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Love is the Law Free read Á 105 â In 1989 punk rock girl Golden Dawn has crafted an outsider's life combining the philosophies of Communism and Aleister Crowley's black magic One fateful day she finds the dead body of her mentor in both politics and magick shot in the head seemingly a suicide But Dawn knows there's going on than the Long Island copsOr in both politics and magick shot in the head seemingly a suicide But Dawn knows there's going on than the Long Island cops could ever hope to uncover In setting out to find the murderer her. Love is the Law is Mamatas at his best an amazing mix of noir atmosphere and character that I recommend for anyone who likes when everyday people become detectives but hates how those kinds of novels are often tame This is my favorite recent book set in the 80s because it captures what it was like to be me which is unusual for any bookWe need a time machine so Dawn Seliger can be played by Ally Sheedy in a film directed by 80s David Lynch with Kenneth Anger shooting some establishing shots but the truth is that Mamatas is such a great writer than he can write about almost anything and make it interesting funny and insightfulEven if Crowley Trotsky Long Island and comic bookszines aren't your bag this is still a great novel

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Self she will encounter dark and twisted truths for which no book study or basement show could have prepared her Award winning prose author Nick Mamatas crafts a raw hilarious original mystery. It seemed like Mamatas didn't like any of his characters and was prolonging their discomfort toward no particular end On the plus side there is an interesting mix of leftist and occult subcultures and a dreary sense of place that feels authentic I had high expectations but just bleh

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Love is the LawIn 1989 punk rock girl Golden Dawn has crafted an outsider's life combining the philosophies of Communism and Aleister Crowley's black magic One fateful day she finds the dead body of her ment. There’s a lot of Thelemic hoo ha in Nick Mamatas’ new noir novel Love Is The Law and I am fine with that since for a good portion of the ‘00s I ran with as gnarly a pack of wannabe Crowley ites and ritual occultists as you could ask for I’ve had about as much of that as a person can stand which is to say I get the stuff and the fastbreeding esoteric patter of narrator “Golden” Dawn Seliger is tone perfect in this book You don’t have to get Thelema or understand where Dawn is coming from to enjoy it which considering how twisty the ouvre of the Great Beast can be is a real achievement Now Trotsky and Communism and worker’s revolutions I don’t get as much mostly due to my being Canadian socialist utopia I’m told and a woeful lack of education in these matters as well as the disinterest bred into me by capitalist fear mongering Mmm possibly but I am fine with that too because Love Is The Law is a not a book about Thelema or Communism per se; I’ll borrow from the alchemy here and say it’s a crucible into which Mamatas has tossed those things along with 80s punk aesthetic family disintegration drug addiction murder conspiracy a grimoire’s worth of black humour and just a smidge of redemption On the surface of it Love Is The Law shouldn’t work the above elements too disparate the suburban Long Island setting too hermetic and so on But it’s a crucible and though the process of reading it is rough in spots there are some brutal characters here Dawn’s crack addict father for one Dawn herself for another what comes out the other end of that process is goldIt all hangs together beautifully and watching it happen is as close to storytelling magic as I’ve seen recently Dawn is a bleeding edge person ostracized from society as much for her fierce self determination as she is for her punk lifestyle or the fact that her family has come apart in the aftermath of her mother’s death She’s not introduced to magic or communism by her friend and mentor Bernstein but he certainly confirms her in her beliefs She is so far as she knows his only acolyte So when he’s discovered dead under mysterious circumstance mysterious to Dawn not the police who write it off as a suicide she determines to nail Bernstein’s murderer From the get go we are given to understand that Dawn is not out for justice “Justice” is a word that Dawn has freed herself from using the Liber III vel Jugorum ritual she cuts herself across the stomach every time she uses the word Bleeding edge This is a straight up revenge taleOnly it’s not that straight up at all Dawn’s powerfully Willed path to vengeance draws her ever deeper into a suburb and perhaps worldwide socio political occult conspiracy First they’ll take Long Island then the planet and They in this case soon includes everyone she knows or thought she knew Bernstein her thoroughly nasty father her dementia addled grandma comic book shop owners metalheads basement show punks real estate moguls Greek matriarchs and a girl who may be her doppelganger As it all comes together Dawn the Outsider Dawn the Invisible One is drawn inside to become the very visible center of a pretty horrific mandalaIt’s enough to take anyone to the lip of the Abyss and that’s where Dawn goes Thankfully she has a friend down thereMamatas has done a superb job here but it’s not going to be for everyone the sexuality is frank the relationships such as they are brutal the characters abrasive in their various delusional states It is a very alive book for all that And living books get read and read againI loved Love Is The Law It is my Will that you purchase it sooner rather than laterA note about format One of the reasons I’ve been an almost complete convert to ebooks in recent years is the easy accessibility and portability of the format I carry a large and getting larger library of titles on my Android device and am continually surprised that my eyes are still functional Going in to reading books in this format I had detractors tell me I’d ruin my vision something I half believed myself Hasn’t happened yet and it’s not going to because the devices and the ereader apps keep getting better blah blah blah yeah I’m an ebook boosterBut that doesn’t mean I don’t miss my paper books like hell I grew up on horror and sci fi paperbacks I bought at a musty old closet of a bookstore nestled in the wheezing heart of a strip mall and brother I bought them by the poundSo when my review copy of Love Is The Law showed up in my mailbox and it was a paperback and what’s a pocket sized paperback Something I could jam in the back of my jeans let it get all dog eared and bent and whip it out to read some while waiting for the gang down at the corner store Well colour me sold Maybe this isn’t a return to the hoary old days of pulp novels in all their lurid transient glory but it feels like it could be Sure I’ll pick up the ebook too but this copy just sitting there has that physical “yeah I’m a fucking book what else ya gonna do with me” imperative that ebooks just do not have What are you gonna do You’re gonna read it And then you’re gonna jam it back in your pocket and make all your hipster friends jealous