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Forget Me Not Free download ¸ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Þ Claire and Stefan’s marriage was over They’d been estranged for six months living in separate apartments leading separate lives Until an unknown accident leaves Stefan with no memory of who he is what he wants and the wife he left behindClaire’s compassL in love with she can’t let herself get too involved The instant Stefan’s memory comes back he’ll remember who he was and what he really wants– and it’s not ClaireOr is. This is a tough one The best reason I could give to sum up why is that this book read like Part 2 except it wasn't It was like coming in after all the the story had been told and then being expected to understand the aftermath It felt like it was assumed we knew and cared about Claire and Stefan and what led to the couple being separated in the first place All there was to go on were cryptic and maddening clues that they had once been very happy and then Stefan became an arsehole Flashbacks can be overdone but would REALLY have helped this story immensely It's hard to connect to the characters or feel invested in their story when the writer leaves out the most vital partsTo me the story felt shallow and very sterile Halfway in I began skipping ahead to find something meaningful that would connect me but it just wasn't there Very frustrating Stefan was the better fleshed out of the characters while Claire was inconsistent and too back and forth uite honestly I wanted to slap her She hasn't seen or spoken to him in 6 months and wants nothing to do with him but takes him in when he's inexplicably left with amnesia She doesn't want him in her home but gets upset when he doesn't make a move on her He makes a move and she gets upset and flees She can never be with him again but spends the whole night having sex and dreaming of a future while he makes breakfastShe's impossibly erratic and honestly not very likeable in the first place The 'story' of their demise and the reason for Stefan's memory loss are crammed into the last 4% of the book and by then I so couldn't give a shite I felt cheated on this one It could have been spectacular but was poorly executed It didn't even end well but rather abruptly and with a lot of glaring loose threads For example neither character's family wanted them together Significant scenes were devoted to show that Claire's mother and sister cautioned her not to fall for him again and of course she wasn't going to do that she was just helping him Whatevs Stefan's parents were OTT caricatures of controlling parents who hated Claire and thought her a gold digger The groundwork was laid for confrontation with the antagonists but then the book ended and leaves all the conflicts unresolved The best choice would have been to never introduce them in the first placeThis writer clearly bit off than she could chew It was a great premise but it was obvious she had no idea how to make it work and then rushed to end it Too bad because as I stated previously this book had so much potential It wasn't badly written it just badly missed the mark

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Claire and Stefan’s marriage was over They’d been estranged for six months living in separate apartments leading separate lives Until an unknown accident leaves Stefan with no. What if you woke up one day and learned you had no idea why you could not remember your past A beautiful woman stands by your hospital bed and she claims to be your estranged wife but you have NO recollection of ever having known her And the socially “polite” yet distant wealthy older couple are they really your parents Oh you were also cold distant and aloof to those around you finding pleasure in the courtroom than in your ever so organized life And worst of all you broke the heart of the one woman who truly loved you in spite of yourself and still she is the one who stands by you and gives you the support you need to help regain your memory Day after day you amaze her with how different you are and you are falling in love with her all over and you know but she tells you it’s too late but not WHY Without her you are a lost soul utterly and completely alone without even the comfort of memories to get you by Then one day something triggers that awakening and your memories come back but they are ugly and painful and you DID act like a cold hearted jerk Can you ever win her heart backForget Me Not is a powerful story of love and loss and enduring pain and finally to learning to love and live and trust again Author Nina Blake has written from the heart and placed two damaged souls on a path that could lead to redemption or gut wrenching pain With smooth prose that is often like a gentle breeze Ms Blake will capture your heart and your mind as you share the lives of her charactersThis review copy was provided by NetGalley and Harleuin Enterprises Australia in exchange for my honest reviewPublication Date May 1 2013Publisher Harleuin Enterprises AustraliaISBN 9780857990488Number of Pages 171Genre Contemporary RomanceRecommended Age AdultNew AdultMy Rating 5 StarsAvailable at Barnes Noble For reviews check out Tome Tender's Book Blog or find us on Facebook

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Forget Me NotMemory of who he is what he wants and the wife he left behindClaire’s compassion leads her to caring for Stefan Though he is back to being the thoughtful affectionate man she fel. GapsI love stories about marriage trouble marriage on the rocks or just marriage in general Stefan had an amnesia and forgot what exactly happened to their marriage and why they separated It was only towards the end that it was fully discussed I don't like flashbacks but this one in my opinion could have used it Maybe on h's pov'sOverall I enjoyed the story and I like that it was about a married couple