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Eye in the Sky Download ↠ 109 ↠ While sightseeing at the Belmont Bevatron Jack Hamilton along with seven others is caught in a lab accident When he regains consciousness he is in a fantasy world of Old Testament morality gone awry—a place of instant plagues immediate damnations and death to all perceived infidels Hamilton figures out how he and hWhile sightseeing at the Belmont Bevatron Jack Hamilton along with seven others is caught in a lab accident When he regains consciousness he is in a fantasy world of Old Testament morality gone awry a place of instant plagues immediate damnations and death to all perceived infidels Hamilton figures out how he and his. “Anti cat is one jump away from anti Semitism”― Philip K Dick Eye in the Sky For liberal open minded men and women dealing with religious fundamentalists can be most unpleasant From my own experience I recall several nasty cases a Sunday school teacher giving us kids a pep talk on the virtues of racism and segregation; accompanying a college buddy to his church listening to the minister browbeat the congregation with threats of hellfire; having to deal with aggressive bible thumpers at my front door; a loudmouth bully manager using the Bible as a billy club to manipulate subordinates In a way looking back on my boyhood I got off easy There are many young boys and girls who have been emotionally traumatized and even physically abused and beaten in the name of fundamentalist style religionAlthough PKD had a liberally inclined upbringing his mother sent young Philip to a uaker school I’m uite certain he had his own brushings with fundamentals in one form or another Anyway unlike a book attempting to counter narrow mindedness with well reasoned heartfelt advice on tolerance compassion awareness or presence written by say the Dali Lama or Eckhart Tolle PKD’s Eye in the Sky is a searing no nonsense tell it like it is novel addressing fundamentalist religion with all its rigidity brutality suffocation and kitschy ugliness Indeed one of the most entertaining inventive works of science fiction you will ever read Did Christopher Hitchens read Eye in the Sky If so undoubtedly many a time Hitch chuckled and nodded his head in approvalBut the novel’s pointed black as midnight humor and blistering satire has a wider target than religion; after fundamentalism PDK shifts his focus to a frumpy woman who holds an antiuated vision of life that is saccharine shallow and out and out dishonest Then swings and movesAnd when each character’s distorted cartoonish view of life becomes the reality of the external world the story clicks from one universe to another and with each click PDK vividly portrays how intolerance and mean spiritedness of any stripe or flavor is a nightmarish reality Thus on one level Eye in the Sky can be read as a philosophical meditation on how human perception shrinks the world into its own stultifying vision And on another level the implications of solipsism that is a view of the world having no extension or externality; rather the entire universe living in the head of the solipsist All in all a book that’s vintage PKD a book that in my modest view of the universe should be reuired high school reading

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Object of cult like adoration from his legions of fans Philip K Dick has come to be seen in a literary light that defies classification in much the same way as Borges and Calvino With breathtaking insight he utilizes vividly unfamiliar worlds to evoke the hauntingly and hilariously familiar in our society and ourselv. Back in 1954 newspaper headlines announced the recently completed construction of the Bevatron at the Berkeley Lab California This device a particle accelerator so called because it could impart billions of EVs electron volts to supercharge its manipulated protons made the news again the following year when scientists employed it in their discovery of the antiproton And it was this news story in all likelihood that gave young author Philip K Dick the inspiration to write his novel Eye in the Sky Written in a burst of creativity in just two weeks in 1955 the book first saw the light of day in '57; one of Dick's first six sci fi novels out of an ultimate three dozen The book is an important one in Dick's oeuvre as it is his first to explore one of his overriding pet themes the slippery mutability of so called reality Highly imaginative occasionally mind blowing and evincing bursts of humor as well as philosophical speculations the book might well be considered Dick’s first great sci fi novel; personally I loved itIn the book the reader makes the acuaintance of a young electronics engineer named Jack Hamilton who when we first encounter him is getting some very bad news from his bosses at the weapons manufacturing firm known as California Maintenance The company's security chief Charley McFeyffe has accused Hamilton's wife Marsha of being a Communist sympathizer and thus Hamilton is about to lose his security clearanceand his job By chance later that same day the Hamiltons and McFeyffe attend a guided tour of the newly opened Bevatron in the Bay Area city of Belmont; not Berkeleyon very much the wrong day as things turn out An accident at the Bevatron plant causes the 6 billion volt proton beam to hit the observation platform on which they are standing incinerating it instantly and causing the three as well as five others senior war vet Arthur