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My Friend the Enemy Read ê 108 ¼ Summer 1941 For Peter in rural Britain the war is a long way away being fought by a faceless enemy Until the night a German plane is shot down over woods that his missing dad looked after before he went off to fightPeter rushes to the crash site to see if there’s something he can keep but what he finds instead is anSummer 1941 For Peter in rural Britain the war is a long way away being fought by a faceless enemy Until the night a German plane is sho. One summer day in 1941 while Peter Dixon 12 is in the woods checking his snares to see if he's caught a rabbit to supplement the meager amount of food her and his mam get with their ration coupons the air raid siren goes off Not knowing what to do Peter starts running for home and the safety of their Anderson shelter but before he gets there a German plane crashes so close to him Peter is knocked outIt doesn't take long for the whole village to come out to see what happened including all the children who want to try to get souvenirs from the wreckage And that's how Peter meets Kim a girl about his age with short hair and dressed like a boy The two become instant friendsPeter and Kim decide to go back to the wreckage that night to look for their own souvenirs even sneaking inside the plane After almost getting caught by the soldiers guarding the plane the two end up with a gun belonging to one of the dead Germans in it Running off towards the woods to hide they stumble upon a third German from the plane who had parachuted out but was badly hurtSeeing the gun the German begs them not to hurt him and they decide to take him to Peter's hiding place in the woods They clean him up and over the next few days they learn that his name is Erik and the three become friends as much as that can happen when you can't speak each others language Hiding and feeding Erik is difficult but Kim is afraid the army will shoot him on the spot and she is convinced that if they take care of Erik than the same kindness will be shown to her brother Josh in the RAF or Peter's father in the army if they shot or injured and found by the enemy Peter however just wants his dad to come home Than maybe Mr Bennett who owns most of the land surrounding the village who stop coming around to see his mother so much And maybe the older boys in the village will stop bullying him so much about his mother and Mr Bennett Things get complicated but in the end all the elements of this story come together in an exciting maybe a little predictable but definitely satisfying denouementI found myself immediately pulled into My Friend the Enemy It is a compelling story right from the start Peter is a sensitive boy a bit of a loner and rather timid who seems to have spent much of his time with his dad the gameskeeper for Mr Bennett's land Kim on the other hand is a confident girl a bit of a tomboy and not the least bit afraid of standing up to bullies older and much bigger than she isIt is also an exciting story with plenty of action and historical detail Times were tough during the war food was in short supply and people lived their lives in fear of bombing raids Smith incorporates all that into his story giving the dilemmas Peter wrestles with to help a German soldier to steal food from his mother to feed Erik to accept Mr Bennett's help even as he begins to suspect the bullies are right about him and his mother a very realistic uality so necessary in good historical fictionI did like that it takes place in the same north eastern area of England as Robert Westall's book and in fact My Friend The Enemy did remind me somewhat of books by this favorite author Unlike the Blitz in London the north eastern coast was one of the places that was bombed only because German planes were dumping them to lighten their load as they returned home from a bombing raid a fact Dan Smith includes in his novel but not a place you read about much in WWII books for young readers My Friend The Enemy gives readers another perspective on the war as it happened in EnglandYoung readers will definitely find this a book to their liking especially readers interested in WWII and what like was like on the home front for kids around their ageThis book is recommended for readers age 9This book was an E ARC obtained from NetGalleyThis review was originally posted at The Children's War

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T down over woods that his missing dad looked after before he went off to fightPeter rushes to the crash site to see if there’s someth. When a German plane crashes in a field near Peter's house in the English countryside he and the other children in the area are enthralled When the adults have cleared off Peter and Kim an evacuee search the plane and find a souvenir handgun as well as the body of one of the pilots Other children have seen a parachute go down so Peter and Kim search for another German soldier and find one He begs them not to shoot him and the children decide that if they turn him over the Home Guard might well kill the man who is injured They put him up in a pheasant coop that Peter's father who was a gamekeeper for Mr Bennet's estate and is currently a pilot built and attempt to bring him food and mend his injuries The war has caused everything to be rationed so this is not an easy thing to do Kim becomes a great friend to Peter; even though she is a girl she dresses like a boy and is fearless The two spend a lot of time with Erik the flyer and come to understand that he is just like Peter's father and Kim's brother who are fighting even though they don't particularly want to The people in Peter's village continue to look for the downed flyer and a local bully makes Peter's life even difficult although Mr Bennett has taken a shine to Peter's mother and brings the struggling family much needed supplies The children know that they can't keep Erik a secret forever and a tragic accident leads to his discovery Strengths While there have been plenty of books about children taking care of enemy soldiers this one seemed fresh and very interesting The details of life for the British during the war is told in vivid detail in a way that will be applicable to young readers and the slow realization that the Germans are just the same as the English is well done Even the minor sub plot of Mr Bennet's interest in the mother was a nice touch The cover is fantastic so I will definitely buy a copy for y insatiable WWII readersWeaknesses While Kim was a fantastic character she seemed a bit anachronistic and I kept wondering where she managed to get the boy's clothing she wore and who allowed her to cut her hair

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My Friend the EnemyIng he can keep but what he finds instead is an injured young German airman The enemy HereAnd helping him seems like the right thing to. This book is awesome I recommend lots of people go and read it