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characters É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Arturo Pérez-Reverte Tense dramatic literary suspense tale this time his hero is a woman named Teresa Mendoza who is nicknamed The ueen of the South and The Mexican by the authorities of three continents A. Update May 28 2016 I gave this one a second try after a lapse of some seven years only because a review of it was needed for another site where the movie and telenovela adaptations are going to be reviewed later this year My first reading had gotten through Chapter 3; I'd uit reading because I didn't like it but figured that if it got no worse it would be bearable to finish so fully intended to do so this time By the time I got into Chapter 7 however for me the cumulative Ewww factor was too high to continue I promised a review to the site administrator at the other site and I'll skim the rest of the text enough to write one with an explanation of what I did; but it's going back to the started not finished shelf again this time to stay there permanently My original comments start belowA friend of mine who's not on Goodreads who's reading this book recommended it to me as one I might like Whether or not I actually would I don't know I admire strong heroines but not villainesses and it sounds like Perez Riverte's title character here would be apt to be the latter But I told him I'd give it a try sometime later on so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt in the meantimeAug 24 2009Well I gave this book an honest try; but I'm not going to finish it and will be putting it back on BookMooch where I got it It has all the usual characteristics of the contemporary noir school which effectively reminded me of why I don't like that school in the first place a general tone of moral cynicism an unremitting emphasis on the sordid and the grungy exploitative sexual content and an off putting plethora of bad language including the f word which is probably highly unrealistic in the mouths of Spanish speaking characters While I didn't wish Teresa any ill and felt sorry for her in much of what she went through her drug use and her choice of a second drug running boyfriend after the first one was killed the label learning disabled comes to mind though granted we're all slow studies at times and we all make mistakes made her hard for me to relate to as did a certain distancing effect just from the author's self consciously literary style Perez Reverte's books have gotten a lot of favorable notice in library circles so I'm glad to have had the opportunity to investigate his work; but I wouldn't see myself reading any of it Modified March 14 2012

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La Reina del Sur Read & Download ¿ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook À The phone rang and she knew they were going to kill her is how this action filled best selling novel starts Internationally acclaimed writer Arturo Perez Reverte has crafted another intense dramatic literary suspense tale this time his hero is a woman named Teresa Fter her boyfriend a pilot employed by drug lords is murdered she begins creating an empire with mafias from Spain France Italy and Russia in the male dominated world of drug trafficki. This was a good solid read It reminded me of the Godfather series that I read years ago and loved I recommend to any readers that like Mario Puzo I did have an issue with the way the author changed up the point of view I would have liked if the whole story was told by Teresa Mendoza 1st person the entire time I was reading but the author switched it up He had the reporter 3rd person talking as well and I had to at times go back to re read certain parts so I could keep up with who is talkingI look forward to watching the spanish movie version as well as the US tv show

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La Reina del SurThe phone rang and she knew they were going to kill her is how this action filled best selling novel starts Internationally acclaimed writer Arturo Perez Reverte has crafted another in. I'm on holiday hurrah This means it is time to turn my attention to the very important task of learning Spanish I made two New Year's Resolutions One was to learn some Spanish before the year was out the other was to keep a running list of the books I have read on this here blog So time to work on one of my resolutionsInstead of learning Spanish I have been reading The ueen of the South by Arturo Perez Reverte is the latest book that I have finished The best way to describe it is a page turner On the opening page the heroine Teresa Mendoza receives a call on a phone a phone that she has been told that If it rings start running And don't stop running Ever The book covers the next twelve years of her life as she flees Mexico ends up in Africa spends time in jail moves to Spain and then finally returns homeIt is really difficult to explain how much I liked this book It's strange I am sat here at the computer reading as I type and I realise that I am being slightly flat in my description which isn't fair to the book because it is a fast paced thrilling ride Teresa starts the book as a girlfriend of a drug runner and ends up building a huge drug running empire The book is written in a very clever way the author acts as an investigative journalist writing the biography of The ueen of the South as Mendoza becomes know However the book is written in such a way that at the end I googled Teresa Mendoza because I really really thought she was a real person The book includes many situations many people that have happened or existed And by the end of the book I had become so involved with the main character that I wanted her to be real I wanted her to find the peace that she deserved And yes I realise that wanting a major drug runner to escape and live in peace is not the way I normally feel but the author makes you become invested in the characters Hell by the end of the book I had fallen in love with most of the drug runners and dealers and actually hated the authorities and their witch huntsThe other wonderful thing about this book was it gave me an insight into how Mexicans think and behave Obviously I live with one a Mexican that is and have a small handle on her behaviour patterns but it was fascinating to discover that instead of Maria being a totally uniue individual she is also a product of her country There was a lot of familiarity for me in the book Place names SpanishMexican expressions a general understanding of that's the way they think and a total recognition of that's the way they dress and wear their hairI loved this book Because of the world I now occupy drugs running and dealing are part of my life background not because I am involved but because I come across it most every day it exists in my life and the history of drug cartels is something that I have become interested in The fact that my nickname at Maria's office is that of a famous drug dealer might have something to do with my fascination The fact that three times a week I cross the border knowing that as I do there is a good chance that right next to me is someone smuggling drugs interests meThis review probably doesn't do the book justice I really enjoyed it would recommend it