives with an incredible connection And meet Marcus Allen the man who will stop at nothing to possess Alexandra's soul in a terrible kind of way Meet Marta Ezra and Mouse who are some very interesting side characters and remember your details There are some strange things in the history book that I will be exploring in this blazing roller coaster ride of a series Enjoy and let me know what you think Leigh