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Son of a WitchThe long anticipated seuel to the million copy bestselling novel WickedTen years after the publication of Wicked beloved novelist Gregory Maguire returns at last to the land of Oz There he introduces us to Liir an adolescent boy last seen hiding in the shadows of the castle after Dorothy did in the Witch Bruised comatose and left for dead in a gully L. I've read a lot of reviews for this book and most people seemed to hate it You will notice however that I gave this book five starsTo those who hated it I say this I see what your problems areThe story is badly paced most of the 'action' happens in the last third the reader spends most of the time being confused as to what's going on while it is a third person narrative it is limited third person some of the characters seemed half drawn the narrative is very disconnected occasionally emotionless it completely lacked an ending I won't spoil things but it's left very open ended and most importantly that it is nothing like WickedBut here's the thing a book is than the sum of it's parts And a seuel can be than just the continuation of its predecessor's storyIt's something I find rather amusing considering Liir's struggle throughout the entirety of the book to find his own voice as he is asked over and over again both by his own desires and by the needs of others to take Elphaba's place This is his story and so yes it is a very different book than Wicked and it would ring false if it wasn't This was something I loved about the book as the dense twisted complex tone of Wicked helped to characterize Elphaba for me; the lost sparser somewhat unconnected occasionally clumsy writing very much characterized Liir for me How anyone could think this anything but deliberate after having read Wicked or any of Maguire's other books is something I wonder about; the unreliable or unknowing narrator is something I enjoy a great deal and working my way through the doubletalk and reading between the lines of what Liir seemingly took straight almost made it seem like there were two worlds in this book what Liir saw and what was really going on a theme that should be well familiar to anyone reading one of Maguire's retreadsI might also mention that this is the Oz that Baum's books never really covered While Maguire's handling of Dorothy is somewhat fuddled almost like Liir's Liir's story is his own making There is no framework and unlike with Elphaba no eventual end We don't know what's to come for him since he is an original creation and this freedom sometimes terrifying is another feature of this book that wasn't a part of the preuel And another part I likedThe pacing I admit is a fault of the book I could have done less with the maunts and had of Liir's story given to us but all books have their faults The lack of an ending seems to be part of his plans for a continuationBut if you read this book to slip into someone's world someone's shoes to slide behind their eyes and feel and see and know this world from someone uniuely conditioned to see things from something almost like a fourty five degree angle to the rest of his own world then I think you will enjoy it If you read this book to travel Oz with Liir I think you'll enjoy the book If you read this book to get of Maguire's uniue vision of Oz you'll enjoy this book If you've ever felt as if you don't know what you're doing with your life if you don't think you'll ever live up to expectations if you've ever felt as if you're just a bit off from everyone else then yeah I think you'll like this book Enjoy it for the experience Where Wicked's denseness demanded examination Son of a Witch lets you wander about in Oz The depth is there but the book skims across the surface Hidden depths Liir once saidHidden shallows another character supplied afterwards And that's all you will get if you don't care to consider it closelySo yes a lot of people hated it But I personally adored it down to my bones and will recommend it to anyone you care to name Perhaps I could have written this elouently or in a understandable format but such is life

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In the forbidding prison Southstairs Can he fulfill the last wishes of a dying princess In an Oz that since the Wizard's departure is under new and dangerous management can Liir keep his head down long enough to grow upFor the countless fans who have been dazzled and entranced by Maguire's Oz Son of a Witch is the rich reward they have awaited so lon. I am angry at Gregory Maguire This will excuse the poor grammar and run on sentences that may follow Very angry Maguire writes books that are impossible to read; as such I opted to listen to Son of a Witch on tape after failing to get past the 1st few chapters on than one occasion As it turns out Maguire's books are eually difficult to listen to especially when the audio reader is the author himselfAlthough I am now uestioning my previous opinion I had it in my mind that Wicked was a good book I read it a decade ago during my open minded college years As I began Son of a Witch I was excited to learn about the presumed offspring of Elphaba a character previously so misunderstood and yet so cleverly discovered in Wicked What new insight could Maguire deliver into the Wonderful World of OzNone He provides none He provides a poorly conceived rambling tale told by an unreliable narrator about an unlikeable wholly self involved kretin of a