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SalingerBased on eight years of exhaustive research and exclusive interviews with than 200 people and published in coordination with the international theatrical release of a major documentary film from the Weinstein Company Salinger is a global cultural event the definitive biography of one of the most beloved and mysterious figures of the twentieth centuryFor than fifty years the ever elusive author of The Catcher in the Rye has been the subject of a relentless stream of newspaper and magazine articles as well as several biographies Yet all of these attempts have been hampered by a fundamental lack of access and by the persi. Fall of an IdolI waited with joyful anticipation for this book to know about an author whose primary published work had been an influential book in my early life I read this book with increasing distaste Aside from the format which I thought was a little sloppy and could have been worked to create a functional narrative the person that 'Salinger' uncovers is a person who had enough to hide that you do not wonder that he guarded his privacy so meanly If I was that much of a hypocrite with a distasteful penchant for 14 18 year old virgins I would also guard my private life possibly to avoid criminal convictionSalinger emerges as a sexist and sexually exploitative man who grows from a damaged but focused young man to a damaged and lecherous older man who can not accept his own or any one else's character failings His final marriage seems to work only because he is dependent and in need of care and so must hold back his caustic cruelty so as to not drive his carer awayThe man who emerges is one who spits on the publishing world but it was the publishing world that gave him the financial freedom to say that publication is a perversion and destruction of the artist He eschews 'gold and woman' but has plenty of gold to prop him up and judging by the intimate revelations of the types of relationships he had he had plenty of woman as well Not that he appears to have been able to give much man to any woman His sexual exploitation of a naive 18 year old girl was particularly sad he paid so little attention to her physical arousal that she was totally frigid This didn't stop him repeatedly exploiting her for oral sex in scenarios that were tantamount to rape Her story was so evocatively related that I had to stop reading for 24 hours because I felt sick that this man who held himself out as a wise man to her could so callously use her and then discard herThis was a man I had admired If you want to hold on to your vision of Salinger as Holden Caulfield grown old don't read this Salinger comes across as a selfish mean spirited bigot who embodied everything he himself said he hated wealth pretension exploitation phoniness I remember that Catcher in the Rye was written by a young man bursting with artistic impulse I remember that the writer and the word are not the same Who Salinger became was a horrible old prick He started as a young man who didn't know what to do with his feelings But he couldn't forgive himself for his failings and became instead a stony idol fixed unmoving and cut off from the very feelings that gave him the ability to write CatcherI do not look forward to the promised publications from 2015 onward who wants to read the works of an old man with no feeling for others and only for himself

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Stent recycling of inaccurate information Salinger remains astonishingly an enigma The complex and contradictory human being behind the myth has never been revealedNo longerIn the eight years since Salinger was begun and especially in the three years since Salinger’s death the authors interviewed on five continents than 200 people many of whom had previously refused to go on the record about their relationship with Salinger This oral biography offers direct eyewitness accounts from Salinger’s World War II brothers in arms his family members his close friends his lovers his classmates his neighbors his editors his p. The biography has received indifferent to lousy reviews but I found it compulsively readable It is not a conventional biography like a series of conversations with people who knew him It has made me think much less of him and of his writing except for “Catcher in the Rye” I think it probably helps to be male especially an adolescent to like that novel but there must be a lot of female readers among the 65 million copies sold worldwide Indeed some of the importunate fanatics who used to lurk around Salinger’s NH house were girls and women whom in a way he preyed upon esp nubile girls “Catcher” seems to strike a chord in the youthful breast about what a crappy world this is This biography says “Catcher” is actually a metaphor for Salinger’s horrible experiences in the Army in World War II The novel transfers all the war trauma anger fear anxiety disgust horror etc that he experienced into the truculent rebellion of a Salinger like teenager I never thought of it that way before but it makes a lot of sense Salinger really had several VERY VERY BAD months in combat He was in the first wave on D Day on Utah Beach right through to liberating a German death camp almost a year later His strange reclusive existence for 50 years is well described as well as his prickly sense of privacy There are dozens of fascinating anecdotes one of my favorites being about the only film that was made from one of his writings “My Foolish Heart” in 1949 based on Salinger’s short story “Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut” The movie which I have seen is almost nothing like the story That angered Salinger so much that he never sold another work to Hollywood though he had many many offers This bio Salinger turned down offers of as much as 10 million dollars for the rights to “Catcher in the Rye” He died a few years back and I imagine that eventually his son and daughter will sell the rights Too bad because if there is one American novel that is not translatable to the screen it is “Catcher in the Rye”

