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Download The Rules of Regret ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB õ “Life doesn’t come with a blueprint which makes it hard to have any plans”Nineteen year old Darby Duncan is finally on her own Her boyfriend of six years just left for a high powered summer internship though in reality he’s been absent for much longer than th“Life doesn’t come with a blueprint which makes it hard to have any plans”Nineteen year old Darby Duncan is finally on her own Her boyfriend of six years just left for a high powered summer internship though in reality he’s been absent for much longer than that This newfound freedom wasn’t a part of Darby’s plans but as she’s come to discover plans only exist on paper not in realityAnd guys like Torin Westbrook aren’t supposed. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED The Rules of Regret was a sweet beautifully innocent story with a wonderful message about learning to follow your heart to live in the moment and to be true to yourself This book was a pleasant change of pace from my usual read I hadn't read a YA style book in uite a while and when I saw this book mentioned on Colleen Hoover's wall where she said that the hero reminded her a little of Will I immediately one clicked Sometimes it's just nice to read about a 'good boy' hero The story follows 19 year old Darby who is left behind after her long time boyfriend Lance goes off on 6 week internship in a different city So much of her world is centered around him that when he leaves she feels a little lost and decides to spend the time working at a summer camp despite the fact that the job puts her totally out of her element There she meets Torin Westbrook a charming uirky totally endearing councillor who immediately sees right through her From the very beginning he challenges and pushes her showing her a new side of life one that centers around taking risks building trust and living life for her And slowly but surely she finds herself falling in loveI have to admit that from the first time Torin made an appearance he had me smiling and his heart melting charm won me over In a romance world largely dominated by bad boys and Alpha males it was refreshing to read about a 'good boy' Don't get me wrong I adore my bad boys but there was something about Torin that just made my heart happy Butterflies he smiled What Do I give you butterflies No Torin I lied through my teeth You don't give me butterflies You sure Well he gave me butterflies that's for sure See one of the things that I just love about YA books is that it's all the little things that make your heart race the fleeting glances the gentle touches the little smirks and innuendos and just how much can go into something as sweet and innocent as a first kissThe book was full of little beautiful moments that kept me smiling as Darby and Torin genuinely connected on a deeper level first before they actually let anything get serious relationship wise between them It was like they fell in love before they actually allowed themselves to be in loveThe thing about this story though was that Darby technically had a boyfriend for the first half but and this is a big but it did not really feel too much like a real love triangle to me because from very early on in the story it was made uite clear who was right for her and I could just tell that it was only a matter of time before she realized it tooI liked that all the drama in this made sense to me the hesitations the decisions everything I felt like I could understand the mistakes that were made and I also commended the way they dealt with them I think the noble thing for me to do would be to step back and let you have your space but I don't want to give you space I want to be in that space with you I know I'm repeating myself a little here but I just really loved Torin There was just this open honesty to him that melted me He was perceptive caring uirky and totally loveable Such a sweet hero Torin embodied the sensitive emotional side that all women inherently desires yet at the same time he was wholly masculine to the point of cliff jumping and killing and cooking his own food He was a complete conundrum This is what you do to me Darby Scooping up my free hand he placed the flat palm of it onto his chest That kiss may have been my I love you but this is my 'Holy crap if that was just a kiss sex might kill me' If you're looking for a non explicit romance that kind of rides the line between YA and NA this is one to try It wasn't really what I'd call a page turner though and there were a few parts I found to be a bit slow and almost a little preachy at times and in an ideal world I would have preferred a little steam throughout the book but I loved Torin from start to finish I enjoyed watching Darby find herself and I was left with a smile on my face4 stars For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter

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She’s had her own share of heartache too and as much as she wants to believe that it’s all been for a purpose her grief hasn’t allowed her to get to that point Yet the Darby is around Torin the she craves the freedom to break out of her carefully constructed routine and mindset and fall into something new She’s just not sure that she should be falling for Torin along the wayThe Rules of Regret is a non explicit youngnew adult romance. Items ticked off 9Do not trust this ratingIt's the first time I've used that phrase I believe and I mean it with all my heart The Rules of Regret is probably way better than my rating says but I personally can't rate it higher than 25 stars Sorry GR don't allow half star ratings Why then why can't I give this than 25 stars I'll get to that in a minute The Rules of Regret is the story of Darby and Torin The former has been a little lost ever since her older sister died a couple of years back Ever since she' been leaning on her boyfriend Lance Now when he is going away for the summer Darby is struggling She's not uite sure who she is without Lance When she gets a job at a summer camp for troubled kids she meets Torin the son of the owner's Torin himself isn't without a past A brother who committed suicide isn't any easy thing to tackle even years after As Lance is away Darby and Torin grow closer as they find they have a few things in commonFirst off The Rules of Regret is classified as YANA but I personally say this is closer to YA than NA The characters are older than 18 but as I have to point out YANA isn't all about age It's about the general themes NA is about being on your own finding out who you are without a safety net And while The Rules of Regret is somewhere between YANA it reads like YA than NA And it's not because of the lack of sex scenes which if you ask me was a nice change Because here's the thing while I enjoyed the characters they fit better into YA Why Because as Torin says Darby is caught somewhere between twelve when her sister died and nineteen her age today This gives Darby the characteristics of a YA protagonist She's very much about finding herself but not necessarily in the way I'd say a New Adult wouldThen again this is still New Adult to some extent I'd easily give this three stars for what it offered throughout the novel if it hadn't been for the lack of character development You see Darby and her boyfriend are having a rough patch and it's not getting better He's been cheating on her on and off prior the beginning of the book and Darby is okay with it She's so insecure in herself that she's unable to let him go I expected her to grow as the novel went on but in the end we're left with this And since I didn’t do a very good job knowing what I needed—having up and left uarry Summit having repainted a wall in a house that I no longer even inhabited—I thought Torin was a good person to make those decisions for me I needed someone to guide me We're back to where we started That's why I can't uite give this the three stars it might deserve In the end I had no doubts that if Torin cheated on Darby – which in point to his character I don't believe he would – she'd go along with that too being as insecure as she is And this is also another point for the YA part not the NA A new adult would learn to grow through herhis mistakes And even if this is somewhere in the grey area between YA and NA it doesn't uite manage to reach that point where the character development was enough to make this stand out| BookLikes | Leafmarks |

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The Rules of RegretTo exist in reality either But he does with his disheveled curly hair irresistible dimples and endearingly uirky habit of reciting uotes from classic movies and ancient thinkers When Darby meets Torin as a fellow counselor at the survival camp she impulsively applies to she’s certain his main goal is to turn her world upside down But Darby’s not sure she can adapt to Torin’s ways of viewing his past and the tragedies he's faced Because. I've tried to listen to this audiobook at least three times and I could not get past the scene where she discovers that her boyfriend was cheating on her I did not like Darby or her boyfriend or Torin really It was just kind of weird And Darby was pathetic