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Out of Control by Stephanie Feagan And they thought the blowout was hot Oil rig blowout specialist Blair Drake is finished with men especially after her disastrous marriage that caused her family to disinherit and cut all ties with her But when Nick Robichaud a. The set upBlair Drake is one of a kind really She's the only woman in the industry doing what she does as an oil rig blowout specialist and she's very good at it Things get serious when an oil rig she inspected blows up minutes later Nick Robichaud is a recent hire by Blair's company and he rubs her the wrong way in the beginning with his cockiness and arrogance But they soon find themselves teaming up to figure out why this rig and others exploded And they begin to start rubbing each other in the right way The issuesBlair's great at working oil rigs and managing her crew but is ill prepared to investigate what's going on with these explosions Nick may have a shroud of mystery surrounding him but he's definitely got skills and Blair needs him She's at risk and the situation is complex and murky They both work for the same company too and being in a relationship is grounds for termination Their attraction is hard to resist and Blair's not willing to risk her career for a short term fling as her past history suggests that's all it would end up being What I really likedI liked Blair While she's working in a field that's owned and dominated by men she has a strong sense of self and is confident in her abilities She doesn't have to come across as manly to prove herself and is highly respected by her team and peers I also liked how her relationship with Nick slowly developed There was no angst both acknowledging their attraction but also aware that there was lots of risk involved This was also one of the most uniue investigations that played out in Saudi Arabia and the Empty uarter desert I learned a LOT about the culture and the reality of life for women in that nation What I lovedThe whole desert experience I can't say without spoiling the story other than it was an emotionally draining situation and elevated Blair to one of the most kick butt heroines I've ever read Very moving Where it didn't go far enoughI had a hard time swallowing the skills of the grad student and Blair's father's transformation You'll have to read the story for the details but these characters needed backstory for me to swallow their behaviors The story should have been just a tad longer to integrate them better as they were important characters The bottom lineThis was a GREAT story so different from most I've read in awhile The action was almost non stop and the main characters were not super heroes often finding themselves in serious trouble I also loved their romance as it wasn't insta love even though the attraction grew uickly There was much suspense than romance but that worked for me as it provided time and means for Blair and Nick to bond It was fast paced and I liked how the story unfolded However I really really wish there was a follow up book planned because there were other characters here that are worthy of a separate story Otherwise this was a highly enjoyable reading experience I received an ARC from the publisher

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Out of ControlHandsome roguishly charming oil well fire expert wildcats into her life throwing his devil may care attitude all over the place the real sparks begin to flyForced to work together to kill a string of sabotaged oil rig explosions Nick and Blair discover a plot. OUT OF CONTROL by Stephanie Feagan is an exciting Romantic Suspense Join Blair Drake and Nick Robichaud as they fight their passiondesiresabotagedanger and disaster Fast pacedand action packed with vivid descriptionsas well as engagingand realistic characters A strong romancethriller and suspense you will not go wrong with Out of Control An explosion of a great read A must read for any romancesuspense readers who enjoy mystery and possible terrorists Received for an honest review from the publisherRATING 45HEAT RATING MILDREVIEWED BY AprilR Review courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

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READ & DOWNLOAD ¾ Out of Control ✓ Out of Control by Stephanie Feagan And they thought the blowout was hot Oil rig blowout specialist Blair Drake is finished with men—especially after her disastrous marriage that caused her family to disinherit and cut all ties with her But when Nick Robichaud a handsome roguishly charming oil well fire expert To cripple the world's oil supply Unless they stop the doers it'll mean global economic catastrophe With time running out and their lives on the line they risk everything to prevent disaster But nothing can stop the fire between them from burning out of control. What was not to love about Out of Control Kick butt heroine who knows when to lean on someone else check Kick butt alpha male hero who is definitely than he appears check Interesting suspense check Believable romance check It had everything I was looking for in a romantic suspense Now onto the specificsPlotI normally start with characters but since I feel this book was slightly suspense than romance but don't worry there is still romance the plot is of the steering factor The characters are important too but the suspense seemed to drive the book at least to me From oil wells in the Gulf to one in Texas and then overseas this book offers the variety of different locales I loved the information about what the team did to stop the oil rig fires It was fascinating but the plotting really got going with the suspense of who set the fires and then onto finally solving and proving the crime which takes place overseas and really added to my interest I don't know much about oil drilling oil rigs and the fires but really feel Ms Feagan did her research And her research really shines with the overseas part of the book I was fascinated captivated and just thoroughly entrenched in this book due to the plotCharactersThe characters are stars in their own right Blair is a female in a career full of males and she comes from a fancy family So many contrasts about her and I loved it She also didn't pretend to be something she wasn't She was tough but underneath it she seemed to understand she needed to lean on someone Now maybe she didn't want to but she understood it Nick is alpha to the hilt but kind and gentler with Blair He also has secrets which are fascinating and really add to the story And the chemistry between Nick and Blair is scorching You can feel the heat between them and it's sexy As I mentioned in the interview I loved Conaway So snarky and fun yet she pulls no punches as well She will get what she wants through sheer determination And I loved that she and Blair clicked Conaway really added to the story and sometimes it's hard to have that third character that you really like but Ms Feagan did it and now I can't wait to get Conaway's story as wellOut of Control was an amazing edge of your seat read It took me one day to read I had interruptions I just had to know how it would turn out and kept turning the page I was engrossed by the plot and I cared about the characters I loved learning new things and visiting new places It was one of those reads that I am still thinking about days later I want of Nick and Blair and hope to see at least a little of them in Conaway's book If you love romantic suspense then this is a great book to read