Silvester; middle aged biddy Edith Pritchet and her 10 year old son David; neurotic spinster Joan Reiss; and the black Bevatron guide Bill Laws to go plummeting 60 feet to the floor of the installation passing through the beam itself Miraculously none of the eight is killed but what happens next is almost as miraculous Somehow the octet finds itself trapped in the fantasy laced consciousnesses of four of the injured party segueing from one bizarre mental landscape to the next in an ever harrowing turn of events in what Hamilton later describes as a crackpot universeDick takes especial pains to engender plausibility at his story's outset by having Laws give us an explanation of just how the Bevatron operates; the author's explanation for what happens later of course could not possibly be as convincing But what a phantasmagoria of wonders he has compiled for his readers In the first fantasy realm that our eight injured protagonists find themselves in they are immersed in the imaginings of Silvester who subscribes to an oddball latter day religion that itself has been inspired by the Muslim splinter group of the mid 1800s known as Babists In this world lies can bring instant punishment swearing can cause locusts to descend and all commerce is geared to the spreading of the word of the Second Bab In this section's most hallucinatory segment Hamilton and McFeyffe ascend to Heaven via a holy water sprinkled umbrella and see our geocentric not heliocentric planetary system at a nice removeIn the next segment the eight find themselves in the fantasy world of Mrs Pritchet a very proper ultraconservative fusspot with a prim Victorian bent In this world sex organs are nonexistent and everything the old biddy deems unpleasant insects noise garbage slums and on and on and on becomes abolished one by one Next our befuddled eight find themselves sharing the consciousness of Miss Reiss a woman who is paranoid of just about everything In this world hence food becomes poisonous kitchen implements turn deadly and in one of the book's most memorable scenes Hamilton's house itself turns into a very hungry living organism and several of our heroes turn into voracious insects Finally in the novel's last section our by now completely dismayed eight find themselves in a world where the capitalist forces are very much in civil conflict with the Communists Marsha's fantasy world it would appear with warfare and bloodshed in the streets As you can tell it is Philip K Dick at his wildest and most unhingedPleasingly though the author maintains complete control of his bizarro conceit from beginning to end Unlike some later Dick novels in which he seemed to not know how to wrap up his outré story lines the author here manages to impress with a very tight rein tying things up wonderfully by the book's end It really is a bravura performance from Phil here Though written in that aforementioned brief time span Eye in the Sky feels as if Dick had tried extra hard to compose something special here There are no inconsistencies such as plagued many of his later books and my guess would be that Dick gave his first draft a very careful editing later on Still an occasional ungrammatical turn of phrase such as a handful of technicians were visible pops up here and thereBesides an early demonstration of Dick's alternate realities theme the novel gives the reader an inkling of some of the other concerns and obsessions that would feature in the author's later work For one thing Hamilton is a devotee of stereo systems and classical music it will be remembered that Dick was in the early '50s the manager of a record store and the programmer for a classical music radio station and references are made to such composers as Brahms Stravinsky and Dowland and to such works as The Mikado and Daphnis and Chloe Later Dickian subjects such as cigars the German language divorce and drugs are not to be found here but strangely enough there is a reference to Cheyenne Wyominga town that would be spotlighted in several later Dick books I've long wondered Why Cheyenne Happily the wonderful dry humor that seemed to come so easily to Dick and his sympathy for his little man characters are both in evidence here How funny it is when some religious fanatic scientists challenge Hamilton to a knowledge duel are given some assistance from a literal angel and Hamilton demands Who's kibitzing Or when the pudgy McFeyffe attains godlike stature only to declare I don't feel so goodI think I'll go take a bromo And Dick never a sci fi author who was overly concerned with making accurate predictions regarding mankind's future here hits the nail suarely on the head with his reference to President NixonThe author of course grew increasingly paranoid himself regarding government surveillance in his later years and in Eye in the Sky he is pleasingly right on regarding the subject of McCarthy like witch hunts ruining people's lives in modern society Another instance of his enlightened PC outlook on the world is to be found in his treatment of the novel's black character Laws; a fully ualified physicist now being forced to eke out a living as a tour guide But as Hamilton winningly tells the racist Silvester at one point Laws is good enough to sit down at the dinner table with any man aliveIn short Eye in the Sky combines a fantastic story line with imaginative set pieces larded with humor well fleshed out characters and an enlightened view of the world It is a wholly satisfying creation from Philip K Dick and a complete success; still another great work from this author that would make for an impressive Hollywood big screen production Writing in his Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction Scottish critic David Pringle calls the novel thoroughly enjoyable and I could not agree It comes very highly recommended by yours truly And just get a load of that inside out house catBy the way this review originally appeared on the FanLit website at a most ideal destination for all fans of Philip K Dick

