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Chuck Todd's gripping fly on the wall account of Barack Obama's tumultuous struggle to succeed in WashingtonBarack Obama won the presidency in 2008 partly because he was a Washington outsider But if he'd come to the White House thinking he could change the political culture he soon discovered j. This is now uite dated and a slog in parts But he picks up a star in pre Presidency years and another for seeing the preconceived concepts held by Obama instead of just his words and uite early in his first term too It's too long and at points redundant loses a star for minutia detail of certain issues like the Zimmerman case in Florida He is not anti Obama at all as most Obama fans score him If anything he gives Barack Obama a positive benefit of the doubt repeatedly He also notes most redundant issue that Presidential success in many cases is almost completely structured on cooperation with and ability to convince legislators And especially those approaches attitude address to define terms to the opposite political party or blocks of action I read this because I viewed very early days of Barack Obama in Chicago connected to the Regenstein special library Uof Chicagoand because I have sat in the crowd at Rev Wright's church you could feel the hate roll off of you it wasn't easy to sit there we were assigned to do so for a MS program project And still cannot believe the associations that were hidden or strong connections nullified in the long years of first processes in grooming That was the word that was always used around him thenMost of what Chuck Todd foresaw has gone closely to what he noticed were the inclinations It's just as much about marketing a façade product of intention etc to the electorate in a feeling or empathetic picture than it is about past or future realities Appeal to the masses in other ways than substance to practical application experience and record Those are covered a bit here but other than that it is a blow by blow of what issues and time response Pres Obama has given to various issues during his earliest Presidential years And despite what his approval rating becomes how he keeps on his own tract or definition of concepts without answering the majority proposed or desired direction This is the best analysis of Pres Obama's terms that I have read to this date Foreign policy will be IMHO much of a focus in future Obama analysis by historians than this book encompasses

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The StrangerUst how difficult it was to swim against an upstream of insiders partisans and old guard networks allied to undermine his agenda including members of his own party He would pass some of the most significant legislation in American history but his own weaknesses torpedoed some of his greatest ho. While this is a detailed record of some inside information about President Obama's service Todd reverts to the Beltway journalist's need to find criticism whether merited or not As informed as Mr Todd claims to be he fundamentally understates the depth of the opposition President Obama has had to contend Concluding that arrogance is a prevailing problem of this President is not supported by the facts What the author assumes as his premise in many instances he ignores in the President's opponents or turns against as a basis for criticizing the President I cannot tell if Mr Todd was personally insulted by the President insulted as a media insider is offended by what Barrack Obama stands for or just thought he could sell books Books about history written by journalists always mischaracterize the media role in governance or are in denial about it I wished for so much from Chuck Todd

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Summary The Stranger ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ê Chuck Todd's gripping fly on the wall account of Barack Obama's tumultuous struggle to succeed in WashingtonBarack Obama won the presidency in 2008 partly because he was a Washington outsider But if he'd come to the White House thinking he could change the political culture he sooPesIn The Stranger Chuck Todd draws upon his unprecedented inner circle sources to create a gripping account of Obama's White House tenure from the early days of drift and helplessness to a final stand against the GOP in which an Obama at last liberated from his political future finally triumph. This is not a particularly revelatory look at the Obama presidency It by no means will serve as a definitive appraisal of his time in the White House This book reads like a Washington insider account of his presidency rather than a dispassionate analysis of financial military and historical trends the United States faced during the first 6 years of the Obama presidency Todd seems to blame Obama for not cultivating personal relationships and yet castigates him for not fulfilling a campaign promise of changing Washington His armchair psychological analysis of Obama seems to preoccupy the entire narrative of the book; wondering how someone who doesn't like stroking massive egos and practicing retail politics like other legislators could have risen to be president of the United States It's really not that hard to understand if Obama's personality is in fact similar to what Todd writes cool analytical removed Think of the difference between a CEO who sets strategy and vision and a COO who runs operations Perhaps his cabinet was designed to complement the aspects of his management skills that weren't as strong Instead of not groveling to a party that was set on destroying his presidency from the outset perhaps he astutely concluded that he would develop other tactics to accomplish his goals In conclusion this book is of a reflection about the personality and horse race mentality of the Washington press corps then it is a sober rendering of the Obama presidency There is very little international analysis particularly how does the United States decide on military intervention versus economic sanctions and the philosophy of the Pentagon the Department of Defense and the White House as it considers taking the lead in interventionist activities versus of a policing and multi lateral approach There is a very rudimentary rendering of economic policy that influenced the decisions around the financial crisis; very little framing of major demographic and economic trends in the United States and how that may impact governing going forward etc Todd's book is analogous to a Sunday morning television talk show episode superficial infotainment that is easily forgotten once the show book is finished