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Free download Own the Wind ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¼ Tabitha Allen has a not so secret crush on Parker Shy Cage Shy thinks he knows the path Tabby's on and it isn't a good one So he decides to teach her a lesson to lead her to the right path Unfortunately he was wrong and his actions wound Tabby breaking her hearD Tabby breaking her heart It's Tabby who then teaches Shy a lesson about casting judgment and Shy Cage learns what it feels like to be invisible But when tragedy strikes and Tabby's heart is broken again Shy does what he can in the bac. Oh My Gawd I DREAMED AN EFFIN' DREAM AND IT IS THIS BOOK Seriously heaven in print I thought there was no absolute way that this book could ever meet my ridiculously high completely unreasonable expectations but it did In fact it blew them out of the waterKristen Ashley takes us back to the badass world of Chaos and boy does she bring it Shy is straight gorgeous and Tabitha is just adorable I loved how Ashley depicted the evolution of their relationship and made this book totally theirs while still giving us a sprinkle of TackTyra and HopLanie KA is seriously a master at creating awesome characters especially my personal favorite the alpha male I just love Chaos and I'm so glad she has made it a series The excerpt for Fire Inside left me seriously hurting for I can't wait until June

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Tabitha Allen has a not so secret crush on Parker Shy Cage Shy thinks he knows the path Tabby's on and it isn't a good one So he decides to teach her a lesson to lead her to the right path Unfortunately he was wrong and his actions woun. 5 Dreamy Stars When I started this one I thought no way could it be as good as Motorcycle Man and no way could I love Shy and Tabby as much as I loved Tack and Tyra yeah I was wrong I absolutely loved Shy and Tabby is my new favorite KA heroine We meet Shy and Tabby in Motorcycle Man Tabby is Tack’sChaos MC’s president’s daughter and Shy is a recruit in The Chaos MC Tabby is young 16 and has a big crush on Shy Shy is just a few years older than Tabby but Shy has a reputation he is ‘that kind’ of biker The one with a different girl in his bed every night Now we fast forward three years Tabby is 19 and in nursing school Shy is no longer a recruit but a member of Chaos When Shy gets a call to check on Tab he goes Tab is out with some old friends from high school partying Shy see’s how much potential Tab has so he sets her straight It doesn’t go over very smoothly Tab is hurt and stays away from the MC for a while Away from Shy But she does get her act together Graduates nursing school becomes engaged to a nice normal guy Then something big happens Tab’s fiancée gets in an accident Tabby is heart broken Shy has always cared for Tabby and even though she has ignored him for years he wants to be there for her “You need a safe place just to forget shit and escape I’ll give it to you Tonight Tomorrow Next week Next month That safe place is me Tabby” Shy and Tabby become ‘tight’ They spend a lot of time together and become very close friends It was great to see their relationship change and grow Tabby was doing better Shy was helping her move on with her life and letting her become the person she was always supposed to be Shy was giving me back me He was guiding me to healing Even though everyone warned Tabby about Shy although they all like him they know his reputation and Tabby has been through enough they don’t want her hurt Tab doesn’t care She knows the real Shy Although this uote was pretty funny “I’m just tellin’ you to keep your eyes open and watch your heart Or to the point watch your ass because if you don’t Shy’ll tap it” There are some misunderstandings between the two of them I wanted to slap Shy for a minute but they get situated and eventually Shy and Tabby become a couple I had a taste of you four years ago that I could never get off my tongue Now I've tasted of you with than just my mouth and I know I wanna keep it in a way I don't want to think of it bein' done Not in a few weeks Not in a few months Maybe not ever They both are so in love with each other but they keep it uite for a while because they are worried about others reactions mainly Tabby’s dad Tack So they spend the next few weeks in love and happy Shy’s brother Lan knowsloved Lan but everyone else was kept in the dark Eventually they are found out and things aren’t pretty But in the end it only brings them closer together as a couple They always have each others backs and stick up for one another NOTHING is important to Shy than Tabby not even his family of brothers in the MC I love that about Shy He proves time and time again how much he loves Tabby and how he has changed He gets Tabby back to herself “You promised to get me to a dream you got me to a dream Thank you honey” I love Tabby as a KA heroine I loved her in MM and I loved her even in this book She is broken and trying to discover herself in the beginning but she becomes strong and finds herself I loved watching her grow from MM and from the beginning and end of this book Parker ‘Shy’ Cage what to say about him So hot and so freaking lovable One word to describe him Swoon “May feel like you’re fallin’ Tabby but remember I’m at the bottom ready to catch you” Shy doesn’t just talk the talk he walks the walk He shows Tabby how much he loves her and proves it to everyone time and time again He stands up for her is there for her and will do anything to protect herview spoilerEven beat the shit out of Dr Dickhead hide spoiler

