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BLOODLINES Blood War #1 Read & download ¹ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Werewolves—savage and brutal Vampires—ruthless and deadly For almost six hundred years the immortal clans have been sworn blood enemies locked in vicious battle within the darkness of the mortal world But a new threat has arisen one with theY and betrayal six centuries of hatred and bloodlust has consumed allThe war will not end until one side claims victory yet none are willing to yield Here there will be no winners or losers only victims and survivors Do you believe in monstersThis novella was first published as the opening section of Dylan J Morgan’s epic novel Blood W. 'Bloodlines' is an introduction to the novel 'Blood War' It gives a good glimpse into the dangerous and brutal world Morgan has created letting us see what life is like for the werewolves vampires hybrids who populate the storyAs a taster this book works very well and if this is anything to go by the novel is likely to be brutal action packed tense scary Morgan doesn't waste a single word; each one adds to the atmosphere and what an atmosphere that is These are old school monsters horrifying and deadly If you like your supernatural creatures savage you'll love Morgan's creations

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Werewolves savage and brutal Vampires ruthless and deadly For almost six hundred years the immortal clans have been sworn blood enemies locked in vicious battle within the darkness of the mortal world But a new threat has arisen one with the potential to eradicate both species from existence hybrids offspring of forbidden unions between. This book is definitely not about sparkly vampires and cuddly werewolves There's a war going on They are enemies who learned to coexist with one another until one side got greedy; then it was game on Not only do the sides fight a centuries long war with one another somewhere along the way the bloodlines were crossed and now they have a new enemy Vampires Werewolves and Cross Breeds OH MY This fact alone is enough to warrant 5 stars from me but there are so many wonderful things about this bookBloodlines is like a collection of short stories put together to give us a glimpse of some of the major players from each faction Every chapter introduces us to another character from one of the three sides and is set in a different time period the book starts in 1287 AD and ends in modern times It's almost as though you could read chapter three without having read chapter one and not miss a thing The last couple of chapters bring together some of those characters we met earlier on and show us how their stories are going to form together But even though we are only given a small snapshot of that time period and that character the development and description is amazing The reader is transported right into the heart of the story; it's almost like you have a rooftop seat to all the action going on around you I was really blown away with the author's ability to do that in such a short amount of time His writing style is clean and to the point; there's not a lot of fluff and filler The reader is given all the details they need to understand the situation and they are given this information with great detailThis is by far the best vampirewerewolf and hybrids too book I've read in a very very long time I am really looking forward to pardon the cliché sinking my teeth into the second book to see how this war progresses and how the characters that we met during the journey are brought together

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BLOODLINES Blood War #1Werewolf and vampireFrom violent beginnings in the fields of Romania the conflict remains hidden by shadow in the ancient cities of London Paris and Rome Hanging in the balance the supernatural war is poised to explode as each species searches for a way to sever the bloodline of the otherIn a world filled with honor and nobility treacher. 'Bloodlines' is the first book in Morgan's Blood War trilogy about a supernatural war between werewolves vampires and hybrids The main characters are introduced and their stories begin as war wages between their speciesThe tension and horror levels in this first part of the story are high; these supernatural creatures are brutal savage and relentless Yet this is so much than an action packed horror tale; the story telling skills Morgan employs are brilliant the atmosphere chills from start to finish and the plot takes some surprising twists and turnsThis is a fast paced novella with plenty of thrills and gory horror goodness The main characters make an instant impression and they held my interest easily I particularly enjoyed Tamara's story which had a sort of dark fairy tale feel to itA satisfying start to an atmospheric trilogy this book is highly recommended for fans of the macabre