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Trilogy They were promised weight loss the cure for Cancer Parkinson’s Disease and infertility; they were promised hopeThe side effects were anything but hopefulMara faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles and adversities as she works feverishly to free Sebastian from the holds which bind him Her refusal to abandon him and his refusal to let her slip away keep them fighting to be reunited Fears escalate and dangers destroy their beliefs but they cling to their love and find strength in each other even when separated Mara and Sebastian manage to face each act of violence each tragedy and terrifying sight with a strength which won’t bend to any confrontationBook Three of The Never Trilogy They were promised weight loss the cure for Cancer Parkinson’s Disea. Hmmmmwell this booktrilogy was interesting enough to keep my attention for the first 75% but then got so cheesy I just skimmed to through to the end First of all while I liked Mara I didn't like her husband Sebastian Theirs was supposed to be some wonderful romance and overcame alleven him becoming a never or zombie like creature I never got behind their relationship in the first place There wasn't enough of a base there and the little we did get of it before all hell broke loose wasn't very detailed and Sebastian even came across as a jerk sometimes For this reason alone I just couldn't completely immerse in the story because I just didn't care if they were able to be together or not I also felt like the story could have used detail and meat Instead it went so fast and had so many clichés that again I couldn't totally get into it Finally there's no real resolution to the story After all that it would have been nice to have a happily ever after Anyways three stars is a bit generous and I don't think I'd really recommend this to my friends

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The Nevermore Trilogy The Nevermore Trilogy #1 3Se and infertility; they were promised hopeThe side effects were anything but hopefulSurrounded by the most obstinate of madness Mara will use the strength within herself to free both she and Sebastian once and for all As Sebastian slips further away from her Mara will have to fight as she never has before alone The bonds of love and friendship will be stretched to their breaking point as the world around them spins out of control and the dangers continue to mount Can she carry them both through the obstacles ahead and find a way to heal Sebastian Can she accomplish all of this in timeThis final chapter of The Never Trilogy will leave you breathless sitting on the edge of your seat screaming out loud for love to overcome and the goodness of human nature to preva. Not my favorite readI did finish the series for curiosity of what would become of Sebastian Mara I guess looking back it's an interesting concept It's kind of like a zombie book but they are called Never's I would not describe this as a romantic read or even in the paranormal group It was not one of my favorites however inexpensive the series was I'm glad it's over I'm actually shocked that it was so bad given Shannon Mayer wrote it Her Rylee Adamson books were really good I wouldn't recommend this series Skip it

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The Nevermore Trilogy (The Nevermore Trilogy, #1-3) review ã 104 ↠ This trilogy version contains all THREE installments of The Never Trilogy This Series is meant to be read in seuential order as the books are NOT stand aloneSUNDERED Book One of The Never Trilogy They were promised weight loss the cure for Cancer ParThis trilogy version contains all THREE installments of The Never Trilogy This Series is meant to be read in seuential order as the books are NOT stand aloneSUNDERED Book One of The Never Trilogy They were promised weight loss the cure for Cancer Parkinson’s Disease and infertility; they were promised hopeThe side effects were anything but hopefulMara and Sebastian are young in love and newlyweds Far too soon they will face tests to their love that most others won’t survive Their bond strengthens with each loss destruction and unbearable race against time In each other they find the will and hope to endure Hand in hand they will face the darkening of humanity with strength and integrity and an undeniable spirit to survive; togetherBOUND Book Two of The Never. The Never trilogy is essentially one book split into three with an accompanying short story centered on two other characters I may have been upset if I read these books separately and focused on ‘cliffhangers’ as some other readers did Since I read the bundle I just saw the three ‘books’ as interlinked parts of a whole For the ultimate experience I would definitely recommend buying the bundle because it does have a certain flow The Never trilogy is not your everyday Zombie Apocalypse series Yes there are zombies In less than a day the world dies and it gets taken over by hordes that want to eat everything in plain sight But the Nevers aren't mindless zombies they aren't dead zombies and they are evolving – all to better hunt you down They are similar to a wolf pack but they will eat anything and everything – humans included And they will kill and rip tender flesh and murder without a thought They are scary and they are there to stay Another subtle level of horror is added by the fact that these zombies are sexual predators They want to mate and they will mate with each other So not only will the people you love be out of your reach trying to hurt you and eat you your marriage vows your friendships your mind will get broken over the fact that Nevers have sex left and right in order to procreate So basically this series has a strong and well developed philosophical edge The author hypothesizes about bonds and the things that makes us essentially human Are we loved for than our existence and the functionality of our meat covered skeletons Or do we need to feel back and comprehend what love is Mara the heroine of these books doesn’t really care for the philosophy behind it She just believes in love and unwaveringly refuses to ever give it up These gentle sentiments masterfully interwoven with the sharp contrast of predatory zombies took me by surprise at first While reading you get adventure angst and a healthy dose of thriller like suspense but at it’s core the entire Never trilogy is a wistful love story that is creepy sad sweet and disturbing in eual measureThe characters were surprisingly well developed all of them terrifying bright and heartbreaking at the same time I was instantly captivated by the fact that the hero and his leading lady were not a product of a random post apocalyptic hookup but a couple from the very start I liked the heroine right off the bat because the character of Mara with all her faults insecurities and allergies was very relatable to me as a reader I didn't have the same instant connection with her husband Sebastian The little background that we come across at the beginning doesn’t really show Sebastian’s love and I was skeptical of the execution of what was supposed to be a romance that can overcame all But oh ye of little faith Shannon Mayer manages to my utter surprise to fully develop their relationship over the course of events Mara's and Sebastian's story of love and survival is not so much based on their previous experience but on all that they lived trough when everything on the planet is stacked against them They started off as a couple and they ended as one but the journey they take is what matters the most We see Mara and Sebastian march on trough their struggles of living in the Never afterlife Sebastian starts off as being the stronger the predator that protects Mara his mate But as their rolls reverse with Mara helping Sebastian in the midst of his mid death crisis and in the end they become true partners that support each other physically and emotionally I did wonder at some of the weird turns the book took like zombie sex Lots of zombie sex Still the danger and destruction behind it made things tense and the character’s emotions trough it added to the story Even though this is in fact a romance it is not for the fainthearted Heads get blown of puppies are hurt mothers are trying to eat their babies walking undead are ripping people’s throats out full on zombie drama Favorite side characters get killed in the blink of an eye and you can even find the time to mourn them properly The author is not overly descriptive but enough details are provided to give a pictorial panorama so the story is perfectly balanced Shannon Mayer has a very vivid imagination and adds twists I haven’t seen in other zombie novels The background of the apocalypse and the existence of zombies is well developed and believable I was very pleasantly surprised by the idea of non contagious zombies that don’t want to infect you but rather eat you alive on the spot Also there are aspects of the post apocalyptic Earth and its survivors that I found truly terrifying and disturbing All of the characters felt very real They react the way humans are supposed to by making selfish and regretful decisions as well as very courageous ones They go mad they act with sympathy they exist all over the spectrum that we call survival Relationships get built fast and the setting the pace the reactions are a big part of why it's such a chilling read It makes it all seem extremely realistic and the reader can totally imagine it happening in today’s world For me this series as a whole were a great read well written fast paced with a believable setting It had just enough humor and lightness to balance out the dark and scary it got my blood pumping might me jump in places and cry trough the heart wrenching scenes Even though I truly enjoyed the wild ride a real epilogue would have been nice All I can hope for is that the author will return to this world in the future