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Free download Ó eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF æ Hermione Eyre At Whitehall Palace in 1632 the ladies at the court of Charles I are beginning to look suspiciously alike Plump cheeks dilated pupils and a heightened sense of pleasure are the first signs that they have been drinking a potent new beauty tonic Viper Wine distilled and discreetly dispensed by the physician Lancelot ChoiceFamed beauty Venetia Stanley is so extravagantly dazzling she has inspired Ben Jonson to poetry and Van Dyck to painting provoking adoration and emulation from the masses But now sh. gums blackened by painting with lead; breasts operated on seventeen times for a non existent problem; healthy bodies cut apart by greedy physicians; women misled traduced deluded What makes this book extraordinary is the dazzlingly brilliant prose style which fizzes and smoulders shooting off fireworks of allusions and intertexts at every turn In fact the whole novel is almost literary postmodernism made physical in hard copy from the witty cover featuring Venetia Digby in a Van Dyke portrait and a sneaky iphone in her hand to the collage effect of inset photos news clippings alchemical receipts snippets from the DNB and other sources Eyre exuberantly collapses time and periodisation for bravura set pieces where Barbara Streisand sings at a masue at Charles I's court; Inigo Jones calls up spotlights for a 'lights camera action' moment; and one of my favourites Kenelm Digby and his men embark on a submarine to sail beneath the Thames to the 'march' of 'Yellow Submarine' while Venetia looks on in sunglassesBut it's not all fun and games at the heart of the book is the portrait of a marriage where Venetia and Kenelm love but cannot understand each other Her vulnerability about her fading youth and beauty ok she's 34 but at the time that was well beyond middle aged given average life expectancies is crucial to her sense of self but he underestimates what it means to her leaving her vulnerable to the predations of the unscrupulous Choice and his patent Viper Wine a mix of snake venom and opium akin to a concoction of botox and heroin For all Eyre's C17th research and she includes an impressive bibliography at the end this is a commentary on our cultural obsessions with youth and beauty however addictive and harmful There's a slight lag at around the halfway point and Kenelm Digby takes up page space than I enjoyed but it picks up again for what is alongside all the sizzle and wit ultimately a tragedy When he was young he thought they were Plato's ideal lovers that they were the same person ripped apart at the Fall and forever searching for one another till they sealed each other up with congress in this lifetime and the next Now he was uncertain Perhaps men and women could not make one another whole; perhaps love wasn't sufficient

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Viper Wine Read ð 8 Ò At Whitehall Palace in 1632 the ladies at the court of Charles I are beginning to look suspiciously alike Plump cheeks dilated pupils and a heightened sense of pleasure are the first signs that they have been drinking a potent new beauty tonic Viper Wine distilled and discreetly dispensed by the physician Lancelot ChoiceFamed beauty Veneti E is married and her “mid climacteric” approaches all that adoration has curdled to scrutiny and she fears her powers are waning Her devoted husband Sir Kenelm Digby – alchemist explorer philosopher courtier and time traveller – believes he has the means to cure wounds from a distance but he so loves his wife that he will not make her a beauty tonic convinced she has no need of it From the whispering court at Whitehall to the charlatan physicians of Eastcheap here is a marriage in crisis an. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the kind of book to which people have very individual reactions I've read other reviews which complain of the vagueness in how the plot moves forward or the dreamlike uality of the book To me these were features not bugs I've certainly complained about my share of books that don't seem to go anywhere But there's so much going on under the surface of this book that I was continuously fascinatedThis book is a commentary on the unhealthiness of the fixation on women's appearance It's also making note of the cyclical nature of the cosmos Everything old is new again and there's nothing really new under the sun Chapters are punctuated with uotes from either the seventeenth or the twentieth century about beauty fads from belladonna to botox Women have always been willing it seems to poison themselves in order to look good Venetia Digby is the wife of Sir Kenelm She is in her mid thirties and in the seventeenth century she was middle aged She has noticed the beginnings of a double chin of her skin becoming less luminous of not being noticed Since she was a very famous beauty Venetia's entire vision of herself is collapsing She doesn't know how to act or what to do I can relate to this as I've gotten older I feel that I'm perceived differently I am treated differently not necessarily badly just not as a cute young girl and the invisibility of older women feels like it's hovering It's very disturbing to be dealing with changes not only in how you feel and how you look but how you are now seen I confess that I have not always been graceful about it it's confusingVenetia takes action by probing her female friends who seem to be coping unusually well with their own appearance and finds out about viper wine This was a real thing dealt by alchemists Apparently it consisted of various and sundry things including the urine of a pregnant mare and opiates It seems that the high levels of estrogen in the urine would have had a mitigating effect on menopause and the opiates would both dilate pupils and confer a sense of well being It goes without saying that it would be addictive But I'll say it anyway The book begins with Venetia's death so I don't think I'm giving this away when I say that she overdoses This also makes sense biiologically opiate tolerance disappears within a couple of weeks and you can probably remember than one famous musician or actor who went clean and then od'd on heroin they took what would once have been a normal dose for them but with their tolerance gone that dose became deadly Most people would tell you that vain women drank Viper Wine and drinking made them vainer But that only showed how little understanding most people had The Wine had freed her from her riddling disuiet about her own appearance so instead of suandering her time on looking in the bottomless glass she could turn her powers outside herself free to go into the world and do better deed as far as she was ableAfter applying her makeupVenetia put down her brush and smiled at what she had created the representation of a beautiful wmoan Not uite herself but certainly a beautiful woman For when we dress we symbolise ourselvesThe other side of the coin is Kenelm her well meaning and loving husband who really doesn't get what's going on with Venetia This cluelessness also rings true this is something that is hard to share with a gender th

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Viper WineD a country on the brink of civil war The novel takes us backstage at a glittering Inigo Jones court masue inside a dour Puritan community and into the Countess of Arundel's snail closet We see a lost Rubens altarpiece and peer into Venetia’s black wet obsidian scrying mirror Based on real events Viper Wine is 1632 rendered in Pop Art prose; a place to find alchemy David Bowie recipes for seventeenth century beauty potions a Borgesian unfinished library and a submarine that sails beneath the Tham. BeautyVanityRumourAddictionAn inspired controversial glimpse into an era wrought with conspiracy and flamboyancyIn an England on the cusp between magic and science VIPER WINE delves into the deliciously evocative world of Venetia Stanley whose position in life is so markedly notable Set in 1632 the court is dazzled by the captivating beauty of such an astute woman Surrounded by alchemists explorers philosophers and time travellers the company in which Venetia finds herself encapsulates diverse eccentricity and divergence She inspires Ben Jonson to write poetryShe inspires Van Dyck to paint AndShe provokes adoration emulation and gossip in eual measure This tantalizing tale of temptation indulgence in all extravagance and innate creativity is an explosion of brilliance and genius Hermione Eyre writes with such vivacity and captures the exuisite ambience in all its glorious detail and precise historical fact Anyone interested in Charles I and the court will devour this book that’s a potent tonic of social charade with a country on the brink of Civil War This novel transports its readers into the heart of a puritan community whilst also touching upon very real events that occurred in the seventeenth century and a turbulent time Richly detailed and wonderfully realised this deftly woven narrative is clever and assured Incorporated within the text are various images of Venetia in 1619 and Kenelm and Gresham College as well as various other portraits of interest This historical novel is a sensational story told with enthusiastic flair and uniue originality I won a Free Uncorrected Proof copy of VIPER WINE by Hermione Eyre through a Goodreads first read giveaway 45 STARS