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READ & DOWNLOAD The Weirdness 107 ã With the literary muscle of Victor LaValle's Big Machine and the outlandish humor of Kevin Smith's Dogma this debut reveals the dark underbelly of the NY literary sceneAt thirty Billy Ridgeway still hasn't gotten around to becoming a writer; he thinks too much to get anything done really except making sandwiches at a GreeLy discovers his own strength harnessing his powers as a hell wolf and finally fighting the warlock face to face God even makes a guest appearance and He's not who you thought He was Bushnell's stunningly imaginative debut is about finding meaning in life confronting your biggest critics and discovering that a boring life might be the best life of all. First off I am not the kind of reader who considers a publisher when reviewing a book except when it comes to Melville House I love those guys They are engaged and interested in the books they publish and the readers that read them truly A few years ago when they published Penguin Lost and Death and the Penguin they sponsored a contest for booksellers for every 25 copies you sell they adopt a penguin in your name How awesome We saved two penguins at our store Anyway now our store happened to pick this title as a favorite handsell Someone told Melville and now they're sending us cool Weirdness stuff including exclusive Weirdness coffee beans as handsell prizes Love themBut that doesn't mean I read all their stuff I picked this up because there were a dozen copies in front of me at work and nary a customer in sight I read 13 right there at the register and liked it so much I bought it to bring it home I don't know this Jeremy Bushnell guy but he sure grabbed my attention You would think that the Faustian deal with the devil story is too old and worn out for any new spins but Bushnell manages to make every sentence fresh and memorable This book likely won't change your life but it is a fun creative and hipster smart diversion that speeds by in an instant and cleans the palate for headier fare later The ending wasn't uite what I wanted but worthwhile fun anyway

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The Devil shows up with fancy coffee one morning promising to make Billy's dream of being published come true as long as Billy steals The Neko of Infinite Euilibrium a cat shaped statue with magical powers from the most powerful warlock in the Eastern United StatesThe Devil's bidding sends Billy on a wild chase through New York City through which Bil. I'm not really sure what to make of this book I give it credit for being highly unusual but it left me with far too many uestions and probably not the ones the author wants me to be asking They certainly aren't the discussion uestions for book groups included at the back of the book The first uestion I've been pondering is where is the line between a protagonist who is say endearingly hapless and one who is just plain TSTL Billy Ridgeway walks a pretty narrow path between those two possibilities and I'm pretty sure that if he were a female lead character the answer would come down firmly on the side of TSTL So does he get extra slack for being an immature useless not terribly likable guy If so how come My second uestion is where is the line between literary fiction and literary fiction pretending to be genre fiction Because I personally feel a bit cheated by the fantasy elements in this book Some of them are interesting and colorful but none of them felt really thought through or lived in I can't really explain how all this stuff worked how it was connected or how any of it operated on a day to day basis and it's all a bit hand waved away at the end Even the Neko of Infinite Euilibrium turns out to be just a MacGuffin This is something of a standard coming of agemust grow up and get my act together at lastmust finally get closer to my father kind of story wrapped in some supernatural plot devices which just didn't entirely work for me view spoilerThe ending ending where aspiring author Billy turns out to have written an entirely different kind of book from the one he was working on before the story started also fell a bit flat for me and also didn't feel satisfactorily tied into the moral uestions this book raised in my mind or the creative possibilities opened up by the supernatural aspect hide spoiler

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The WeirdnessWith the literary muscle of Victor LaValle's Big Machine and the outlandish humor of Kevin Smith's Dogma this debut reveals the dark underbelly of the NY literary sceneAt thirty Billy Ridgeway still hasn't gotten around to becoming a writer; he thinks too much to get anything done really except making sandwiches at a Greek deli with his buddy Anil But. Oh get this Melville House is partnering with Brooklyn Roasting Co to offer a limited edition coffee blend inspired by this book Their publicity dept is so so smartAnyway on to the book If you like me are someone who spends all your time either reading books or reading about books it's increasingly impossible to come to something with zero preconceptions And I suppose I can't say I came to The Weirdness with actually zero preconceptions; I did decide to buy it out of all the hundreds of other 1 proofs for sale at the Strand which something made me do But other than an intriguing title and a publisher I mostly love Melville House I really didn't have anything else I didn't read the back cover copy didn't try to sleuth out anything about it didn't even check GR to see who'd read it already and what they thought And let me tell you that was such a fantastic bit of luck Because this book's strength for me was how consistently surprising it was how much the plot kept changing and in such unexpected ways—some of which sadly are revealed right on the back of the book And here I am the second person on all of GR to review this and what can I do to preserve that experience for everyone else Well I can do my best to tell you as little as possible while still getting you excited enough to grab this little guy as soon as it's on sale Here we go The Weirdness is the latest in the great jk tradition of the presumably autobiographical bildungsroman starring a bumbling post college struggling Brooklyn writer with a heart of gold You know this guy right Even if you don't know him you've read about him a lot everywhere from Kyle Beachy's The Slide to Ben Kunkel's Indecision to Adele Waldman's The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P —to name just a very recent few He's the cute and mostly lovable fuckup who is nursing a secret genius but is too mopish lazy earnest self deprecating stoned to get his literary career off the ground He's sad about his nascent career's nascency he's dating up and is alternately overjoyed and suspicious about it he's got a roommate who is either manlier or smarter or maybe ethnic er which is a constant source of frustration etc You have this guy in your head right And you know what a bore it's going to be to read another book about him As an aside What is he called Is there a clever term akin to manic pixie dream girl for this pretentious self absorbed hipster shit Anyway I would bet that Jeremy Bushnell started out writing just another one of those books—and then had the good sense to realize that it would be an awful idea coupled with the cleverness to do something elseSo within 20 pages he's moved from hipster fuckup morosing through his life to hipster fuckup having coffee with the Devil who just showed up in his living room yammering about a PowerPoint presentation while our hero was so totally hungover This is only the first of several about faces that you will almost certainly not see coming in this book and that will make you smile and be impressed each time as soon as you realize what's going on The thing about this book is that it's so clever Not dumb funny like a sitcom with a canned laugh track but clever in a really smart way taking these overdone tropes and merrily twisting the shit out of them It's like he's circling back and back continually making gentle fun of the genre he's just skipped the book right out of And meanwhile he also gets to make gentle fun of the whole demographic those books are aimed at too—lampooning literary bloggers religious inclusionism stoners the clear good vs evil moral binary poetry magazines abstract filmmaking and plenty Although when I started this review I was determined not to tell you anything at all about the book I decided that instead I want to uote one passage to give you a taste of the cleverness I'm going to go ahead and put it behind a spoiler tag though in case you have the self control to ignore it and just go pick up the goddamn book already view spoilerSo this is way in the beginning when the Devil is trying to make his deal I wish for you to do something for me Lucifer says It is a simple task which will reuire a minimal amount of your time In exchange I will do something for youBilly allows himself to grow intrigued You'll do something for me So okay wait Exactly whatI can see to it that your book gets published Lucifer saysA tiny burst of excitement spikes within Billy which is almost immediately swallowed by a yawning chasm of skepticismWhich book Billy says cautiouslyThe novel Lucifer says There are people I can get to publish the novel Short stories though—that's a tough sellBAHAHAHAHAHA hide spoiler