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A bold and thought provoking look at the future of US China relations and how their coming power struggle will reshape the competitive playing field for nations around the world   The Cold War seemingly ended in a decisive victory for the West But now Noah Feldman argues we are entering an era of renewed global struggle the era of Cool War Just as the Cold War matched the planet’s reigning superpowers in a contest for geopolitical supremacy so this new age will pit the United States against a rising China in a contest for dominance alliances and resources Already visible in Asia the conflict will extend to the Middle East US backed Israel versus Chinese backed Iran Africa and beyond   Yet this Cool War differs fundamentally from the zero sum showdowns of the past The world’s major power and its leading challenger are economically interdependent to an unprecedented degree Exports to the US account for nearly a uarter of Chinese trade while the Chinese government holds 8 percent of America’s outstanding debt This positive sum interdependence has profound implications for nations corporations and international institutions It makes what looked to be a classic contest. This book is worth reading It is what the doctor just ordered because nowadays the relationship between China and my country has never been good for one reason China has been laying claim to the Spratly Islands apparently located in our territory based on the international law However nowadays China has been obstinate and aggressive They are now building a military base on one of the islets despite the fact that the Philippines has submitted its complaints to the international tribunals Our government has even had diplomatic discourses with its government many times Why China’s attitude toward us is like this Upon reading this my self analyses have been proven right China’s economy is rising and China wants to expand its geostrategyCOOL WAR for Noal Feldman means two countries are economically interdependent but tend to be at odd against each other when it comes to geostrategy The words are far different from COLD WAR when two countries have aggressive competition for building nuclear plantsNFeldman emphasized the probable risks China could pose to the world particularly to the USA when its economy has been symmetrical with the USA In other words China still does not have the ability to declare a war against the USA in the event of misunderstanding since surprisingly the USA has a considerable amount of debt to ChinaBy the same token China still cannot brag its economy NOW because losing America could paralyze its economy Therefore both depend on each other To put it mildly Feldman emphasized that a big economy has been proven to be the best key to becoming a super power However no matter what underlying reasons that restraint both of them paradoxically each of them avoids waging a warEnough said I am almost a spoiler now You should read it The book deals with Feldman’s analyses of the origin of cool war especially his anatomical dissection of China’s economic valuesNo matter how detailed the book is it is apparent in my humble opinion that China still has hidden DESIRE to be a super power Gee Feldman’s analyses could be the auguries This is how complicated our world is So reading such genre is an eye opener

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Cool WarBetween two great powers into something much complex contradictory and badly in need of the shrewd and carefully reasoned analysis that Feldman provides   To understand the looming competition with China we must understand the incentives that drive Chinese policy Feldman offers an arresting take on that country’s secretive hierarchy proposing that the hereditary “princelings” who reap the benefits of the complicated Chinese political system are actually in partnership with the meritocrats who keep the system full of fresh talent and the reformers who are trying to root out corruption and foster government accountability He provides a clear eyed analysis of the years ahead showing how China’s rise presents opportunities as well as risks Robust competition could make the US leaner smarter and pragmatic and could drive China to greater respect for human rights Alternatively disputes over trade territory or human rights could jeopardize the global economic euilibrium or provoke a catastrophic “hot war” that neither country wants   The US and China may be divided by political culture and belief but they are also bound together by mutual self interest Cool War make. Thought provoking analysis of the US and China relationship Dense enough to need chewing on between chapters in order to consider Feldman's words in today's different and less stable political environment A must read for anyone who wants to better understand world political economic historical and current relationships

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Read & Download ↠ Cool War ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ A bold and thought provoking look at the future of US China relations and how their coming power struggle will reshape the competitive playing field for nations around the world   The Cold War seemingly ended in a decisive victory for the West ButS the case for competitive cooperation as the only way forward that can preserve the peace and make winners out of both sidesAdvance praise for Cool War   “We are leaving the era of ‘Chimerica’ when China and America were economically joined at the hip and entering the era of what Noah Feldman has justly and wittily dubbed ‘Cool War’ Feldman anatomizes the rapid transformation of the Sino American relationship from an uneual trading partnership into a new and heavily armed ambivalence Just how cool the conflict stays Feldman suggests will be determined not in cyberspace or at sea but in international institutions Cool War is essential reading for any serious student of the emergent bipolar order in the Asia Pacific region” Niall Ferguson New York Times bestselling author of Colossus The Rise and Fall of the American Empire and Civilization The West and the Rest   “By giving realism and liberal internationalism their due and by giving credence to both naked self interest and legal norms Noah Feldman's dissection of the United States–China relationship is smart balanced and wise” Robert D Kaplan New York Times bestselling author of The Revenge of Geograph. If you can ignore the nonsensical title I can't Cool War Shouldn't that exist somewhere between a Hot and Cold War Which would imply our relationship with China is worse or at least closer to open conflict than it was with the USSR Never mind there's some good stuff here The second part which discusses the elaborate and opaue power structure in China is particularly interesting Feldman's anecdotes to illustrate his ideas are by far the most engaging Otherwise his writing style is pretty dry Perhaps the biggest shortcoming of this book is that very little is surprising Of course the US is acting in its own interests Of course they'll use Human Rights when it suits their agenda and ignore it otherwise Of course this is a complicated and nuanced relationship and most damning of all of course we don't know how this is going to play out I read this book because I wanted a informed opinion on US China relations and in that respect I got what I wanted but unless a friend has the same curiosity it's not a book I'll be recommending