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This classic volume introduces the mild mannered Dr Donald Blake and his amazing alter ego Thor the Norse Go. When Dr Donald Blake strikes his cane upon the ground he becomes Thor God of ThunderMarvel Masterworks The Mighty Thor Volume 1 contains the Thor stories from Journey into Mystery #83 100 I nabbed this for around 20 after compulsively watching it for a year or soI'm not going to sugar coat this one Jack Kirby's art was the best part of this and it's not Kirby's best work Not only that only about a third of the book features Jack Kirby's pencils The rest are by Joe Sinnott Don Heck and Al Hartley While Sinnott's art is up to the task the Al Hartley issue has terrible art and Don Heck's issues are lackluster The Tales of Asgard segments near the end of the volume hit at future Thor greatness but the stories flounder before then Other than Loki and Radioactive Man Thor's enemies seem beneath him You don't use a shotgun to kill a mosuito after all I like a snake themed villain like Cobra but for Daredevil not for a demigod I'm not even going to get into Carbon Copy Man or the Stone Men of SaturnI get the feeling Stan Lee said How about a God for a main character and didn't think much beyond that Aside from the Tales of Asgard segments these are pretty pedestrian super hero stories for the time period complete with the unreuited love between Donald Blake and Jane FosterI'm giving Marvel Masterworks Thor volume 1 a 3 but mostly because of the Jack Kirby art This volume nicely illustrates how the Marvel Universe probably wouldn't have survived the early years without the contributions of The King

REVIEW Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor, Vol. 1

Marvel Masterworks The Mighty Thor Vol 1D of Thunder Through the course of these awesome adventures the Asgardian Avenger battles everyone from the. Yeahit's painful to give this one two stars Thor is one of my very favorites But I have to give my reviews room to grow because I know how good it's going to get when the title hits its stride These first stories ain't itI hate to keep picking on Hank Pym but he's really the gold standard for the Boring White Guy Superhero trope in early Marvel history and the first few Thor stories fit that mold Don Blake is a very upright do gooder the only interesting thing about him being his handicap which is sadly under developed and used as a limitation rather than an engine for interesting storytelling; then he turns into a Norse god and is just sort of another very upright do gooder now with long hair and hammer There's no texture given to why this ancient ultra powerful being would care about mortals or crime or like America Is it because he's Don Blake in Thor's body That gets kind of hazy Thor and Blake aren't treated as separate people; when Blake becomes Thor he just takes for granted that Odin's his dad Loki's his bothersome brother that he's immortal and ancient But like I said he still cares about Mom and Apple Pie and seems to think stopping muggings and commies is a good use of his time Methinks Stan didn't think through the existential crises that would come with transforming into a Thunder God and being accepted into a Pantheon with a millennia old set of histories and relationships I guess this all gets cleared up eventually maybe but it's very sloppy and puzzling at this stageAlso oddly handled to my mind is the introduction of the rest of the Gods of Asgard I know that later on Odin and all the others are treated very grandly with a lot of nobility and vast unknowable wisdom I figured the gods and their home and especially Odin would get a fitting introduction maybe not even in these the corny early days but yeah they appear and they're just kind ofthere Odin first appears in a small corner panel his figure tiny and indistinct and while imbued with impressive abilities he's a pretty bland Viking dad Only by the end of the collection do we start to see hints of the dramatic tension between him and Thor between his plans and expectations for his heir and the affections the Thunder God develops during his time on EarthThere's Jack Kirby artwork here with of the vim that I expect from him; I think he took a shine to this character before Stan did but still there aren't many issues with his stamp on them yet Don Heck returns for another respectable run but the balance of the issues feature unremarkable artworkAnd Stan chose to pass the writing duties off to lesser mortals here too There are underwhelming Larry Lieber stories and a few from a newcomer for me R Berns who showed some initial promise but then degraded into the flat half baked style of the rest Lots of re treads of the standard alien invasions impostor aliens and communist warlords There's nothing uite as bad as Ant Man's evil jazz musician issue but the telepathic magician is almost there And oh lord I almost forgot about the thing with the replicator gun and the epically silly twist ending; that one actually is as bad as Deadly Jazz There is an interesting issue centered on a mob boss coming to Don Blake for medical help also almost the only interesting use of Blake's status as a doctor in the run that had some potential for some commentary on the nature of crime and the obligation to

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REVIEW Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor, Vol. 1 ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ This classic volume introduces the mild mannered Dr Donald Blake and his amazing alter ego Thor the Norse God of Thunder Through the course of these awesome adventures the Asgardian Avenger battles everyone from the Stone MenStone Men of Saturn to the Radioactive Man to his own half brother LokiCollects Journey Into Mystery #83 100. Well the lead stories were not as good as either Fantastic Four or Amazing Spider Man Dr Donald Blake is simply not very interesting and his relationship with Jane Foster is a snooze That whole aspect of the book is hackneyed formualaHowever the Tales of Asgard backups already collected in a hardcover in my collection are excellent and as good as anything from the classic Marvel era The early Thor stories are essentially second rate Superman tales and the Superman stories of that era were pretty second rate on their own but once Lee takes over scripting Larry Lieber and Robert Bernstein handle most of the early scripts and Jack's full time on art Joe Sinnott and Don Heck among those who handle an issue in the early going the series definitely kicks up a notch Still not uite great but the the Norse mythology takes over the memorable the series becomes