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P S Be Eleven Gaither Sisters #2Ern can also be read alongside nonfiction explorations of American history such as Jason Reynolds's and Ibram X Kendi's booksEach humorous unforgettable story in this trilogy follows the sisters as they grow up during one of the most tumultuous eras in recent American history the 1960s Read the adventures of eleven year old Delphine and her younger sisters Vonetta and Fern as they visit their kin all over the rapidly changing nation and as they discover that the bonds of family and their own strength run deeper than they ever knew possible?. This is such a wonderful series

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P.S. Be Eleven (Gaither Sisters, #2) Read & Download ´ 109 à The Gaither sisters are at it again A seuel to the Newbery Honor Book One Crazy Summer this Coretta Scott King Award winning novel will find a home in the hearts of readers who loved Brown Girl Dreaming and As Brave as You After spending the summer in Oakland CaThe Gaither sisters are at it again A seuel to the Newbery Honor Book One Crazy Summer this Coretta Scott King Award winning novel will find a home in the hearts of readers who loved Brown Girl Dreaming and As Brave as You After spending the summer in Oakland California with their mother and the Black Panthers Delphine Vonetta and Fern arrive home with a newfound streak of independence That doesn't sit well with Big Ma who doesn't like the way things are changingNeither does Delphine Pa has a new girlfriend Uncle Darnell comes home from Viet. Truth be told I didn't understand the Rita Williams Garcia hype before reading PS Be Eleven I'd read a couple of her books notably 2011 Newbery Honoree One Crazy Summer but wasn't convinced she belonged in the discussion with the top children's authors of her day Her writing was never dull chapter after chapter of engaging prose that hit the ear with the faint ring of poetry but I wasn't sure it meshed as a cohesive piece of art with a worthwhile central message After PS Be Eleven I won't doubt Rita Williams Garcia again This story has potent emotional resonance offering a distinct taste of the era in which it's set and wisdom that won't become outdated no matter how many generations come and go on this earth Rita Williams Garcia seems to be at the height of her powers and it's a wonder to behold I can hardly wait to re immerse myself for the third Gaither Sisters book Gone Crazy in Alabama Words do mean than how they are defined I see things visible invisible ordinary and extraordinary in the world — PS Be Eleven P 108 Returning home to Brooklyn from spending summer visiting their mother Cecile in California is a big drop off for Delphine Vonetta and Fern Their paternal grandmother Big Mama is strict as ever uick to remind the girls that she won't give them free rein as Cecile did in Oakland Eleven year old Delphine and her younger sisters are used to Big Mama's disciplinarian ways but they aren't prepared for their father's new clean cut appearance and jovial demeanor Papa has a girlfriend one he's real serious about She makes him happy but Delphine doesn't know how she feels about a mother figure maybe joining the family Would Cecile approve of her ex husband running around with another woman Desiring to maintain a relationship with their mother Delphine Vonetta and Fern write letters to her and Delphine uses the opportunity to apprise their mother of Papa's dating situation Free spirit though Cecile is she corresponds with her daughters throughout PS Be Eleven Changes come fast to the Gaithers' small home on Herkimer Street Uncle Darnell returns from military duty in Vietnam but suffers severe night terrors his first night back Only Papa and Big Mama can calm him Still a teenager the war veteran shows flashes of his old teasing self the uncle that Delphine and her sisters adored but for the most part he's physically and emotionally distant setting up camp on the couch and not wanting to budge from the house to establish a post combat life for himself Uncle Darnell has problems that could mess up his future uick if he doesn't get straightened out Attempting to be the firm guiding hand Darnell needs Papa insists he get a job or vacate the house but that only causes friction between Papa and Big Mama Her younger son is sick in places a physician can't reach and she's not about to let him be thrown out on the streets A devastating confrontation brews between the two stubborn personalities one that could permanently split the family if Darnell doesn't pull himself together Once you give an ultimatum you have to mean it You can't pull back Sometimes your 'or else' is all the power you have and you can't be afraid to do what you threaten to do — PS Be Eleven P 187 This school year Delphine was supposed to have the nicest female teacher on staff but on the first day she finds a small man with a thick African accent at the head of her class Mr Mwiba a native Zambian is on a teacher exchange program to the US and will lead Delphine's class this year Mr Mwiba captures the room's attention with a mix of no nonsense discipline rigid decorum and uncompromising love of learning refusing to let students settle for less than their best Delphine and her sixth grade peers are the oldest