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characters Ü E-book, or Kindle E-pub º Rachel Van Dyken T 2 Do not look at The Elect 3 Do not speak to The Elect No matter how hard she tries to stay away The Elect are always around her and it isn't long until she finds out the reason why they keep their friends close and their enemies even closer She just didn't realize she was the enemy until it was too late. OMG This book was I can't even begin to describe how much I loved itI saw this book a few weeks ago on and fell in love with the cover Then I read the description I was hooked I was dying to read it ButI couldn’t I had a plana book plan I had it planned out through buddy reads what I was going to read So I put this off But it wasn’t far from my mind I thought about it daily Then I finished a book that was mentally exhausting I could feel a book funk coming on As I was flipping through the pages of books on my kindle I saw “Elite by Rachel Van Dyken” and decided to give it a try From the first word I was hooked Lol I didn’t know whether I was supposed to love or hate Nixon and Chase when they were first introduced I hated them for how they treated Trace but I was also intrigued They made the book so much fun And it doesn’t hurt that they’re both hotties ; I honestly didn’t know who I liked And just when I thought I had it figured out things would change on me I felt so bad for Trace She was treated horribly by the other students at the school I did like Monroe she was a good friend But part of me wishes we saw of her Poor Trace she was completely in the dark Everyone was keeping secrets from her But I enjoyed her as a heroine This book had me laughing had my heart racing and even breaking with the events that occurred I couldn’t think of a better book to read This was perfect I have to say the author did an amazing job I can’t wait for books from this series and I’ll be buying up all her existing books as soon as this review is posted She has a new fan and she is a new auto buy author for me If I could I would give this book than 5 stars One last thought If you haven’t read this yet go read it It’s a great book that will keep you hooked My Nixon My Chase My reviews can also be found on Confessions of 2 Book Lovers

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Elite Eagle Elite #1 review Ó 109 ´ For Tracey Rooks life with her grandparents on a Wyoming farm has always been simple But after her grandmother's death Tracey is all her grandfather has So when Eagle Elite University announces its annual scholarship lottery Tracey jumps at the opportunity to secure their future and enters She isn't expecting mu For Tracey Rooks life with her grandparents on a Wyoming farm has always been simple But after her grandmother's death Tracey is all her grandfather has So when Eagle Elite University announces its annual scholarship lottery Tracey jumps at the opportunity to secure their future and enters She isn't expect. Welcome to Ouran High SchoolA school for the children of the richest and most influential families in Japan America One day a poor scholarship kid contest winner will stumble across the Host Club Elect a gang of gorgeous influential and money laden bastards who then take her under their wingAft—what listens to earpiece Oh I'm sorry I got it wrong This isn't Ouran High School it is in fact Deimon High where everything is controlled by a single fearsome man Hiruma Nixon School euipment peopleanything you need you just go right to himI—what now listens to earpiece again Sorry folks looks like there are some technical difficulties because I clearly heard Deimon High that time Anyhow turns out this school is called Ishiyama High commonly known as the school for delinuents because it's a super freaky place to study in Near everyone there has a connection to the Underworld in some way and the best fighters run the school It's like a mafia Ouran High SchoolNow we can—oh for God's sake what now rapid buzzing sounds from earpiece Alright Sorry again people it's actually Kokuyo Junior High By some stroke of fate a wimpy kid finds out he's next in line to be the boss of a very powerful mafia family He's soon forges connections with members of other mafia families and gets in fights with them tooThere's also a really scary guy who rules the school with an iron um weaponstatic noise from earpiece That's it I give up You talk to themHey guys Sorry about the confusion though in my defense this school sounds exactly like those so you can't really blame me for mixing them up Anywaysthe school is actually named Eagle Elite university which basically takes all those above elements that work great in the ridiculous people can whip mallets from panties fantastical setting of Japanese manga and mashes them in a contemporary American university setting The result is a pile of uneatable goo Now you may remember that I praised Cracked for doing the same thing utilizing familiar concepts However Cracked is an urban fantasyparanormal so it's entitled to a little reality bending Though you can bet that I'll call it out on its bullshit if it tries to pull the anime nosebleed or sweat gland gag on meElite on the other hand is a contemporary novel meaning I expect a certain level of reality within Although it doesn't contain ghosts or demons it failed to convince me that this is a college I could very well go toThere's a gang of teenagers called the Elect and they're like the rulers of this majorly prestigious university They control the elevators the cafeteria the gymI bet they even control the rotation of the moon Don't even think about it New Girl You