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A Case for Climate Engineering Free download À PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¾ A leading scientist argues that we must consider deploying climate engineering technology to slow the pace of global warming Climate engineering which could slow the pace of global warming by injecting reflective particles inOf the natural world The latter objection David Keith argues in A Scientist's Case for Climate Engineering is groundless; we have been using technology to alter our environment for years But he agrees that there are large issues at sta. Excellent filled with good writing well argued points some harsh truths and fact based suggestions

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Er atmosphere has emerged in recent years as an extremely controversial technology And for good reason it carries unknown risks and it may undermine commitments to conserving energy Some critics also view it as an immoral human breach. In a recent interview with David Keith the author of “The Case for Climate Engineering” humorist Stephen Colbert jokingly referred to climate engineering as the “All Chocolate Dinner” a proposal that would allow humans to deal with global warming while spraying sulfuric acid into the high atmosphere Beneath the humor Colbert was focusing on the essential problem of climate engineering the countless moral issues and human passions that the topic raisesTo his credit David Keith does not duck or minimize these issues in his short book 174 pages Keith admits that a future Planet Earth in which climate engineering counteracts global warming is NOT the same as a world without global warming Not only will rainfall patterns be different from our current world but the World Ocean will eventually die from acidification because climate engineering would address only the temperature rise of carbon dioxide emissions NOT the chemical fallout of oceanic carbon absorption There is also a thing called “risk compensation” This is a concept of economic psychology that climate engineering would carry the risk of supplying the human race with a false sense of security on the topic of global warming We imagine future generations of humans blandly dismissing global warming as a threat because an organized program of spreading sulfuric acid micro droplets in the high atmosphere has reduced the temperature gain Keith admits that this could become a reality and admits that such tinkering with the high atmosphere's reflective ualities would in fact be only addressing the symptoms of global warming not the disease itself and could have some unpleasant unintended conseuence In fact the amount of sulfuric acid injected into the sky would have to increase every year in order to counteract a constantly climbing amount of CO2 in the sky Start out with spending a billion bucks per year but the amount of money would climb In order to resolve the “risk compensation” issue Keith proposes only putting enough sulfuric into the sky to address HALF the temperature gain of global warming This he explains would be a measure to maintain a sense of urgency to prevent future humans from ignoring the actual pathway to success in climate balancing that of reducing carbon emissions to a low enough amount And we should start with some trial runs taking careful observations of results before jumping in whole hog writes Keith Why then even raise the issue of climate engineering if it is admittedly fraught with moral issues and “unknown unknowns” as Donald Rumsfeld once said on a different topic Well Desperation is the main reason Keith points out the the human race has talked about global warming uite a bit in recent decades but been pretty unsuccessful in attempting to reduce CO2 emissions Sure there are baby steps in the renewable energy industry but we are decades away from replacing fossil fuels notes Keith In this assertion he is uite correct The Kyoto protocol is essentially dead and it has not been replaced with anything meaningful We live under a global warming framework that can be described as “every man for himself” As an environmentalist I approached this book with a very doubtful attitude In the end Keith's admissions of vulnerability may not have turned me into a geo engineering fan but I did decide to give him 4 stars for writing a fairly honest basic primer on this complex and scary topic One caveat if you really do not know anything about global warming this is not the book for you to start out with Some of the science in the middle of the book may be over your head But I would suggest that every voter should try to gain an understanding of this topic So if you know nothing about GW read up on it at the climate central website then try this book to get up to speed on the topic of climate engineering You are likely to hear about this topic in future years since as Keith noted we are not currently devoting adeuate resources to de carbonize the world economy and the longer we fail the better climate engineering will start to look Note climate denialists will hate this book because Keith has no doubt whatsoever that global warming is a serious threat to the human future Some environmentalists will like it while others will not

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A Case for Climate EngineeringA leading scientist argues that we must consider deploying climate engineering technology to slow the pace of global warming Climate engineering which could slow the pace of global warming by injecting reflective particles into the upp. Recommended reading If you are concerned about climate change and want to know what we can do to avoid the climate risks already locked in you should read this book