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A Being Darkly WiseRoss the continental divide and through the boreal forests of British Columbia to save the others It is a race against a pursuer possessed with seemingly supernatural endurance; a race that will push him to the limits of human capacity and beyond but it is a race he cannot allow himself to lose Because the survival of all that he loves depends upon him winnin. SPOILER HEREHaving trouble deciding what I think of this book Thumbnail It is about a mysterious man Jakewho recruits a group of 12 Eco oriented folk including a politician author reporter lawyer EPA bureaucrat etcto attend an extreme survival month long stint in the remote Canadian wilderness as an apparent attempt to harness their talent to stop humanity from destroying what is left of the ecosystem of the planetIf you know much about environmental issues you have probably heard a lot of the background material the author uses but he does present it with an edge of urgency which brings home the precipice on which we stand While not the most talented wordsmith the author's plot line with respect to Jake as the supernatural messianic figure the protagonist Pete surmises Jake embodies was interesting The author adopts a Christ figure approach in some respects to develop Jake's character; ie involved in a wilderness experience just before his ministry began in earnest; recruited 12 followers to redeem the world; prone on occasion to riotous anger; could surmise the nature of those he dealt with; called for a reform of the current system Still pondering the roll the bear plays if the author was indeed drawing from the New Testament so I could be off base here But the fact he provides the opportunity to consider the symbolism of his characters is something I appreciate I note that this is Book One of the Earth Trilogy Book Two is billed as intending to chronicle the efforts of a small band of people to confront a world transformed by global warming Continuing down the road of New Testament analogy the book reminds me of an environmentalist version of the Left Behind series both in its style and proselytizing I wish the author as much success with his work the latter work deals with a matter of faith which may be uestioned; the author's a matter of survival if not of man at least many of his fellow planetary dwellers which cannot be as easily dismissed

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A Being Darkly Wise review ↠ 103 ☆ Pete Andersen was hooked from the moment he read the ad “Learn survival skills in the majestic peaks of British Columbia’s Eaglenest Mountains Not for the faint hearted Three months later Pete and eleven others are dropped off in one of the most remote areas in North America with no way out As Pete learns pPete Andersen was hooked from the moment he read the ad “Learn survival skills in the majestic peaks of British Columbia’s Eaglenest Mountains Not for the faint hearted Three months later Pete and eleven others are dropped off in one of the most remote areas in North America with no way out As Pete learns primitive survival skills at the feet of their cha. I tend to read two three sometimes books at a time I found myself putting the rest of them down to concentrate on A Being Darkly Wise I also found myself doing a lot of internet searches on the EPA The writing was skillful The story drew me in slowly and then kept me hooked I never felt like I was being lectured and yet I learned a lot I definitely recommend this book

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Rismatic leader Jake Christianson he believes he’s found paradise But when his companions begin to turn up dead apparently mauled to death by a rogue grizzly paradise turns to hell Pete suspects it may not be a grizzly – the group has been splintering into factions and Jake is unraveling before his eyesPete is forced to lead the killer on an epic chase ac. This review also appears on Joe Follansbee' blogEnvironmentalists share a kinship with devotees of religion the former prefers to ignore and the latter enjoys lampooning Extremists in both camps have a matching emotional commitment to their cause an anarchist or Taliban mullah would admire Both have a mystical attachment to an idea one an invisible spiritual value of nature the other a devotion to an unseen God Except for Jake Christianson the antagonist in John Atcheson’s self published psychological thriller A Being Darkly Wise Christianson brings both traditions together into a megalomanical monster while another monster worthy of Greek or Norse mythology lurks nearbyThe protagonist Pete Andersen is a middle aged mid level bureaucrat in the US Environmental Protection Agency sick of the insularity and unresponsiveness of Washington DC politics He’s disillusioned by his careerist colleagues whose drive for power leads to watered down policies on combating climate change And he suffers a guilt complex over the murder of his brother which prevents him from taking on K Street lobbyists working for the coal and oil industries Andersen is the cubicle drone ordinary people fear becomingAndersen is contacted by Christianson who invites him and other influential operatives and environmentalists on a month long trip to the Canadian wilderness Christianson hopes to reconnect them to their passion for the Earth through an experience of true wildness and drop them back into the Washington lion’s den recharged and ready to be the change Christianson envisages The adventure uickly deteriorates into an unexpected exploration of humanity’s inner savageryAtcheson has written an interesting sometimes scary page turner that only occasionally drops into policy wonk hell a real danger for an author and former EPA worker bee who knows the government hive mind like a well used topo map At times Atcheson falls into the trap of other eco novels always seeing unadulterated nature as “better” than humanity’s 10000 year drive toward urbanism conveniently forgetting that urbanism and technology is an evolutionary adaptation to nature’s unpredictability and an expression of homo sapiens’ unparalleled combination of sociability and problem solving intelligence Cities and technology are a successful survival strategy in an indifferent universeBut as Atcheson and many other writers after Thoreau have pointed out humanity seems to have ridden off the rails since the Industrial Revolution Climate change is possibility the worst outcome of civilization’s mistakes That doesn’t mean nature is going to wreak revenge a wholly human construct We might just figure a way out of our predicament or we may not Nature will carry on regardless