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Color of GraceLooking to the future begins with forgiving the past Barrett McCall once lived like there was no tomorrow Now the reformed party animal savors each day as a gift His short order cook job at Dixie’s Cup pays the rent and he’s content with his sober if solitary life When a fire leaves him homeless Dixie’s offer to let him move into her basement apartment puts him on a collision course with her nephew art teacher Schuyler Rhodes The he. This was a well done story of two men with difficult pasts coming together I particularly liked Barrett who'd weathered two major blows and yet was willing to take a chance on building a life a third time There were some threads that seemed to fade out with less attention than I expected the possible arson and I almost felt this could have been longer despite being a comfortably sized novel to touch slowly on some of the baggage the men brought to this story The characters were good but it seemed like there was under there I wanted to see Still worth the read

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Read & download ✓ Color of Grace ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Õ Looking to the future begins with forgiving the past Barrett McCall once lived like there was no tomorrow Now the reformed party animal savors each day as a gift His short order cook job at Dixie’s Cup pays the rent and he’s content with hNgering kiss melts away the barriers between them but when the other witness to Matty’s death shows up in town Schuyler is forced into a confrontation that could cost him Barrett’s love and possibly his own life Warning Contains a hot man on man romance between a slightly uptight art teacher and a free spirited tattoo artist turned line cook a bucket of guilt sprinkled on top of past regrets and the improper use of bamboo kabob skewer. I really really loved the first book in the series Cost of Repairs Unfortunately as far as I'm concerned this one can't hold a candle to the former Why exactly though I couldn't say offhand The writing was just as great intense and skillful the sex scenes hot the relationship realistic the characters likable Particularly Barrett the one who'd hit rock bottom than once and was just bouncing backPerhaps it was because I had some problems with Sky not his character in and of itself but his motives Sky's hangups didn't uite rhyme with the rest of him nor with his supposed age of over thirty Another bother was the fire arson mystery plot that at some point just vanished into thin air HuhAll in all though I liked this book a lot And it was nice to meet Sam and Rey again

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At between them crackles but in Schuyler’s eyes Barrett recognizes the same demons he exorcised long ago Dixie’s kind hearted offer couldn’t come at a worse time for Schuyler It’s the anniversary of his teenage cousin Matty’s drowning Everyone believes it was an accident but Schuyler knows the truth and so does the culprit For fifteen years that truth has burned a hole in his souland now it keeps Barrett at arm’s length One li. Warning Grumpy review aheadDon't let my rating or review sway you from reading the book Most of the issues I had with it are of the personal taste variety And one thing at the very end that ticked me off Two things Maybe three things lolThe writing is strong and Barrett and Schuyler pronounced Skylar are interesting characters who despite their various flaws and hangups might just be perfect for each other I didn't completely feel the love connection between them since half of their relationship development that took place seemed to happen in the bedroom But when we did get actual relationship development it was pretty well doneSince it's been so long since I read the first book in this series and the primary thing I remember about it was that ridiculous drama ridden fourth act I didn't recall if I had issues with Schuyler or not I know there was a reason I initially decided to skip this one but lord help me if I can remember it now lol I should have listened to my former selfFor the most part I really liked Barrett and Schuyler and there was certainly enough there in their backgrounds that could have made a truly compelling story but most of what we get is a watered down contemporary romance that doesn't distinguish itself from the mainstream mm genre Barrett had the most interesting background so of course we only get snatches of it Schuyler's backstory is wellOk so Schuyler's cousin Matty drowned in the lake when they were teens Schuyler was there when it happened He drinks himself into oblivion every year on the anniversary blaming himself for what happened For 85% of the book that's all we know about it Then we find out a couple of Matty's friends were also there And then it just gets stupid because view spoilerdespite every indication that Danny is seriously unstable Schuyler decides to just drive down to the lake when Danny leaves a note on his car reuesting a meeting with him there Without telling anyone where he's going Or who he's going to meet So he drives down there like a buffoon and confronts Danny who is upset that Schuyler still exists And then we find out what really happened that fateful night Danny started bullying Schuyler for being gay taunting him to kiss Danny's girlfriend why the girlfriend was all for this idea who knows; she's incidental to the story and never appears on page except as a blurry fuzzy afterthought on this backstory all because wait for it Danny's also gay but in the closet and hates himself for it So of course he HAS to bully Schuyler for also being gay And of COURSE his teen self has to attack teen Schuyler for being around and TEMPTING him and making him feel his horrible gay feelings And of COURSE Matty ends up in the lake during this fight and no one notices until it's too late and Matty was too drunk to get himself out of the lake on his own And that's how Matty died And that's why Schuyler blames himself Because showing up when Matty asked him to come and having Danny bully him clearly makes it his fault Guilt isn't logical I know that but still Put the blame where it belongsBut that's not all Danny isn't torn up about accidentally knocking his friend into the lake and killing him NO He's been tormented all these years by his gay feelings That's what keeps him up at night That's why he's so maladjusted That's why he's a walking blowhole So naturally since he's got this horrible crush on Schuyler he's got to call present day Schuyler down to the lake then ask him why he was always around back them um because Matty was his cousin and attacks him againAnd then AND THEN after all this goes down and Schuyler's released from the hospital and Danny's locked up Schuyler finally sits down to tell his aunt Dixie Matt's mom what actually happened that night 15 years ago AND WE DON'T GET DIXIE'S REACTION We just go from him saying There's something I need to tell you to jumping six weeks ahead to the epilogue so Schuyler can get a fracking tattoo to memorialize Matty You know that's sweet and all though why he'd want angel wings made out of water to remember how his cousin died is beyond me You know what I wanted to know though What did Dixie say or do when she found out It's only her son that she lost right Her one and only child So who cares what she thinks about all this We also don't get Barrett's reaction but his really doesn't matter here AND THEN Schuyler doesn't even press charges And neither does Dixie apparently so the only thing that happens to Danny is he has to go to therapy for a few months and do some community service Oh and he's getting a divorce Oh and Danny's therapist thinks it would be a really good idea for Schuyler to go and see Danny again so Danny can get closure HE NEARLY BEAT A MAN TO DEATH BUT HE DESERVES CLOSURE And of COURSE Schuyler is an absolute saint about all of this Why should he be angry about nearly dying Or all those years he was bullied as a teen And all those years he was scared into silence about that night Matty drowned because Danny threatened himThank God we didn't get a scene of him actually going to see Danny again so there's that hide spoiler