kids in the school and it's time they set an example Mr Mwiba and Delphine's father take education seriously but there's time for fun too Delphine sticks close to her friends and learns to tolerate Danny the K and Ellis Carter a pair of boys who turn up everywhere Delphine goes even though she finds them annoying and they feel the same about her There's a Valentine's Day school dance coming up though Delphine doesn't much want to attend She's the tallest girl in the school by far taller than every boy but Ellis and why on earth would she want to hit the dance floor with him Things change at home and school by the time February rolls around shifting Delphine's perspective on the dreaded dance and by February 14 she's ready for a night that could be kind of special If only she can find the right company to spend it with The Jackson Five emerge as a musical sensation that wows every girl in Brooklyn and beyond and the Gaither sisters aren't immune to their charm Most everyone is gaga over the littlest brother lead vocalist Michael but Delphine and her siblings are divided over which Jackson they're partial to Delphine prefers Jackie the tall boy with the tenor voice When the announcement comes that the Jacksons are booked for a concert at Madison Suare Garden the sisters are ecstatic They have to find a way to be there Grumbling about spending money to watch teenage hoodlums on stage Papa agrees to put up half the cash for tickets if Delphine Vonetta and Fern earn the rest That's months of saving their allowance and birthday money with minimal extraneous spending but it's worth it to stand in that building with thousands of crazy fans and cheer on the Jackson Five Delphine isn't sure Vonetta is up to being the treasurer for all three girls' savings but Papa's girlfriend urges Delphine to let her try She won't learn responsibility unless someone trusts her These story threads interweave and tangle in ways we don't anticipate any than Delphine does and the heat rises as winter temperatures drop Our passionate opinions often result in arguing which can lead to shouting and there's no shortage of that in the Gaither household these days Wave after wave of trouble hits putting everyone on the defensive about how they conduct themselves Contention escalates between Big Mama and Papa's girlfriend who asserts herself in family affairs as her role increases Papa isn't always keen on that decisively putting his girlfriend back in her place if he perceives that she's strayed out of bounds and her temper ignites when she thinks she's been disrespected Certain rights come with entry into a family and it's wrong for Papa to try and revoke them whenever his girl disagrees with him on an important issue Darnell's problems worsen spreading like poison to every member of the family and most everything goes south after that The Gaithers are in danger of irreparable harm being done to their cohesive unit and Delphine and her sisters can only watch as the wheels come off What's to prevent Papa from deserting his daughters as Cecile did walking out one day and never returning What if Big Mama leaves Does love grow cold and die like a warm sweet baby left out on a stoop in a winter storm Delphine vents her frustration and fear to her mother by letter and Cecile faithfully responds Her answers may be poetic and enigmatic sometimes beyond Delphine's grasp but at least her mother's there with a word of wisdom when needed amidst this howling family storm that won't stop cycling back around All of Big Mama's fervent prayer won't stop the ship from cracking apart as they try to stand on its crumbling deck Can the Gaithers survive the impact of one trauma after another like monstrous hurricanes Was it all right to stop loving someone you're supposed to always love — PS Be Eleven P 188 It takes an excellent storyteller to get a reader's hackles raised and Rita Williams Garcia accomplishes that in spades in PS Be Eleven There is some seriously rough going in these two hundred seventy two pages but it feels authentic even when parents and other authority figures treat the kids under their care very unfairly That's how adults in charge tend to act under pressure as if they automatically know best and objections from kids are by nature frivolous and not worth listening to Kids have no recourse but to swallow the injustice with barely a peep of dissent Fair minded people who read PS Be Eleven will come away with the conclusion that being a kid is a tough business because every area of your life is subject to adults who can change it on a whim The story's wisdom is as clear and beautiful as its high pressure drama is upsetting and Cecile is a wonderful source of it Her most remarkable insight is her caution against Delphine reading Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart when she's too young before she has the life experience to mine the book's riches It is a bad thing to bite into hard fruit with little teeth You will say bad things about the fruit when the problem is your teeth That ismagnificent If we aren't ready for it the greatest writing will be rubbish to us We'll gripe about weird taste or texture say it's impossible to gnaw through the leathery exterior to anything sweet inside We'll declare it bad fruit when the problem lies with us Clever