touch me I tell the dean who just so happens to be Phoenix's dad We control the teachers because guess what My dad pays for everythingShe won a silly contest The same contest we put on every year so that the poor underprivileged people of the world are able to join the high society To be fair I've never set foot in a American university so I'm not sure if that's how they really operate Honestly doubt it but let's not uibble I do however study at the arguably most prestigious university in Hong Kong and I can tell you first hand that we don't have anything like the Elect there Everyone was all smiles on Orientation day like in Monsters UniversityYes we do have a cliue of kids from influential families and they have their own special dorm but they don't throw their weight around They just stick to themselves and throw wild parties Or I assumeThose problems aside I wouldn't have enjoyed Elite anyway because it read like the most cliche YA book in the world Or a Fifty Shades of Grey rip off Same thing reallyExhibit A the gorgeous bad boy who treats the heroine horribly upon first meeting her but ends up being the love interest His face lit up with a smile and honestly it was like staring at an angel Nixon was gorgeous He was an ass but gorgeous He wore his perfection differently than most guys The beauty of Nixon was in his imperfection His crooked smile The lip ring drew attention to his lips making them look larger And then his nose it looked like it had been broken once but it was in that tiny crook at the bridge that you saw something fierce in him And his eyes His ice blue eyes would warm within an instant when he was amused His hair would fall across his brow giving him a rough yet vulnerable look Come on now Can you look at that and tell me that doesn't look ripped straight out of a YA paranormal romance Nixon the ravishing hero is an asshole end of story He humiliates the heroine Trace in public sexually harasses her and commands her to eat and sit Hey there ChristianEdwardXavier Long time no seeLike Katy Perry sings he's hot and he's cold He's yes and he's no Nixon shoves Trace up against an elevator wall when he feels like it and then leaves her hanging He breaks up with her too cause it's for her own good Hmm where have I heard that beforeExhibit B the stupid heroine who falls for the jerk anywayI'll get this out of the way first—Trace is an idiot Not in an endearing way but in a too stupid to live way The Elite have been mean to her from day one and when one of them offers her a drink at a party promising he didn't drug it she fucking drinks it Then she goes woozy and the guy carries her off as part of his grand scheme I'm trying really hard not to victim blame here but Jesus fucking Christ grow some brain cells It's rule one of the Child Commandments don't fucking take candy from strangers Also rape cultureRULE #8 Women should always accept and trust the kindness of strangers if they offer help That's for the aboveAnd this I'd like to see someone mug me with him around RULE #4 When in trouble it is best to defer to the protection and judgment of menOther than Nixon Chase the friend zoned guy I'll get to him further along protects Trace Cause you know us girls can't defend ourselvesI'm not going to go into the implications of rape culture here because this review would be a mile long if I did Just keep those troubling signs in mind if you plan on reading EliteRight back to our tstl heroine After all that verbal abuse getting drugged and egged she refuses to leave Eagle Elite I know she wants to make her Paw Paw proud or whatnot but nothing is worth this I'm sure her grandfather wouldn't want his beloved granddaughter to take this shit either There's a big difference between bravery and plain old dumb If you charge an armed army on your own with only a twig for protection that's stupid simpleTrace is your typical YA blushing bride heroine flushing every other minute and becoming breathless Breathe I just needed to breatheA million different sensations ran through my body in that moment It was nearly impossible to breatheWas it possible for someone's head to heat up so much it fell off their bodyShivers ran up and down my arms at his absenceNixon released me and immediately I felt so cold I shivered Somebody get the girl a sweater before she catches pneumoniaTrace acts like this before Nixon 'reforms' The second he does she immediately falls into his arms regardless of the shit he put her through beforeI actually like the bad boy with a heart of gold plotline But if the guy treated the girl as horribly as he did Trace in the beginning he has a lot of grovelling to do before I buy his transformation And the girl needs to have some self respectSince this book rips off so many mangas I'm going to use to show you exactly how it should've went down Moe Kare Vol 01 one of my favorite manga in the world has a similar premise It's about a girl Hikaru who's torn between two brothers Extremely cheesy I know but that's not the point One of the brothers Arata is very much like Nixon at the start He's a womanizing bad boy and a complete jerk to Hikaru in the beginning He steals her first kiss sabotages Hikaru's relationship with the guy she likes and insults her Further in the story he falls in love with her and wants her to be his girlfriendUnlike Trace Hikaru doesn't fall into Arata's arms straight away She distrusts him and with good reason considering how mean he was to her in the past Faced with this conundrum Arata doesn't randomly shove Hikaru against an elevator wall and feel her up like Nixon He takes action to redeem himself in Hikaru's eyes