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Bliss by Hilary Fields Review ↠ 7 ´ Nothing says oops like your naked ass skidding in the salmon mousse A year ago pastry chef Serafina Wilde's seemingly perfect life fell to pieces So now when her eccentric Aunt Pauline calls from Santa Fe needing her help Sera jumps at the chance to start over Pauline even offers to let her take over the familDitch the back room Cupcakes and sex toys don't exactly mix but Sera is willing to try and what she finds in the beautiful City Different is the best life has to offer if she has the courage to go for. Really enjoyed this book I won it through a Goodreads giveaway thank you Goodreads and Hilary Fields I'm amazed at how many new authors I've met and Hilary is now on my follow list Bliss aka Serafina Bliss Wilde is a pastry chef and alcoholic living in New York when the story starts She's just had the day from hell having discovered her live in boyfriend and boss Blake Austin being pleasured by another woman and she decides to get even by getting even drunk and seducing the busboy Lorenzo in the cooler at The Maidstone Club while catering one of the biggest weddings of the year Don't let anyone tell you that drinking seduction and pastry creating mix well they DON'T and Sera found that out first hand Although being the girlfriend of a first rate cad certainly doesn't set the stage for Happily Ever After Fast forward approximately a year and Sera found herself in the Albuuerue NM airport meeting her aunt Pauline Aunt Paulie raised her after the death of her parents when when she was 13 and when she had called Bliss as she called Sera for help after the loss of her partner Hortencia Sera flew to her rescue Since she was still trying to recover from the alcoholism and the meltdown at The Maidstone Club the break was appreciatedOnce in Santa Fe her aunt asked if she would be interested in possible relocation and opening a bakery named Bliss in the space that aunt Paulie currently used for her shop 'Pauline's House of Passion Yes just what it sounds like a sex emporium with a LOT of advice from a very well versed experienced lesbian lady Pauline herself Bliss could have the major front portion of the shop as long as Pauline could keep her shop in the back room Now considering Bliss was rather a prude possibly from overexposure to Pauline and her very progressive thinking in Bliss' early years this arrangement made for all sorts of interesting adventures Add in a totally hot landlord Asher Wolf puppies fireworks of every conceivable kind new female friends of the empowering persuasion well then you have a really great story When it includes the comeupance of a totally nasty ex boyfriend you even had the icing on a cake of superhero proportions I'd love to know people like Bliss Paulie and the entire entourage There would never be a dull moment

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Nothing says oops like your naked ass skidding in the salmon mousse A year ago pastry chef Serafina Wilde's seemingly perfect life fell to pieces So now when her eccentric Aunt Pauline calls from Santa. OK despite a rocky start I totally enjoyed Bliss but let's start at the beginningI saw the ad for Bliss in a newsletter and based on those two sentences and the cover had to read it I sent in a reuest at Netgalley and waited Once I got the approval I immediately downloaded it to Fred Jr my tablet I not so patiently waited until I finished the other non YA and Middle Grade fiction I was reading and settled in and was disappointed the beginning of bliss is awkward and slightly painful Bliss goes by Sera a name thanks to Eragon I find incredibly annoying and is a hot mess she isn't sympathetic and really you just want to shake your head in disappointment at her not that anyone else in the beginning is much of a sympathetic character like Austin is a grade A jerk face but this is Bliss's story we open up with Bliss screwing up royally in ways than one and wallowing in it thankfully this part doesn't last long and we flash forward to Sera still wallowing as she travels to Santa Fe to comfort her distraught aunt there's lots wallowing some waffling not the tasty kind but Bliss is growing as a character and not so annoying any I even started to like her a bit it does take some time and there are some rocky bits but after maybe 14 to 13 of the way through hard to judge on an ebook the story takes offBliss decides to stay in Santa Feel and open up a bakery with a catch her aunt's side business adult toys needs to have a presence too add in a love interest of course and some personal growth and you've got a story there's also the ultimate confrontation with jerk face but that's pretty much expectedafter the aforementioned rocky start I really enjoyed Bliss the story was light fun and interesting I ended up finishing it in two sittings after the story smoothed out there was just the right amount of romance thankfully without any smut and some humor thrown in Bliss's character got likeable or relatable actually both after she stopped wallowing I found I could like her and enjoy her story Pauline and the Back Room Babes were great back ups and awesome characters the weird vinegar drink gave me the willies thoughI did get annoyed by the constant referrals to Asher's Israeli heritage and to the weird peppering of phrases in Hebrew Spanish and other languages though they detracted from the story and totally weren't necessary it felt like every time Asher came into a chapter we had to be reminded that he was Israeli just in case we had forgotten from several pages prior And just so we wouldn't forget this time there'd be another mention in a few pages it got to the point that I wondered if that was way Bliss thought he was hot because he was Israeli the foreign language phrases were just annoying like trying to force a vibe I truly enjoyed the showdown scene at the very end though I thought it was the perfect end and am so glad a cheesy epilogue wasn't forced on us

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Bliss by Hilary FielFe needing her help Sera jumps at the chance to start over Pauline even offers to let her take over the family business Pauline's House of Passion and turn it into a bakery provided she agrees not to. CAUTION NO SPOILERS BUT MANY MANY HACKY FOOD PUNS ENSUEHilary Fields has constructed a confection of a book as delightful as her heroine's signature dessert I gulped it down in one day of long flights and longer layovers but I plan to go back over it to savor all the little local references and foodie in jokes It's a sexy realistic romance it's an excellent portrait of a moment in recovery it's got vivid descriptions of both mouthwatering food and the enchanting city of Santa Fe with all its uirks And at one point two rows' worth of women on my plane asked me why I was laughing so hard I won't tell you why because SPOILERS but it was not the last nor the loudest laugh this book gave meFull disclosure I went to college at the same school as Ms Fields lo these coughity years ago and we are now pleasantly reacuainted That fact changes not one thing I've written above Go Read it I'm going to go start her second one Last Chance Llama Ranch