individuals can make the case that anything is no good cherry picking reasons to support their claim while ignoring contrary evidence but that's merely exercise in debate techniue We're still wrong about the thing we defame even if we sway others to our side However many other books I read and love I'll never forget Cecile's words here Bittersweet at best are the fruits of strife and discord among family and intimate friends and that's the flavor of PS Be Eleven's final moments as Delphine reflects on the losses that haunt her family The lyrics to the Jackson Five song Who's Loving You feel different as she sings them now and sound different coming from Vonetta and Fern They've felt the sting of melancholy behind the words as few girls their age have What did little Michael Jackson know about love and loneliness With all his brothers surrounding his voice with theirs what did he know about losing all the people he loved one by oneWhat did Michael Jackson know about life without the ones you loved the most when each of them moved farther and farther away until they were voices you heard and pictures that flashed before you Vonetta knew Fern knew I knew There wasn't a day that went by that we didn't wonder about everyone who had flashed before us There wasn't a day that went by that we didn't close our eyes and go on wishing Layer upon layer of pain can't smother the spark of hope which keeps trying after all reasonable expectation of completing the circuit is dead Because sometimes miracles happen and what if we're not prepared for it In Big Mama's words Every good bye ain't gone Our halcyon days do return every now and then even if it seems impossible You just have to be there waiting when fortune decides to favor you with its pretty smile again I have much regard for the Newbery awards but I believe the committee got it backwards here PS Be Eleven was the Gaither Sisters novel that deserved a Newbery Honor not One Crazy Summer The historical social and personal narratives are nearly flawless and the author respects the intelligence of her young readers by not connecting every last dot Letting us do that ourselves encourages deeper thought about what we're reading Books like PS Be Eleven are a big part of why I read muddling through stacks of average literature to find precious gems A sensitive reader's worldview is sure to be enlarged by taking the dive into this story The hype for Rita Williams Garcia and PS Be Eleven is justified people I trust you'll find it an illuminating experience

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Nam but he's not the same And her new sixth grade teacher isn't the fun stylish Miss Honeywell it's Mr Mwila a stern exchange teacher from ZambiaBut the one thing that doesn't change during this turbulent year is the advice that Delphine receives from her mother who reminds her not to grow up too fast To be eleven while she canReaders who enjoy Christopher Paul Curtis's The Watsons Go to Birmingham and Jacueline Woodson’s Brown Girl Dreaming will find much to love in this book Rita Williams Garcia's books about Delphine Vonetta and F. Reviewed on blog and below A huge fan of Rita Willliams Garcia's One Crazy Summer I was incredibly happy when it got a great deal of award love and recognition I mean who could not be taken with those three sisters going off to spend the summer in California with the Black Panther mother they never knew And who could not want to know what happened to them when they went home to BrooklynHappily we find out in the seuel   PS Be Eleven Taking off immediately after the girls return from California their life in late 60s Brooklyn is all about changes Delphine is starting sixth grade with a teacher she wasn't expecting Vonetta and Fern are becoming independent their beloved uncle Darnell is back from Vietnam and not doing well at all Pa has a new girlfriend and Big Ma is struggling with all of itAnd Delphine is struggling too to make sense of her world her family her friends and herself as she moves through this pivotal year Her mother Cecile is on the other side of the continent but her letters consistently and repeatedly remind Delphine to be eleven to not grow up too soon to be herselfAs in the first book time and place are vividly evoked I was particularly moved by the girls' adoration of the Jackson Five their efforts to make it to a concertand what happened about that And Williams Garcia does the small epiphanies of youth with exuisite perfection Say Delphine learning the hard truth about her beloved dictionary the tiny rare moments alone with her father her growing awareness of the painful aspects of the lives of the adults around her aspects completely unrelated to her or her two sistersThis won't matter to young readers but boy did reading this make me feel old I was certain The Archie's Sugar Sugar was older than the time of this book as I recalled having to listen to it ad nauseam during Driver's Ed But indeed I did that in 1969 and that was the year of that bubblegum hit So I was older than Delphine in 1969But never mind about that all that matters is that young readers today are going to delight when they re encounter Delphine and cheer as she ponders difficult things around her learns enjoys and is as her mother urges even after she turns twelve eleven