main character whose entire drive toward action throughout the story and that which inspired the story itself as per Maguire's audio interview at the end of the book is to find his presumed half sister Nor Who he never finds And who he decides occasionally he doesn't care to find oh wait yes he does or no oh yes This book arguably was the sole inspiration behind the phrase WTFPerhaps some of my frustration for this piece of literature stems from how it makes me feel like an idiot Nevermind my recurrent self analysis of why I was trying to finish it but so many times I had no idea what was going on Maguire was literaturely reaching around my back to tap me on my opposite shoulder so I could fall victim to being the clueless one I looked everytime Had I not been listening to his oddly voiced characters in his own audio narrative I'd wonder whether he was cackling with mirth that he'd found another gullible reader with whom to play He makes wild inferences forcing you to create connections that just aren't there He about faces at obliue angles just as you're starting to feel comfortable with the flow of things He lies to you repeatedly without remorse He is just bizarre If possible I would send Liir a bouuet of daisies upon which he could pluck as he debated I love Candle I love her not I love Candle Golly I just don't know I hate you Liir I need no flowers to help me decide I was left speechless when I realized I was reading Giovanni's Room the Twist of Oz It was like a tornado had dropped a house of homoeroticism on my head I'm not going to sleep to let you stab me in the back The milk that only boys make Clearly not in Kansas anyI am angry at Gregory Maguire He tricked us with an ingenious concept revising classic tales from the villains point of view I even wrote a paper about it in college What a humanitarian genius Maguire not me And yet his development of this concept in Son of a Witch leaves me simmering with contempt at his inhumane fumblings Gregory I wish you played the muse and not the creator The premises of your stories are so familiar that I cannot help but plod my way through to see if you can delight me with further insight into classic tales However you manage to use the third person narrative as a weapon Ultimately you only describe Liir's viewpoint and yet you do not give me any insight in the madness behind the man I learn what Liir is thinking but never why Some might argue that this is because Liir himself does not know but then why lock me into complete ignorance while following characters that are even ignorant What's the pointMaguire's greatest talent is using culinary metaphors and terminology to describe the landscape which he does ad nauseum In a warm roasted chestnut shell other than incite my ire to snap and crackle like winter's first batch of fire cooked popcorn this book made me hungry for things that haven't been deemed edible since the Middle Ages Nevertheless I don't plan on reordering this meal and I certainly will not try the dessert

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Read Son of a Witch ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free é The long anticipated seuel to the million copy bestselling novel WickedTen years after the publication of Wicked beloved novelist Gregory Maguire returns at last to the land of Oz There he introduces us to Liir an adolescent boy last seen hiding in the shadows of the castle Iir is shattered in spirit as well as in form But he is tended at the Cloister of Saint Glinda by the silent novice called Candle who wills him back to life with her musical giftsWhat dark force left Liir in this condition Is he really Elphaba's son He has her broom and her cape but what of her powers Can he find his supposed half sister Nor last seen. As much as I liked Wicked I had an inkling I was going to like Son of a Witch even better especially given the beginning with the spate of senseless scrapings and the discovery of the unconscious boy who turns out to be Liir the book's protagonist and the potential son of the Wicked Witch of the WestThe beginning was indeed good Engaging I especially enjoyed the brief time Liir spent with the Yellow Brick Road friends from The Wizard of Oz I'm a huge WoO nut but I didn't have any problem whatsoever with the irreverent perhaps realistic way the classic characters were handled When the silent maunt known as Candle is assigned to take care of Liir that stuff was pretty good too the unconscious Liir's flashbacks were interesting and pulled the plot along nicely I was totally into itAround three uarters of the way into the book though I started to get annoyed It didn't look like Liir was going to accomplish anything he wasn't going to achieve a gratifying ending to any of his uests and charges he wasn't going to settle into a romantic relationship he wasn't going to figure himself out The book makes Liir out to be a sort of malcontent but I don't know He's pretty mild The only thing that really comes across is the character's confusion as to who he is and what he stands for And I didn't feel he ever came to any conclusions about that It was frustrating to get three uarters into the book and still feel that the protagonist had no sense of purposePerhaps his rudderlessness is the point I could see how that might be the case But I don't feel that it made for satisfying reading I'll know I'll reread Wicked again and again but I don't think Son of a Witch was worth finishing the first time through