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review Taming the Blowing Wind (Dragon Shaman #1) 103 Õ Every girl yearns for adventure romance and magic in their lives BlowingWind MountainChild had all of these and lost them just as she was starting on what she thought would be the greatest adventure of her life Now she is being called out by the forces of life and undertaking the joO something even greater Take Ryu is a boisterous magma ryugami trapped for five years beneath Mt Fuji for the crime of becoming too engrossed in human affairs Upon the end of his imprisonment he emerges to find a strange and undefended shaman woman within his territory Falling prey once to his kind heart he too is swept up in the threads of a destiny that neither human nor dragon could have ever. Do you believe that there could be to our world than meets the eye in the possibility of spirit realms filled with guides to aide us on life’s journey Dragon Shaman Taming the Blowing Wind the first book in the Dragon Shaman series by Teresa Garcia delves into the legends spirits and beliefs of multiple cultures while telling a beautiful story of the pain of young love lost healing and moving on along the path one is destined for BlowingWind MountainChild is the daughter of an Irish mother and an Apache father She has grown up steeped with the legends of both cultures and is deeply connected to the spirits of the Native American culture and the natural environment around her following the spirit guides who call to her Wind has dreams of adventure love and a future filled with all life has to offer but when she loses her one true love her inner spirit fragments she is devastated and knows she must travel across the globe in search of answers in her own spiritual uest In Japan now earthly wind must contend with the barriers of language and cultural differences while spiritual Wind finds solace in the spirit world of Japan Will she ever be whole again What are the spirits trying to show her Is she ready for what she discovers Is she ready for RyuDragon Shaman Taming the Blowing Wind is complex well written and combines multi cultural beliefs with beautifully descriptive prose It is a love story a coming of age story and a tale that demonstrates the similarities of age old beliefs between diverse and distinctly different cultures Teresa Garcia remembers to put some “fun” and light heartedness into her characters making them all the likeable If you’ve ever felt like there may be ‘several’ enitites within you you know the angel on one shoulder the devil on the other or felt “shattered” by some life altering event in your life you may find a commonality with young Wind If destiny cultural legends tales of environmental spirits poke at your interest you’ll find much to enjoy here in this beautifully written novel I’d like to thank the author for providing this read for review copyPublication Date September 10 2006Publisher Teresa GarciaSeries Dragon Shaman Book 1ISBN 0978802802Number of pages 244Genre Romance Fantasy Literary FictionMy Rating 4 StarsAvailable at Barnes Noble For reviews check out Tome Tender's Book Blog or find us on Facebook

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Every girl yearns for adventure romance and magic in their lives BlowingWind MountainChild had all of these and lost them just as she was starting on what she thought would be the greatest adventure of her life Now she is being called out by the forces of life and undertaking the journey into adulthood alone However journeys always seem to entail healing and a uest to find her lost love turns int. I enjoyed this book I am not sure how to describe it but the style of the book reminded me of The Last Unicorn by Beagle It had that dreamymythologywisdom vibe to it There was also some beautiful descriptive prose to enjoy and it tells this love story nicely This is not an action pact adventure with mysteries to solve; it's the poemy words that keep you reading I liked the main character and I wished to see of her life lessons and interactions with different types of people I didn't like her name though it's a romantic book give the poor girl a romantic name The images that blowing wind conjures in my head doesn't do her justice The secondary characters are interesting and I would have loved the opportunity to read about their adventures during the book This is a return to old school fantasy so if that rocks your boat I would give it a gander I will be interested in reading from this author

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Taming the Blowing Wind Dragon Shaman #1Believed This is the first book of the Dragon Shaman series which will follow BlowingWind and her family in a saga of such depth and breadth that some greater being or beings must surely be behind the scenes But for what purposeMore than supernatural romance than fantasy this multi genre series will have a very different end than what the author usually finds to readwhich is just how she wants i. From the outset Dragon Shaman Taming The Blowing Wind by Teresa Garcia plants one foot firmly and confidently in the realms of the spirit world But this is no preachy evangelical sermon or airy fairy new age nonsense this is the spirit world of the Native Americans As I read on I was reminded that this spiritual perception of nature and the world at large is shared by many other cultures in many other parts of the worldOur heroine the wonderfully named BlowingWind MountainChild is the daughter of an Irish mother and an Apache father Although her father is killed while she is still a child she continues to follow the spirit path of her Apache heritage Later she is devastated by the death of her lover to the point that her soul is fractured into the separate components that make up a human psyche She travels to Japan on a spiritual uest where she encounters the Japanese euivalent of the Native American spirit worldPersonally I would have preferred to remain in America and learn much about the wonderful and mysterious native culture there but I had the feeling we were retracing the steps taken by the author at some point in her lifeThere was just enough of the Irish mother’s spiritual heritage to remind me personally that this way of looking at nature where mountains and lakes and rivers are inhabited by entities that may be malevolent benevolent or simply indifferent to man was also shared by the Gaels of my own country I live in an area where we are surrounded by the echoes of this long forgotten spirit world Stone circles mysterious mounds tombs carvings even dare I say it an entity which was believed to inhabit Loch NessA book like this is so rooted in the beat and pulse of nature the descriptions of the natural world so rich and vivid that only someone with the eye of a poetess and the heart of a naturalist would be able to do the story justice Passages such as the following are typical The stars blazed overhead like diamonds in a rich field of blackened velvet while the pines whispered among themselves in their uiet groaning language that only they spokeWord painting of this uality is a joy to read and I was genuinely disappointed when I reached the end of the book Fortunately for me and for anyone else who discovers this wonderfully talented writer this is the first in a series I look forward therefore to spending time looking at the world through the pen of Teresa Garcia