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Free download The Partys Over ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Charlie Crist the former Republican governor of Florida spent years in the party’s inner circle In this no holds barred memoir he shows why he switched sides and became a DemocratAfter serving as a Republican governor—one who was on the short list for the vice presidLicansWhy he believes that Democrats have the right vision for Florida and the nation • What he’s learned as a member of both parties and why he remains convinced that the two party system can still work with the right leadershipRather than just rehashing his career in this book Crist offers a focused indictment of the failings of the Republican Party naming names and identifying where things went wrong The Party’s Over is as far from “politics as usual” as you can ge. A book I bought after hearing Charlie Crist interviewed in the Bill Maher Real Time show this was of interest to me on a number of fronts the American political scene as well as my interest in Florida visiting there each summer This book is a review part explanation of how a lifelong Republican elected Governor of Florida ended up leaving the Republican Party campaigning as an Independent and then joining the Democratic Party to campaign for the Governorship again in 2014 Crist comes across as a genuinely collaborative politician who was swept aside by the aggressive tone of the Tea Party’s grip on the Republican Party following the election of President Obama in 2008Despite this clearly being a politicians book by which I mean there was a hint of self justification throughout I warmed to the author and was prepared to take on face value the details of his travails that he documented By his own account the way in which he discharged his duties as Governor would have attracted my vote though I would have been interested to hear why he was prepared to relinuish the Governorship to seek Senate office when the office of Governor seemed to offer much greater opportunity to positively affect people’s lives particularly in Florida to which he seems so attached An interesting book covering a troubled and troubling time in American politics and an insight into the workings of the Tea Party from one who appears to be a human politician

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Charlie Crist the former Republican governor of Florida spent years in the party’s inner circle In this no holds barred memoir he shows why he switched sides and became a DemocratAfter serving as a Republican governor one who was on the short list for the vice presidency in 2008 Charlie Crist made headlines when he decided to run for the US Senate as an Independent He was on the front page again when he endorsed President Obama in 2012 and spoke at the Democratic National Con. A great political read Shows just how far out the Republican party has gone it is disturbing and disgusts me I am happy to know there are politicians out there like Mr Crist

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The Partys OverVention and yet again when he officially joined the Democratic Party later that year In The Party’s Over he’ll make even news when he revealsThe inside story of his 2010 Senate primary campaign against Marco Rubio where he learned exactly how vicious the Republican leadership can beHis journey from inner circle to persona non grata thanks to his literal embrace of President ObamaHis very frank opinions on Marco Rubio Jeb Bush Mitt Romney Sarah Palin and other top tier Repub. I am not averse to political books and biography but I don't usually pick up books by politicians The author Charlie Crist was a Republican Governor of Florida and is running again this year as a Democrat He was according to his own biography of a practical politician and not much of an ideologue He watched the party he grew up in become ideological and extreme He had a photoshoot as governor hugging Obama and was reviled by the tea party faithful about a year or two ago he left the republican party because the GOP had no room for moderate Republicans any The book documents the disturbing politics of the right in the past few years from a politicians perspective It is good for that kind of writing but as it is written by Crist and a Ghostwriter it isn't very risky or even free of political cliche This my first political book I've read by a politician so I wasn't expecting iconoclasm but it is a little formulaic However it is written by a moderate politician who laments what has happened to moderates in the republican party and for that it is worth a look