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summary Little Red Lies ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ò      The war is over but for thirteen year old Rachel the battle has just begun Putting childhood behind her she knows what she wants to prove she has acting talent worthy of the school drama club and what she doesn't want to romantically fall for someone completely inappNg teacher The lies she tells herself hoping to reach solutions to the problems complicating her life merely function to make matters worse Ultimately she finds a way to come to terms with life as it reaches an end and life as it begin. Little Red Lies is not at all what it seemed to be The summary lead me to believe that Little Red Lies was a book about how a young girl adapted to her brother being home after he had been deployed to war Instead the book seemed scattered talking about than one topic a the time Fo example there is apart in he book whereRachel the main character is taking about her brother at war but then the story jumps to her current feelings on he teacher To be honest it was kind of a hard read for me Not because of Julie Johnston's word play necessarily but because the story jumped from topic to topic Also the book is set in the past right after WW2 I personally do not like historical books but I wanted to try something other than Romance Novel Don't get me wrong the book did have some highlights but overall it was disappointing

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     The war is over but for thirteen year old Rachel the battle has just begun Putting childhood behind her she knows what she wants to prove she has acting talent worthy of the school drama club and what she doesn't want to roma. An unfortunate side effect of reading LITTLE RED LIES in one sitting is that I have no notes on my thoughts An upside is that I was completely immersed in the lives of the characters in LITTLE RED LIESThe story is begins at the end of WWII when Rachel’s brother returns from the war He’s changed in ways that the family won’t realize until it’s almost too late Plus he’s a complete dick now to his familyI’m impressed by the subtle things in the narrative that broadcasts the lives of the other characters without Rachel noticing It really felt like the other characters lived their lives independently from the Rachel’s plot There were hints of things that happened in early chapters that made an impact on Rachel’s life later on Some of them were so cleverly hidden that I felt broadsided by the plot twists HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT COMINGI never felt like the dual story lines ever connected in the end I don’t remember the book saying if the letters written from Jamie Rachel’s brother were ever read or if they were destroyedor whatever I really wish that the story ended with a scene connecting the letters with RachelHowever the ending is poignant and beautiful This isn’t a HEA but those looking for a HEA won’t be shell shocked Be prepared for a fair amount of crying yelling at Rachel and Jamie and reading until the wee hours of the morning It wasn’t a perfect book yet this book will leave a mark on your heart heh bookmark get it

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Little Red LiesNtically fall for someone completely inappropriate Worries about her veteran brother's failing health and repugnance at her mother's unexpected and unwanted pregnancy drive her to seek solace from a seemingly sympathetic but self servi. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about how to describe this book is that for a contemporary fiction it is okay The setting is about 60 years ago and yet I describe this as contemporary because it feels kind of timeless that way This same story could be set in the modern times and would still not lose it's touchIt's the story of Rachel a teenage girl living in family that seems to be coming apart Her brother is back from the Second World War and is mourning the loss of his friend He is changed and can't seem to adjust to the family he has come back to His sudden discovery of a terminal illness drives him further into his loneliness Rachel tries to be nice to him but she wants her pre war brother back as he is the only one she can count on There is a new young teacher at school whom she likes who may or may not like her back that creep and her parents are about to have another child Her friends she cannot say anything to nor her family keeping her secrets to herself is troubling to her She wants to be in love but doesn't understand it She wants to be an actress but would be better at play writing The writing of this book is the best part of it The plot moves smoothly if a bit slowly The situations realistic but the only problem I had was with the voice that of Rachel's She is a typical teenager but yet I couldn't really connect to her as a character She is smart is wise beyond her years but prefers to act like a sullen kid She loves her teacher but why Just because that creep looked twice at her and touched her How can that be called love The parts where the perspective shifted to her brother the unsent letters those were the ones I could empathize with So while the writing was flawless the pace and the voice dampened the experience for me Truthfully I would recommend this to lovers of realistic fiction only since it would not be exciting to someone used to fantasy and paranormal books Received a copy via NetGalley for review purposes