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Summary Salinger ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ý Based on eight years of exhaustive research and exclusive interviews with than 200 people—and published in coordination with the international theatrical release of a major documentary film from the Weinstein Company—Salinger is a global cultural event the definitive biographyUblishers his New Yorker colleagues and people with whom he had relationships that were secret even to his own family Shields and Salerno illuminate most brightly the last fifty six years of Salinger’s life a period that until now had remained completely dark to biographers Provided unprecedented access to never before published photographs than 100 throughout the book diaries letters legal records and secret documents readers will feel they have for the first time gotten beyond Salinger’s meticulously built up wall The result is the definitive portrait of one of the most fascinating figures of the twentieth centur. Wow what a disappointment This makes the third biography of Salinger that I've slogged through and they've all been uite staggeringly lame well in fairness the Alexander one was merely lame but Hamilton's stunk on ice; and now this thingyikes Even though I generally make it a policy to only ratecomment on books that I've read in their entirety I admittedly skimmed or skipped large portions of this one But I still feel the need to rag on this opusor global cultural event lolSay what you will Messrs Barnum Baileyer Shields Salerno are definitely masters of hype Of course I might be willing to ascribe that trait to their publisher rather than them except for the way that they both carry on and cavort throughout the book A tome which is for so the cover informs me the OFFICIAL BOOK OF THE ACCLAIMED DOCUMENTARY FILM a film that rates a 57 the last time I checked on imdbcomapparently acclaim just ain't what it used to beCertainly this looks at the outset like it will be an oral biography But it isn't Definitely not The two best oral biogs that I've seen the ones on Chris Farley and Belushi feature accounts and opinions from people who actually knew those two guys Of course they were both larger than life not to mention larger than average people who lived crazy lives out in public surrounded by a lot of other crazy people as well who were all dying to talk about them How was such a format likely to fit a subject like Salinger who of course was the antithesis of an SNL comedian Very very badly indeedSo anyway the two guys in charge of this project cheat They bring in a whole host of people who never knew Salinger at all and who presumably scarcely realized that this was what they would someday be uoted for So we start out right away in the midst of The Longest Day hearing from people like Stephen Ambrose about all the hell that Salinger must've been going through Oh yeah and FDR even checks in at one point lol Hey Frank what'd you think of Pearl Harbor Well I'd have to say that it was a day that will live in infamy Can we uote you on that Yeah sure thing This is what apparently gave Salinger his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to use the anachronistic phrase which keeps popping up though I prefer the term battle fatigueShields and Salerno have a disconcerting habit throughout of uoting themselves when really they are only providing background information Such comments should've doubtless appeared unattributed and in italics They are also both much given to making Unnecessary Stentorian Pronouncements in the midst of things and love Simplistic Aphorisms as well Things like WWII destroyed the man but made him a great artist; religion provided the comfort he needed as a man but killed his art Good griefThen too there were the annoying and tiresome armchair psychiatrist snatches as I said in my review of the Alexander book Another guy who can't let the poor old recluse alone or give him the right to be a recluse but has to impart other motives to itThe main problem of course is once again I can't just read about the life I've got to listen to some idiot blare his opinions at me Oh yeah and of course the many CliffNotes excerpts which reach their nadir in the section regarding Nine Stories It's stuff like that that makes me realize why Salinger became a hermit Jeez I practically felt like leaving the book on the seat and running out of the subway myself after wading through that crap except that it was a library book and I didn't want to be finedAnd that Michael Clarkson guy cracked me up Somebody who sold his story to the New York Timeswith the idea that he was helping people like some Selfless Soul lol What a bozoStill I did not give this whole mess one star because there were some worthwhile things to be found amongst the wrack The photos were cool to see especially fun was the one of a mustachioed JD in fatigues cigarette in hand and slyly smiling looking up for a moment from his work on Catcher and the many excerpts from his letters postcards etc were interesting I also enjoyed the uotes from the kids of Cornishand seeing that Salinger at least at that point was fun and energetic and laughed a lot Not so much reclusive as simply wanting to get away from New Yorker know it alls and who wouldn't Best of all I thought were the reminiscences of Jean Miller Oh yes and surprisingly the chapter by SHANE regarding Catcher was uite readable and goodSo you probably could've concocted a worthy book out of this melange by organizing it into chapters with a large photo section in the middle Include sections excerpting the Salinger letters along with reminiscences of those who actually knew him Fitzgerald and Miller and Maynard although personally I found Joyce a bit princess y Something along the lines of H G Wells Interviews Recollections edited by J R Hammond That would make for a couple hundred pages of considerable interestinstead of 600 pages of unsupervised sprawl