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SUMMARY Forever Temptation #3 107 Þ All I want is my happily ever afterThat's all I've wanted since meeting Noah MillerFrom the day we met the world has tried to keep Noah and me from being together but now that I'm carrying his child no one will be able to tear us apart Or so I hope But Noah and I have made some mistakes along the way and the conseuences aD it's sure to cause serious devastationIf we can get through this we'll finally be Rose and Noah; a family foreverBut first we have to survive the road ahead And happily ever after is a long way o. We were still being kept apart Would it ever end Was a time of peace and acceptance in or lives possible When I first came across the Temptation series I was immediately intrigued I love romances that involve forbidden love And Rose and Noah had everything against them right from the start Coming from two completely different worlds they prove that their love is very much worth fighting for There were so many times when it seemed like the latest challenge they were facing could have proved to be the one that broke them But their love is so strong and pureForever is the final book in the series and I was so desperate to see the two of them find the happiness that they deserved Forever picks up right where Belonging left off During the first portion of the book I have to admit to being frustrated The Rose and Noah that I had previously fallen in love with seemed to be missing Rose's ability to speak her mind and her honesty were gone Noah was being so stubborn Their communication really needed a good boost I wasn't uestioning the reasoning behind the choices they were making they were trying to do what they thought was right by everyone But they were both suffering because of it But then all of a sudden Rose and Noah were back Yes I was a happy girl But the hurdles for them were far from over They will be tested at each turn New and bigger struggles than what they had previously faced will test their strength like never beforeWhen tragedy strikes what choices will they make and how will those choices impact on their futures Will the love that they have been fighting for help them through all the tough times they are yet to faceI loved that both Rose and Noah loved so completely I loved that they were both prepared to make sacrifices to make things work By the time we get to the end of the book we have a much grown up and mature Rose and Noah Their love and commitment to each other was such a beautiful thing to read Their love of family and community was what made them so special to me throughout the whole seriesI adore the way Karen Ann Hopkins writes She was able to weave these complex character struggles in with a beautiful sweet romance She had captured my heart from the very start and held it until the very end Her characters were real and relatable even if you have never faced similar challenges The Temptation series is one that I would have no hesitation recommending to anyone A wonderful ending to the series but I am intrigued as to whether there will be a spin off series The possibilities are almost endless 455 Sweet Sad Loving StarsCopy provide by the publisher via Netgalley

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D no one will be able to tear us apart Or so I hope But Noah and I have made some mistakes along the way and the conseuences are impacting the people we love Worse there's a storm on the horizon an. It was my daughter that introduced me to this series by reading out the blurb of book one to me from her Netgalley account I admit to being skeptical to begin with I mean I'm in my 70's why would I enjoy a teen book or Young Adult as my grandaughter Rachel of Rai29BookReadNReview tells me is the correct terminology these days Anyhow to get to the point I didn't expect to really enjoy reading book one but I was pleasantly surprised Then every time the next book was available my daughter reuested it from Netgalley for me and I was lucky enough to be accepted for them allSo now to about book three I readily admit to wanting to get a hold of Noah's character and give him a good shake I mean he expects Rose to change for him If she does that how can she be the girl he fell in love with Even as Rose tries to adapt to the Amish life it seems there is always someone there to put obstacles in her way I am uite fascinated by the Amish culture their sense of family sticking together and helping each other is to me the ideal all families should strive for I enjoyed reading about the characters in book three even though there seemed to be English ways filtering into the Amish with their lack of understanding for RoseThe love story between Rose and Noah was so well written it was both poetic and poignant The fact the couple strive to stay together despite everyone they know saying that their relationship is doomedI love the style and pace of Karen Ann Hopkins writing she keeps you interested all the way through I understand she lives near an Amish area I'd love to know what they would think of the books Her books are so realistic and believableSo did I enjoy the book I totally loved I seriously wouldn't put it down Would I recommend the book I highly recommend this whole seriesWould I read another book in this seriesI'd really love for there to be in this series Would I read other books by this Author I would absolutely have to look closely at any titles by this Author

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Forever Temptation #3All I want is my happily ever afterThat's all I've wanted since meeting Noah MillerFrom the day we met the world has tried to keep Noah and me from being together but now that I'm carrying his chil. To hell with the rules I was finished with them all 35 stars And so it endsDEAD AIRYou see that line above That's the section where my thoughts should go but I'd have to include major spoilers if I wanted to tell you what I really thought about the biggest points of the story Instead I'll be sterile and vague That always makes for an entertaining review right OoMany of you know that I prefer my contemporary romance reads to have some sort of bigger picture story outside of a couple's struggles with their relationship But sometimes a romance is just a romance and a book is better for not trying to be than what it is This is one of those timesSure there were tornadoes fires and runaway horses Yes there was a huge world rocking moment for Rose and Noah which had nothing to do with their relationship However my reason for reading is Rose and Noah We readers wanted to know were they finally going to choose whether to be Amish or EnglishWho wins the war Stubborn Girl or Mr Suspenders I'll never tellI appreciated how this story chose to show the struggles of a couple who were determined to be together forever at such a young age It was inevitable that Rose and Noah were going to have to deal with the conseuences that stemmed from the choice they made Even with the sweet all encompassing love story these two didn't get off the hook uite so easy Romance is lovely but relationships take work after the dust setttles Generally it makes me uncomfortable to see two characters so young trying to pledge forever to each other but in this case it works because of the hardships which are thrown at this coupleTheir story is sweet stressful and even thought provoking at times How can two different cultures mesh together when neither one is designed to fit with the other Maybe I'm a little sentimental because Rose's predicament of yes this is an actual spoiler view spoilerbeing pregnant at such a young age hide spoiler