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Free download Whose Body? 105 Î In the debut mystery in Dorothy L Sayers’s acclaimed Lord Peter Wimsey series the case of a dead bather draws Lord Peter into the first of many puzzling mysteriesLord Peter Wimsey spends his days tracking down rare books and his nights hunting killers Though the Great War has left his nerves frayed with shellshock Wimsey continHave predicted Published in 1923 during detective fiction’s golden age Whose Body introduced a character and a series that would make Dorothy L Sayers famous To this day Lord Peter remains one of his genre’s most beloved and brilliant characters This ebook features an illustrated biography of Dorothy L Sayers including rare images from the Marion E Wade Center at Wheaton Colle. What a complete and utter mess of a book I had been informed by many reliable sources including Lucy Worsley in her documentary A Very British Murder that Sayers was even better than Christie where murder mysteries are concerned They are all wrongThis mystery has an intriguing enough premise a naked dead body is found in the home of a harmless man that everyone automatically knew was not the murderer because well the Wimseys mother and son said so Lord Wimsey is called on to investigate the murder At the same time Wimsey's friend Parker is searching for a missing person a JEW Mind you JEW in capital letters A self made JEW A good man despite being a JEW JEW JEW JEW Got that All right For some reason unknown to the reader Wimsey is insistent that both cases are related And then I really don't know what happens Or why Because it's that badly written I don't understand how Wimsey even arrives at the conclusion that X is the murderer The motive for the murder is largely unbelievable and doesn't even make much sense The characters are hideous Peter Wimsey is extremely annoying in every way possible He puts on an affectation every time he opens his mouth He tries some weird accent that doesn't add anything to his character or to the plot He is shallow and annoying and I constantly felt the need to slap him Hard Especially when he begins to uote random poetry or starts singing at people who have no clue what he's doing I have a strong suspicion that Sayers meant it all to funny but it falls terribly flat The Duchess is even annoying if possible The entire aura of upper class British aristocracy is shamelessly flaunted as something awesome without any context to its existence And I say this as a Downton Abbey lover I honestly feel bad I started my year with this dud I don't think I'll be wasting my time on any Sayers This certainly is not a classic whatever else it may be

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In the debut mystery in Dorothy L Sayers’s acclaimed Lord Peter Wimsey series the case of a dead bather draws Lord Peter into the first of many puzzling mysteriesLord Peter Wimsey spends his days tracking down rare books and his nights hunting killers Though the Great War has left his nerves frayed with shellshock Wimsey continues to be London’s greatest sleuth and he’s about. Oh I feel so badly how much I disliked this book As a mystery genre fan and avid reader of Agatha Christie I thought for sure I would enjoy the much reccomended Lord Peter Wimsey series by Dorothy L Sayers But alas I found myself bored and annoyed by the personalities of the charactersThe plot seems interesting enough a random body of a man wearing nothing but a pair of glasses shows up in a bathtub Who is he and how did it get there Book collector Peter Wimsey is on the case To be honest I couldn't bring myself to complete this book The characters were much too arrogant for my taste and the whole take on the mystery solving seemed primitive Not to mention constant anti semetic comments littering much of the book I just was very turned off by it allSome people consider this an early mystery masterpiece Me I pass

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Whose BodyTo encounter his oddest case yet A strange corpse has appeared in a suburban architect’s bathroom stark naked save for an incongruous pince nez When Wimsey arrives on the scene he is confronted with a once in a lifetime puzzle The police suspect that the bathtub’s owner is the murderer but Wimsey’s investigation uickly reveals that the case is much stranger than anyone could. British Jason #1 Jolly good book whatBritish Jason #2 Oh ratherBritish Jason #1 I say how much longer do you suppose we can keep this upBritish Jason #2 Not long old bean I've run out of stereotypical Brit words and this ridiculous accent is doing me head inI almost filed this all up in my PG Wodehouse shelf The similarities in style setting and character are striking There's a somewhat daffy lead in Lord Peter Wimsey though he's clearly got on the ball than Bertie Wooster There's the taciturn Parker just a little looser and given freedom than the butler Jeeves After all Parker is a police investigator and his own man Even the time and place 1920s England hits the JeevesWooster markThe mystery of who dunnit wasn't exactly mind boggling I suspected the culprit almost the moment he hit the stage But this mystery doesn't seem to care for the diabolical plot as much as others in the genre Dorothy Sayers appears perhaps interested in developing a deeper character No no one between the pages of Whose Body is coming close to Dostoyevsky's Raskolnikov but Sayers seems concerned with her whys as opposed to her whos For instance the reasoning behind Lord Peter's desire to catch criminals comes into uestion than once through the book His past reaches into the present to color the proceedings These are nice touches that you don't tend to get with Agatha Christie Does Sayers always succeed in her uest for why No Allow me to explainThe criminal's confession is than a mystery genre trope It's a staple Unnaturally delivered admissions of guilt absolutely abound in these books and it is taken to a RIDICULOUS extreme in Whose Body Sure the bad guy is said to be one of those clever chaps who needs to brag but that doesn't justify the lengths to which the character details his every move Let's face it Sayers had come up with something good and she couldn't help blurting it out Bah I don't care It was very interesting after all I don't think I could put this review to bed without mentioning this book's racism It is a product of its time a time when Jewish intolerance was rising and no one but whites were thought much of by whites Also at one point the main character says something like He's got a touch of the tar baby in him Perhaps it's all part of Sayers' attempt to create a well rounded and representative person from 1920s England Perhaps it was the casual racism that came naturally to her as it did to so many of her era If you don't understand and need an example have a look around It's the same sort of casual racism happening today