He wakes up early to cook her meals he comforts her when she cries and even watches lame movies with her just cause she likes them It takes an entire month for Hikaru to reform her initial impression of Arata and become his girlfriend FYI that's longer than Nixon and Trace have known each otherThat is what Nixon should have done and how Trace should have reacted Not go all weak kneed like a newborn gazelle Even Obsidian does a better job with the bad boy reformed trope than Elite does Trace is a BellaAnastasia clone too Remember how Bella loves saying Holy crow Well looky here Holy supermanHoly crap Holy hell Holy football team Nice seeing you again Bells Now get out of my review space Exhibit C Slut shamingWe've been seeing less and less of this in YA books lately which is great Yet the first NA book I pick up I'm hit with this Girls who looked like my Barbie than a real person openly stared at meIf it was anything like the dress she was wearing now then I was going to be put in prison for prostituting myselfFinally she chose a purple dress with a plunging front and back Only it was covered with some sheer material so technically it could not be defined as slutty I did say technicallyShe was ridiculously beautiful making my mind immediately transport to every single book I'd read in the past year that warned me against girls who looked like her Tell me Trace what book did you read Stereotypes 101 Just because someone's beautiful doesn't mean they like to get drunk and go bar hoppingExhibit D a half hearted love triangle for shits and giggles I truly loved Nixon but Chasewell Chase had been my best friend for the past few weeks when Nixon was off fighting Phoenix and the evil of his family It's your standard love triangle a choice between the nice guy and dangerous dude When Edward Nixon breaks Trace's heart Chase is there to pick up the pieces Same old same oldBy the way one of the awesome things about Moe Kare is that the girl goes with the friend zoned guy in the end The one who was there for her after the other shattered her heart Team Arata bitchesSlightly irrelevant Exhibit E Glamorizing of dangerous boys and dragging Taylor Swift into their shit Fine it's just Nixon reminds me of that Taylor Swift song Trouble You guys heard it I laughed as they all shook their heads Yeah well if I didn't know any better I'd think Nixon dated her dumped her and she wrote a song about it First the song name is I Knew You Were Trouble Get your fucking facts straight Second the song is a warning She's not telling you to date him She's telling you run as far away from the guy as you can because you'll end up shamed and aloneStill don't believe me In Taylor's album the track before I Knew You Were Trouble is Treacherous a song about the attraction of dangerous love CHORUSThis slope is treacherousThis path is recklessThis slope is treacherousAnd I I I like itTwo headlights shine through the sleepless nightAnd I will get you and get you aloneYour name has echoed through my mindAnd I just think you should think you should knowThat nothing safe is worth the drive and I wouldFollow you follow you homeI'll follow you follow you home Right after this ballad we get the dubstep ridden chords of I Knew You Were Trouble with Taylor singing I knew you were trouble when you walked inSo shame on me nowFlew me to places I'd never been'Til you put me down ohI knew you were trouble when you walked inSo shame on me nowFlew me to places I'd never beenNow I'm lying on the cold hard groundOh oh trouble trouble troubleOh oh trouble trouble trouble A coincidence that the numbing conseuences of bad decisions described by I Knew You Were Trouble comes right after the alluring seduction of risky love in Treacherous I think not Taylor put the two together for a reason I Knew You Were Trouble is the aftermath of that kind of delusional love and girls should GTFO before it screws them up But Trace doesn't and gets her fucking HEA anyway Way to educate the publicTo conclude a very disappointing introduction to the New Adult genre If you know of any good ones please rec them to me This genre needs to be redeemed in my eyes ARC provided by Netgalley

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Elite Eagle Elite #1Ing much but then she wins And life as she knows it will never be same The students at Eagle Elite are unlike any she's ever met and they refuse to make things easy for her There's Nixon gorgeous irresistible and leader of a group that everyone fears The Elect Their rules are simple 1 Do not touch The Elec. This is my first Rachel Van Dyken read and I know now that I need of her in my life For some reason I thought Elite was some kind of military political or law enforcement type romance I was very wrong lol and I'm so glad This was exactly what I needed last night when I picked it up Was it realistic Nonot at all Is the love triangle necessary NoDo I care Nope I had so much fun reading it and that's really all I wanted It's super entertaining well paced and I enjoyed the writing style I literally did not put it down until I finished The only thing remotely negative I have to say is that I wish it had a little steam but overall that's a tiny complaint I winged this review so I apologize if it's not the most cohesive or informative one you've ever read I wanted to leave something though because this book has mixed reviews amongst my goodreads friends Hopefully it will be helpful to someone in some way Rachel Van Dyken definitely has my attention and I can't wait to read from her in the future The Elite series just made it on my series to read in 2018 list Elect here I come