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The Sleeper Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ñ Best Books, The Sleeper author Edgar Allan Poe The way the author shows is genius and it really helps me connect with the story.It really helps me connect with the story. It's not a great Edgar Allan Poe poem but it's not a horrible one either It's pretty much just a straight middle of the road poem

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Poe The way the author shows is genius and. I’m never uite sure what I’m going to get with Poe’s poetry besides the obvious references to death that his poetry is so well known for which means my feelings toward his poetry are mixed Some I like some I’m indifferent to and others do not work for me The Sleeper belongs to the first categoryThe Sleeper is an easy poem to read one that flows wonderfully I powered through it in no time then had to read it again as I wanted to appreciate it properly It’s certainly one of my favourite pieces from Poe

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The SleeperBest Books The Sleeper author Edgar Allan. The SleeperBy Edgar Allan Poe At midnight in the month of JuneI stand beneath the mystic moonAn opiate vapor dewy dimExhales from out her golden rimAnd softly dripping drop by dropUpon the uiet mountain topSteals drowsily and musicallyInto the universal valleyThe rosemary nods upon the grave;The lily lolls upon the wave;Wrapping the fog about its breastThe ruin molders into rest;Looking like Lethe see the lakeA conscious slumber seems to takeAnd would not for the world awakeAll Beauty sleeps and lo where liesIrene with her DestiniesO lady bright can it be right This window open to the nightThe wanton airs from the tree topLaughingly through the lattice drop The bodiless airs a wizard routFlit through thy chamber in and outAnd wave the curtain canopySo fitfully so fearfully Above the closed and fringed lid'Neath which thy slumb'ring soul lies hidThat o'er the floor and down the wallLike ghosts the shadows rise and fallOh lady dear hast thou no fearWhy and what art thou dreaming hereSure thou art come O'er far off seasA wonder to these garden treesStrange is thy pallor strange thy dressStrange above all thy length of tressAnd this all solemn silentnessThe lady sleeps Oh may her sleepWhich is enduring so be deepHeaven have her in its sacred keepThis chamber changed for one holyThis bed for one melancholyI pray to God that she may lieFor ever with unopened eyeWhile the pale sheeted ghosts go byMy love she sleeps Oh may her sleepAs it is lasting so be deepSoft may the worms about her creepFar in the forest dim and oldFor her may some tall vault unfold Some vault that oft has flung its blackAnd winged panels fluttering backTriumphant o'er the crested pallsOf her grand family funerals Some sepulchre remote aloneAgainst whose portal she hath thrownIn childhood many an idle stone Some tomb from out whose sounding doorShe ne'er shall force an echo Thrilling to think poor child of sinIt was the dead who groaned within