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Carrie Author Stephen King Read Ó PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free  Carrie knew she should not use the terrifying power she possessed But one night at her senior prom Carrie was scorned and humiliated just one time too many and in a fit of uncontrollable fury she turned her clandestine game into a Controllable fury she turned her clandestine game into a weapon of horror and destructi. “People don't get better they just get smarter When you get smarter you don't stop pulling the wings off flies you just think of better reasons for doing it” This is pizza the freaky flavorI loved how intertwined with religion it was Not churches and stuff like that I mean hardcore stuff about the point where religion stops being religion and transforms into fanaticism and how a person can drive themselves crazy with it especially if you already have the tendency towards the crazy And Margaret White definitely had the tendency towards craziness She’s a prejudiced maniacal insane person who believes that women are constantly living in sin because of their gender Sex is poison sexual pleasure is a sin When she got pregnant she tried to kill the baby Now after 17 years she self harms herself to stop her daughter from disobeying her like a nice little sheepCarrie is the kind of girl who gets period and thinks she’s bleeding to death Yes that’s what happens when you have no friends or people to stand by you or a mother who’s supportive and can guide you through stuff like this Every time Carrie commits a sin she’s forced by Margaret to get locked inside a closet until she’s repented for her sins by asking for forgivenessIf you’ve seen the movie – or better yet the movies – then you’re all too familiar with the plot and what happens What’s worth the mention though it’s the fact that while I too was familiar with the plot I felt like reading something new something I’d never heard or seen before and that’s the magic of Mr King’s writing The way he combines the past with the present and horror seems all too real It’s mouth watering and it leaves you wanting and of that horror and terrorIt’s a small enough novel it’ll take you no time at all to read it So if you’ve seen the movies then don’t be hesitant about it Just do it You won’t regret it

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Senior prom Carrie was scorned and humiliated just one time too many and in a fit of un. Poor Carrie all she wants is to be normal Instead she has telekinesis a balls on nuts mom and a school full of bullies to deal with dailyHer peers are hideous; particularly Billy who I picture as a douchebag who wears sunglasses inside refers to girls as bitties and has his wallet attached to his pants by a chain he bought at Hot Topic We all know the type His girlfriend sucks too but she seems a product of horrible parenting and peer pressure I don't know maybe I am going too easy on herCarrie doesn't Anyway Carrie has had enough and flexes her new power in the Stephen Kingyest of waysIt's brilliantevery time I read itThis time I had the pleasure of Sissy Spacek reading it to me as I ran around for the last two days

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Carrie Author Stephen KiCarrie knew she should not use the terrifying power she possessed But one night at her. When people talk about bathroom scenes there is always this psychobabble but I prefer to remember this ode on teenage dirtbag cruelty with psiI assume everyone knows the story so there are unmarked spoilers in the spookhouse club King loves outsiders losers and outlaws so what could be better than to start one´s career with a meanwhile legendary pop cultural reference to serious puberty issues and female problems So that the unwilling antagonist unleashed but sadly not controlled and cultivated dark elemental forces to become for instance instead a classy dark fantasy black witch and thematized premenstrual syndrome Sorry I couldn´t withstand the bad pun please don´t high voltage energize and burn me There is definitively symbolism I should have had focus on when reading it the first time but even without that the idea of using menstruation as a plot device is something predestined for the master of horror Probably there are cultures censoring this part but leaving the slaughter in it Blood out of piles of corpses good sexual related blood bad style I guess everyone knows the story that it nearly wouldn´t have come to King´s career if his wife wouldn´t have found the manuscript but there is something else about the development of this book I keep asking myself Did he get this inspiration while working as a teacher was a young lady who asked to go to the toilet or home because she had cramps the reason why one of the best authors of all time had his breakthrough Is human reproduction to thank for that we got all these amazing works The harshness and directness of this very young writing King is amazing I remember so many details although there is close to no real action or plot until everyone gets a surprising finale event fun horror bloodbath Religion and its potential negative side effects on the wellbeing extraversion and self confidence not too speak of sex education play a key role here too because all of this couldn´t have been possible without a mixture of hardliner extremism and madness resulting in poor Carrie having anger management problems that are not really reduced by the sociodynamics of hormone high high schoolers with horrible attitudes highlighted through the hilariousness of human culture and tradition I don´t know why I h ed so much sorry maybe possession especially strange because I am a bit too old for that and have the wrong gender possibly and hopefully it´s a succubus after long hard years of trying to invoke one or why not as many as possible It could have happened so much earlier if there wouldn´t have been this lack of virginity and already inherent madness problems that made me look less attractive to possess than an innocent naive virgin I have to keep an aesthetic erotic sadomasochistic love hate sick roleplay memory picture for the next resurgence to wait and save myself up for the perfect monster girl and discipline my weak flesh to not faint in the face of other cheap worthless earthy fading seduction But finally the self flagellation animal sacrifices and sexy female devil worship have made sense and I bravely sacrifice myself to help expanding their powerBut whatever demon it might really be if it´s true beware many enemies mine Everything is possible for a true believer in the dark forces Mwahahaha Fun fact It speaks for itself that the movie adaption of a tale about a victimized girl exaggerating self defense had the German title „Carrie Des Satans jüngste Tochter“ Carrie the youngest daughter of Satan I find it extremely inappropriate that she has been discriminated and falsely accused of satanism when her only real crime was killing a few hundred people Shame on my native tongueTropes show how literature is conceptualized and created and which mixture of elements makes works and genres uniue