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READ Ï I Choose You Friends Lovers #2 ✓ This is a New Adult Title Meant for Readers 18 OlderUp until now Nicole's life has been mapped out for her She'd go to college marry Jake and become the upstanding minister's wife When she leaves that life to begin again in a small town in Texas she finally has the freedom to live as she chooses There Se charm and passion make it hard to stick to her moralsDodging his father’s fists and protecting his twin sister made Kent into the man he is today He learned by watching his mother stay by his father’s side that it’s better to keep relationships simple Then he meets Nicole Her sweet smile and genuine response to him l. Nicole is an only child her family is very wealthy her mom is very controlling snobbish and set in her ways Jake fit into her mom's plan for her life perfectly He was on his way to becoming a minister and in her parent's eyes Jake was the perfect guy for her While away in college Nicole came to realize that her parents dreams were no longer her own and that she didn't want to marry Jake She didn't love him in that way and that wasn't the life she wanted for herself When she finally was able to tell Jake and her family this it didn't go over well at all That was two years ago and she hasn't seen them since Nicole now lives in a small town is an English major is working as waitress in a local restaurantbar and loves it She is getting a new roommate Roni who is working with her now and just happens to be the twin sister of Kent one of the hottest guys Nicole has ever seen Kent also happens to be someone Nicole has been crushing on for uite sometime Kent's childhood and parents are the polar opposites of Nicole's His dad was an alcoholic beat them and they barely scraped by Kent was determined that he wasn't going to live that way and that he would make sure his sister didn't either After Roni's bad marriage ended he moved her in with him Kent has done very well for himself He works at the local paper own's a house and is very financially stable He's never been interested in serious relationship he is very hot and usually ends up in bed with the women he dates that is until he begins to date Nicole Nicole is beautiful he really likes her but she has a totally different set of beliefs than Kent does Nevertheless he really cares about her and wants to give it a shot but when faced with the reality of the difference in their families where they came from and their beliefs will it be than they can overcomeI Choose You is a sweet romance and I really enjoyed it It was nice to see what was going on with the characters from Make it Last I loved getting to know Nicole and Kent better and really liked them both and enjoyed watching their relationship develop and seeing how they dealt with the obstacles they were faced with I also really like Rich and Roni and I'm looking forward to seeing where Bethany Lopez takes their relationship in the next book in the series Trust in Me If you are fan of contemporary romance then you will enjoy the Friends and Lover series by Bethany Lopez I Choose You is not that long and can be read in a couple of hours it is heartwarming and has just the right about of romantic sizzle It is the second book in the series but I think it could easily be read as a stand alone also Overall I really enjoyed I Choose You and would definitely recommend it

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And like punches to his resolve After a lifetime of learning to protect his heart can he finally let down his guardI Choose You is the second novella in the Friends Lovers Trilogy You can read all three books plus a bonus ending for each couple in the Friends Lovers omnibusSeries Reading OrderMake it LastI Choose YouTrust in. DISCLAIMER TO MY FELLOW GOODREADER This review is my personal opinion and may contain spoilers uotes rants cussing sometimes I cannot help myself and a possible full on recap I in no way want to ruin anyone’s book reading experience so please read my words with cautionThe story begins with Nicole walking away from Jake She has been engaged to him for three years but she finally realizing she cannot go through with it She cannot be forced to become a Minister's wife like her parents and Jake want Two years laterThe story picks back up in the present a week after Bree and Colin took off for Austin Nicole is moving in with Roni Kent's twin sister They begin sharing a little bit about themselves over wince and brownies Roni married her high school sweetheart but obviously something happened I am thinking abuse but will have to wait for book 3 Rich and Roni story Nicole decides to be truthful with Roni and tell her that she is in fact a virgin Kent finally man’s up and takes Nicole out and she drops the same news on him I am not sure how he really feels about it other than he does not believe in marriage So Kent basically WILL NOT touch Nic becuase he has not self control so she takes things into her own hands which is HOT So I do not think meeting of Nicole's parents is going to go well I think Kent is going to do something stupid Well that was an overreaction Nic is NOTHING like her mother Kitty You walk away because you think she will not accept you You better fix this Kent Rich wanting to make a rec center for kids in town is FREAKING awesomeI choose youCliffhanger – no book 2 of series POV – Nicole and Kent's story


I Choose You Friends Lovers #2This is a New Adult Title Meant for Readers 18 OlderUp until now Nicole's life has been mapped out for her She'd go to college marry Jake and become the upstanding minister's wife When she leaves that life to begin again in a small town in Texas she finally has the freedom to live as she chooses There she meets Kent a guy who. I Choose You is the second book in The Friends Lovers series I can't say it enough but Bethany Lopez totally rocks my world with her writing She is so in tune with her writing and where it wants to go and where it needs to go that I Choose You was so heart wrenching that I read it in four hours I could not stop reading it and tuning everything and everybody outI Choose You is the story of Kent and Nicole Nicole has had everything mapped out for her Her parents have chosen the profession she is going to go into and they have even approved of her long time boyfriend Then Nicole's boyfriend goes off to college and they decide they are going to do the long distance relationship thing But the space and time apart they spend Nicole realizes she does not want to do what her parents want her to do and she does not want to have a relationship with her boyfriend So she changes her major and dumps her boyfriend To say that her parents are pissed off is an understatement so she is cut off from their money and she has to fend for herself She is not mad but she feels free because she can finally do what she wants and date who she wants Yes she broke her boyfriends heart but he was not what she wantedNicole starts her life over in a different town and she has never been happy She has gotten a new apartment and a new roommate Roni She also has a great job at a bar She is finally living her life the way she wants to She is also starting to have a crush on Roni's brother Kent Kent is so sweet and gorgeous that Nicky feels these crazy emotions for him but she is still shy and Kent is getting over his feelings for another girl But Nicky plays it cool and soon Kent is noticing her What she does not know is that he has always noticed her but was not sure if he should approach herKent is sexy and smart He is a go getter and a very protective brother He will protect his sister Roni at all costs and it has cost him He decided to settle into a small town and take care of his sister after she left his parents home All Kent wants to do is run the local newspaper and live a uiet life But what happens to Kent is anything short of a miracle He has sworn off love because he really liked Bree but she left and restarted her relationship with Colin her true love Kent is out of sorts because he thought he and Bree were going to be an item but the time he spends with Nicky the he let's his defensive walls down He is really starting to like NickyWill Kent let his walls down enough to let Nicky in Will Nicky ever be able to let lose and become the girl she wants to be Follow along with Nicole and Kent as they take a journey into the unknown Where there end up will surprise you