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Free download Ç The Wind in the Willows Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ë Ho ho I am the Toad the motor car snatcher the prison breaker the Toad who always escapes Tired of spring cleaning Mole ventures above ground into the warm sunshine and happens upon his friend Ratty TogethBad to worse Badger Rat and Mole must save their friend from ruin and Toad Hall from the clutches of the rascally Stoats and WeaselsBACKSTORY Get outdoors and explore the natural world and test your knowledge of The Wind in the Willow. A genuinely refreshing little romp through tunnels pastures Zen is something that's somehow very surprisingly reached This is the ultimate impression the reader is left with Outstanding engaging and fun than Aesop's menagerie it moralizes vaguely on fidelity the value of friendships associations The final sentence even addresses finally the main target audience the 'lil tykes and treasured ones; and even sustains with the theory that looks may be deceiving the Badger is ultimately not the savage beast you may've erroneously predictedSure it is rife with discrepancies a world where humans speak animal animals speak human The aid of humans is I will admit KAhYYute There is wisdom in this far surpassing anything in Disney's imaginarium The animals begin to hear a single string a musical undertone this drives their natures and certainly seals their fates Which are you Adventurous Toad Impressionable Mole Generous Badger otter fox washer woman little girl remember womenfolk don't enter the tale until half way the story or do you simply presume to know it all omnipresent and wise as the windokay so obviously the Disney version DOES exist although did the ride outright disappear from the Anaheim theme park I'm not stupid But really the book is a longer journey in the literary tradition of Thoreau and not instantaneous and vapid and bumpy like the ride But DID YOU KNOW You CAN read Kenneth Grahame's entire novel waiting in line for Mr Toad's Wild Ride If it still exists

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Ho ho I am the Toad the motor car snatcher the prison breaker the Toad who always escapes Tired of spring cleaning Mole ventures above ground into the warm sunshine and happens upon his friend Ratty Together they picnic on the sparklin. So fun and whimsical

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The Wind in the WillowsG burbling river brave the sinister Wild Wood in wintertime to visit the bad tempered Badger and take to the open road in a caravan with dear silly old Toad But when Toad's attention turns to motor cars his reckless behaviour goes from. This book was written in 1908 when the world was being shaken by the newly self confident masses Women were propagandising for the vote; the Irish were demanding Home Rule; the Trade Unions were showing their strength Socialism theatened A spectre was haunting Europe and particularly England Wind in the Willows is an elegant parable about class struggle about the dangers of decadant country house living in the face of powerful revolutionary forces There are maybe four generations in the story There is the young man Ratty a gentle sort of chap who spends his time messing about in boats He is joined by the younger less experienced Mole Mole may even be petty bourgeois but he proves himself to be stout hearted for all that Mr Toad however has come into his inheritance and lives in his country house Toad is an irresponsible figure taking up foolish hobbies of which in the story the most fateful is the motor car The older man is Badger and it is he that casts cold water on this irresponsibility But where is all this irresponsiblity going to lead Outside this cosy comfortable setting lie the dangerous forces in the Wild Wood Mr Toad besotted by his motor car is arrested and sent to gaol His defences down his house is uickly occupied by the weasles and stoats who live in the Wild Wood To the rescue comes Mr Badger who is wise enough to see that if Toad is to regain his valuable property he must forsake idleness and frivolity and stand up to the people of the Wild Wood So the band of gentlemanly heroes take up arms and re establish the shaken social order We shall creep out uietly into the butler's pantry cried the Toad with our pistols and swords and sticks shouted the Rat and rush in upon them said the Badger and whack 'em and whack 'em and whack 'em cried the Toad in ecstasy This is then a cautionary tale a warning to the propertied classes to take up if necessary arms against the lower classes and to stop living lives of decadent indolence