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Own the WindKground to help Trying to forget her heartbreak Tabby finds herself in danger To keep it secret from her biker family the Chaos Motorcycle Club she calls Shy to rescue her But when she lets him back in she gets much than she bargained f. 5 KA DeliciousDreamsBadassLove Stars Hey mommy I dreamed a dream last night Aw honey Did you get scared No mom it wasn’t like that I saw that beautiful man again Pumpkin men aren’t beautiful They are called HANDSOME Do you remember how we talked about that and we said that boys are a little sensitive that way Yeah mom but he WAS stomp foot And he was shiny and and hadsome and beautiful and he comed to me riding It’s haNdsome love and came not comed sigh So riding Hmmm Did you see your prince on his white horse like Snow White Nah Prince Charming is kinda lame mom My man came riding on his Harley wearing his scuffed boots and his tight leathers He took off his helmet and he put it on my head When I grow up I will be his old lady and he will love me enough for 3 Princes 2 Doctors and 5 Lawyers Sorry mom but MY MAN will fight my battles and he will love me forever cussing and cursing colouring my world me always on the back of his motorcycle TEAM BIKERS CHAOS CLUB Biker meets Biker Babe from birth Tabitha Allen was born a Biker Princess The daughter of Chaos Motorcycle Club's President she always knew that the brothers got her back She was born to ride And she had the biggest crush on one of her father's brothers Until a fateful night that by saving her he broke heart and crashed her dreams She moved on the only way she knew finding love and a futureParker Shy Cage knows how much it hurts to lose family So he protects his new one the Club and its people at every costHe lost Tabby before even getting her and just a taste years ago haunts him He understands that he doesn't stand chance and now he has to live with this mistake trying to make the best out of his life Find someone to ease his painLife tragedy and their deep feelings are bringing them back together stronger brighter and forever “Always and forever baby you’re stuck with me” To dream again to breath deep to BE they have to prove themselves to each other their family the Club and fate Will fate be in their side this time Will they ride together Or to earn this right they will be asked to forfeit anotherAmazing and kickass beautiful and awesome in a way that only Kristen Ashley can deliver this is a book about badasses and their women another way of life dangerous and liberating in an outlaw ish kinda way Young but mature beyond their years Shy and Tabby are growing up and falling deeper and deeper right in front of our eyes and we are witnessing their journey till they find each other Life dealt them a hand and they are making the most of it until the all in and them leaving with the pot What makes this story even beautiful and swoonworthy is the sheer amount of testosterone you experience Holy hotness I wanted to rub my face in itSPECIAL GUEST STARSKane Tack AllenOh come on A brother with a slutty past is messing with his daughter What are you expecting I have to say at first but after some much needed epiphany Lee Nightingale you’re hiring Lee Nightingale and girl you know that dude has had books written about him They were fictionalized but he’s also in the paper all the time so we both know whoever wrote that shit did not tone it down He’s the badass to end all badasses He’s such a badass he’s the freakin’ definition of badass and his team of badasses only exist to define alternate nuances of the same thing” Her chin jerked out “Badass”Hawk Delgado I also knew Hawk Delgado could totally join the cast of The Expendables but it was likely he would act as a consultant on the film because Hawk Delgado didn’t playact badass He just was one You don't mess with them We also get a little insight in Hop's story that follows and without spoiling anything I'll only say that now I can't wait to read it This book is missing the usual KA bawl your eyes out epilogue but it makes sense because the Chaos series are closely connected than her previous' ones KA fans you don't wanna miss this story And you yes I'm talking to you PICK A KA BOOK NOW Bonus uote courtesy of Elvira If I was makin’ a porno not that I’d make a porno but just sayin’ if I was it’d be all about a UFC ring sweaty hot guys with tape on their hands and shorts that come off easy say with that Velcro stuff at the sides One yank and gone You get what I’m sayin’”