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Fan PhenomenaOrs Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles contributed to the show’s initial success and  Supernatural found its niche when it combined demon hunting adventures with a powerful relationship drama that explored the intense complicated bond between the brothers  Supernatural is as much a story of familial ties love and loyalty as it is of “saving people hunting things” Fan Phenomena Supernatural explores the ongoing fascination and passion for a show that developed a relationship with fans through eight seasons and continues to have an impact on fan cu. Some parts I liked some I didn't but I do I would recognize Rich anywhere

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Download ☆ Fan Phenomena 102 ✓ Supernatural premiered on September 13 2005 on what was then called the WB Network Creator Eric Kripke was inspired by Jack Kerouac’s  On The Road putting his heroes brothers Sam and Dean Winchester in a big black ’67 Impala and sending them in search of the urban legends that fascinated him The series attracteLture to the present day Essays here explore the rich dynamic that has developed between fans and producers actors writers directors the show creator and showrunners through online interactions on Twitter and Facebook face to face exchanges at conventions and representations of fandom within the show's meta episodes Contributors also explore gender and sexuality in the show and in fan art; the visual dynamics cinematography and symbolism in the episodes as well as the fan videos they inspire; and the culture of influence learning and teaching in the series. This is an interesting look into the Supernatural fandom SPN Family through essays by various people associated with the show and the fandom I rounded up my rating to 4 because the parts I liked were fantastic but there are a few sections that while interesting didn't really strike me as essays that explain the fandom or how fandom really works The first two essays both by academics and fans of the show also known as aca fans just don't seem to fit the mold The first essay details how a professor used the show to teach an introduction to media studies class It seems like a pretty obvious techniue pick a show might as well pick one you like since as the professor you'll have to sit through a lot of it and use it to explain theory I'm not sure how this is about fandom other than that academic is a fan If someone asked me to create an exhibit on a television show I might pick Supernatural too because I know it and would be able to work with it from a variety of angles In this incredibly unlikely hypothetical I might not choose Supernatural simply because it is still on the air which complicates the subject matter That doesn't make my decision particularly relevant to fandom as a whole It would be the story of one fan who had a chance to make their work easier by picking something they already knewThe second essay was a look at the monstrous male body which while attempting to focus on how fans react to that really just furthered the authors arguments about presenting masculinity and femininity within a cultural construct I'm not saying it isn't interesting I'm saying it isn't what the book is supposed to be about I also find the author's argument to be a bit of stretch in some instances because it diminishes any non gendered reading of the scenes presented Although she did point out that she was only focusing on the one aspect and was specifically not looking at other interpretations It was interesting to note however that academics can also fall into the if you look for it you'll find it aspects of viewing Much like shippers who can see proof of the relationships that they want to manifest while watching an episode or others myself included can find proof of the role of destiny throughout any season this particular author was able to find proof of her feminizationsymbolic castration arguments throughout the series Some of her arguments had valid points but some well sometimes a great body is just a great body We really don't have to dissect the plot of Sam working out shirtless I think we get it and isn't just honest to accept that rather than create some sort of meaning behind itThere's also an interview with the show's cinematographer It's fascinating and it gets into the details of all sorts of things non filmmakers don't usually think about but are integral to making the show what it is But again I'm not sure how that fits within the idea of what is fandomThe other essays all nail it though Discussions of how the meta episodes break the fourth wall how social media has changed fandom fans and charity work fanworks and building the SPN Family all dive into this convoluted fandom and explore different aspects of it Two actors from the show Misha Collins Castiel and Richard Speight Gabriel also contributed essays Their take on interaction with fans is particularly interesting Both of them address how in their interactions with the fans they are still playing a part They are aware that they are walking a line between their characters and their actual selves I've always assumed the actors are in another character during interviews or conventions It's nice to get confirmation of that You're both acting a role during within that space but that doesn't make the fan or actor experience any less meaningfulOverall a fast and entertaining read The bibliographies at the ends of the essays provide a nice jumping off point for anyone wishing to explore one of the topics in depth If nothing else this book helps fans realize that they aren't alone in their fannish ways

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Supernatural premiered on September 13 2005 on what was then called the WB Network Creator Eric Kripke was inspired by Jack Kerouac’s  On The Road putting his heroes brothers Sam and Dean Winchester in a big black ’67 Impala and sending them in search of the urban legends that fascinated him The series attracted a passionate fan base from the start and was described as a “cultural attractor” that tapped into the zeitgeist of the moment reflecting global fears of terrorism with its themes of fighting unseen evil The chemistry between the lead act. I love Fan Culture and I love Supernatural so this book was heaven to me I liked the academic approach and the view of not only fans but also people involved in making the show Despite featuring so many different topics and talking about so many aspects of the show and its fandom I still feel like there's so much to talk and theorize about and that's what it makes SPN so amazing I would honestly read anything you publish or edit girls Congratulations to everyone who took part in creating this and making it such a pleasent reading