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Eye in the SkyCompatriots can escape this world and return to their own but first they must pass through three other vividly fantastical worlds each perilous and hilarious than the one beforeWinner of both the Hugo and John W Campbell awards for best novel widely regarded as the premiere science fiction writer of his day and the. I’ve only read five PKD novels so far but that’s enough for me to notice some recurring themes Like The Cosmic Puppets Time Out of Joint and Ubik the world in Eye in the Sky is not what it appears to be In all four of these books what the characters take to be reality isn’t reality at all In The Cosmic Puppets and Time Out of Joint the illusion is imposed from without In Ubik and Eye in the Sky it is imposed from within This is the theme of the world as a creation of the mind It is a much philosophical theme than the general theme of the world as illusion An illusion imposed from an external source is mere deception The illusion may come from other people who create a fake town It may come from supernatural entities who can alter the appearance of reality But in either case the illusion is intended to make someone believe reality is other than it truly is In the theme of the world as a creation of the mind the very nature of reality comes into uestion Eye in the Sky shares with Ubik than just the theme of the world as a creation of the mind Both novels leave the reader wondering whose mind is the mind creating the world and both have ambiguous endings But this is all done with greater subtlety and finesse in Ubik In Eye in the Sky once the author of the first version of the world is discovered it is not too difficult to figure out the authors of the later versions And the ambiguity of the ending is little than a tease Almost half the book is devoted to the first version of the world I was surprised and intrigued to find this religious world based on a nineteenth century Islamic cult I would have been even surprised if I hadn’t first read The Cosmic Puppets with its Zoroastrianism I know a little bit about Zoroastrianism but next to nothing about the Bahá’í Faith Apparently it grew out of an earlier cult called Bábíism named after its leader the Báb The holy book of Bábíism is the Bayán Dick simply imagined a second Báb If Tillingford had offered me the use of the intercom to heaven that he offered Hamilton I wouldn’t have passed up the opportunity to talk with Dick What a fascinating guy he must have beenThe second third and fourth versions of the world reveal of Dick’s interests morality mental illness and politics The prudish morality of the second world is hilarious The paranoid fantasy of the third world is horrifying And the McCarthyism of the fourth world is very apropos of the time in which Eye in the Sky was writtenOf these three worlds the world of the paranoiac was the most fascinating Whether this reveals something about Dick’s own mind or not it certainly reveals something about how the world is experienced by people suffering from mental illness It uickly reaches the point of absurdity but before it does it displays some of the mundane horrors that fill the world of the mentally ill The knife which turns on its user The can of peaches that intentionally falls on one’s foot The ominous meaning behind a ringing telephone or a blown light bulb Things that most people regard as harmless or accidental or meaningless are dangerous and malevolent to the paranoidThere’s actually another world in this book that isn’t a world created by a character’s mind It’s the world of Bill Laws And there’s no sci fi here Bill is willing to live in Mrs Pritchet’s world because despite her prissy and silly ideas he can make something of himself in her world He and Hamilton argue about this and Bill sets Hamilton straight on what it’s like to be black in 1959“ You try being colored a while Try putting yourself through six years of college washing white men’s dishes in a two bit hash house I’ve heard about you; your Dad was a big shot physicist You had plenty of money; you weren’t working in any hash house Try getting a degree the way I did Try carrying that degree around in your pocket a few months looking for a job” 148 149“ Want to know why I’m better off here Because of you Hamilton It’s your fault not mine Think that over You had your wife and house and cat and car and job You had it fine naturally you want to go back But not me; I didn’t have it so fine And I’m not going back” 149I enjoyed Eye in the Sky but not as much as Ubik Although that’s probably an unfair comparison Twelve years separate the two novels Comparing it with the other 1950s novels I’ve read I’d have to say I enjoyed it than The Cosmic Puppets but not as much as The World Jones Made or Time Out of Joint But that might not be fair either Each book has its own merits and flaws But one thing that they all have is originality And that will keep me coming back for