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Author of the highly acclaimed Catherine LeVendeur medieval mystery series blends magic and history to create and unforgettable tale of passion and tragedyHere we see the discover of Guinevere's affair with Lancelot and her subseuent fall from grace; the near futile uest for the Holy rail; and the triump. This is the downer book of the series and has the most action The book starts a few years after Lancelot leaves Camelot and is on his way back It finishes with his death and the story of his grave Modred Arthur's son by his half sister Morgan plays a huge role in this one Lots of character deaths too so be prepared to say goodbye to them Guinevere's life experiences much joy hardship and pain At one point she is convicted of treason She does however finally take care of herself without the aid of anyone rescuing her The uest for the Grail occurs is found I won't give away by who and how Overall the series is complete in describing Guinevere's life and a few of those around her Not too deep to make your brain hurt uick enough to finish in a weekend A pleasant read

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Guinevere Evermore Guinevere #3H of Galahad in a final battle with the villainous Mordred Guinevere Ever is a heartrending portrayal of a failed romance a fallen woman and the end of an era Sharan Newman's reinterpretation of the Arthurian saga is as ambitious and persuasive as The Mists of Avalon and The Hollow Hills just as memorable. Some very interesting ideas But Guinevere spends much of the trilogy just sort of floating along above it all Which is ok but I wish there was time devoted to the periods of her life when she has agency because that is the most interesting part

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review Guinevere Evermore (Guinevere, #3) 103 Ô Guinevere is widely acknowledged as the most extraordinary woman in legend From golden child to ueen of Camelot to passionate adulterer her life is a vivid an fascinating saga In this spellbinding climax to the tale of Guinevere which began with Guinevere and continued in The Chessboard ueen SharanGuinevere is widely acknowledged as the most extraordinary woman in legend From golden child to ueen of Camelot to passionate adulterer her life is a vivid an fascinating saga In this spellbinding climax to the tale of Guinevere which began with Guinevere and continued in The Chessboard ueen Sharan Newman. I finished this novel just this moment and I can't lie the end was very emotional for me even if it was a happy one I cried a little bitThis novel tells the tale of the Holy Grail Camlann and what happens to Guinevere after Arthur's deathI think it'll be safer for me to put everything under spoilers I'll just say that even if this third book was not as good as the first one in my opinion it was much better than the second one also if only because of the last part of the novel itself view spoiler I was very conflicted when I started this novel because the second one has been uite boring to me and I wasn't sure what to expect here But while there were some parts that I think were slow and usless even here I still liked this third bookI think the weakest point of this novel is Guinevere The character of Guinevere is almost forgotten in the first part She rarely appears we know almost nothing of what she thinks and wants her parts are very little while the most of it is about Gawain and Lancelot It was mildly disappointing for me because I expected Guinevere in a book which was titled Guinevere Luckily the last part is mostly about herAnother thing I wasn't too fond of was how some of the previous plots seemed to have been forgotten Maybe I just tought they were previous plot twistfuture and they weren't I was very confused about the unicorn which really just appeared in the first novel and about Caet a servant of Guinevere's house in love with her and who does nothing Perciva whom appears suddenly and seems uite important until he is forgotten At the same time the book took again the plot of Epona and Flora Guinevere's nurse leaving it just there By the end I really did not understand why Guinevere was so connected with the magical world was she the reincarnation of Epona Who knowsThe part of the Grail confused me too I can understand that the Grail needed to be left as something mysterious but I wish the author had decided to explain what it exactly was and what happened to Palamedes and GalahadBut talking of happy things I loved many things of this novel and I'll try to talk about them in a chronological order as they appeared in it Palamedes and Galahad Not a lot of novels have Palamedes in it so I was uite ecstatic when he appeared as one of the main protagonists of the uest f the Grail Galahad too here Guinevere's adopted son was an intelligent and kind boy instead of the snobbish religious obsessed whom I've seen in so many novels The love story of Lydia and Cei which actually appears in the second novel Mostly because it's not every day that Cei has his little love story and here they are uite enamoured and sweet The Lady of the Lake I think this was my second favourite thing after Guinevere's ending The Lady of the Lake doesn't disappear after having raised Lancelot and she is nor evil nor good just different magical and unable to really connect with the world of humans She only cares about Lancelot in a sort of cold curious way and she wants to help him and follow his uests and life She decides to take in Arthur in her lake Avalon to heal his spirit as a favour to Lancelot hoping to convince him to follow her and it's her who tempts him with immortality in the lake And Lancelot refuses because he can feel that death will let him be with Guinevere while at the same time Guinevere refuses the same offer to go to the magical world leaving her body made by Geraldus to be able to be with Lancelot after her death Gawain who was probably the most interesting character in the novel And his duel with Lancelot after he has saved the ueen accidentally killing Gareth Gawain's mystery condition strenght with the sun is also explained by the end Guinevere's character development Here I am a bit disappointed because I feel like the author wasted two novels the second and most of the third one talking about everything but Guinevere and her character development She is still passive and uite lazy waiting to be saved and it is alright it's her character but she changes suddenly and completely only after the traumatic experience of being raped by Mordred After she is left alone she understands that she can save herself she can be by herself and she can be things that she has never imagined before I uite liked it I loved the fact that after Arthur's death she also leaves Lancelot to return to her home in Cameliard and be with her family heal people trying to pass on the story of Arthur and his ideals I loved it all it was my favourite part but it felt very rushed because she never even has a hint of character development before that last part Mordred and Morgana are uite villaneous and have many of the cliché villain traits but there are sparkled of deep in their character so I wasn't disappointed by themI am sure there is so much to say but these were the main parts I needed to talk about I really enjoyed this last novel especially the ending aprt about Guinevere and her happy ending I am glad that here she doesn't decide to dwell on guilt in a monastery but she actually starts living a life that she loves and starts believing in herself hide spoiler