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Max Author Sarah Cohen-Scali Summary Ì 2 Þ 19 avril 1936 Bientôt minuit Je vais naître dans une minute exactement Je vais voir le jour le 20 avril Date anniversaire de notre Fürher Je serai ainsi béni des dieux germaniues et l'on verra en moi le premier né de la race suprême La race aryenne Celle ui désormais régnera en maître sur E Je suis l'enfant du futur Conçu sans amour Sans Dieu Sans loi Sans rien d'autre ue la force et la rage Je mordrai au lieu de téter Je hurlerai au lieu de gazouiller Je haïrai au lieu d'aimer Heil HitlerMax est le prototype parfait du programme Lebensborn initié par Himmler Des femmes sélectionnées. This is the story of a child born under the Nazi Lebensborn program which was essentially a program to breed pure Ayran babies who would be the future leaders of the Third Reich Max is born on April 20 1936 making him the first baby to roll off the production line He is also the narrator of this story which covers not just the Lebensborn program but also the abduction and germanification of suitably Ayran children from other countries and the lives of ordinary Germans as the war drew to a close Real people and events are woven into the storyMax is a lively narrator who is initially very euphoric about all things Nazi and who can't wait to grow up and fight for the Fatherland While he never knows his mother he understands that she was selected and rigorously examined to ensure that she was a perfect Ayran specimen He is indoctrinated in all things Nazi from infancy and therefore is very matter of fact about the abduction of Polish children in his eyes they are lucky to be receiving a German upbringing However things become murkier when he befriends Lukas a blonde and blue eyed Pole who is secretly Jewish Gradually his enthusiasm will wane and his disenchantment will grow over the course of the warMy central issue with the story is Max's youth He has only just turned nine when the war ends Essentially his narration is a device and you have to suspend disbelief that a child would think the things that he does and just go with the story which he starts telling us when he's still a foetus in the wombOriginally published in France in 2012 Max has only recently been translated into English

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19 avril 1936 Bientôt minuit Je vais naître dans une minute exactement Je vais voir le jour le 20 avril Date anniversaire de notre Fürher Je serai ainsi béni des dieux germaniues et l'on verra en moi le premier né de la race suprême La race aryenne Celle ui désormais régnera en maître sur le mond. If you like your books to be challenging and thought provoking then Max is your kind of novel Credit must go to the author Sarah Cohen Scali and translator Text’s own Penny Hueston for crafting a character that despite the evil he embodies was able to invoke empathy in us as readers We couldn’t help but feel for Max as he tries desperately to navigate a world of bleak political control and indoctrination—the conseuences of which are often devastatingFrom the beginning of the book we were immersed in the world through Max’s eyes and it was this gripping perspective that kept us reading The haunting suspense that came—not just from the persistent propaganda that surrounds Max—but from the unlikely friendship that develops between Max and a Polish boy Lukas is what makes this book an undeniable page turnerAs one of our Text team members Rights Coordinator Alice Cottrell said'People tend to baulk when I explain that the first part of the story is narrated by a foetus—the shining star of the Nazi eugenics program—but Max is a fascinating and sensitive exploration of the power of propaganda and indoctrination'Bold unsettling and confronting it’s not hard to see why this daring work of fiction has won twelve French literary prizesYou can read a preview of the book here wwwtextpublishingcomaupreviewsmax ‘A fascinating and disturbing journeyMax is highly original and moving in its depiction of both the bravery and resilience of children and their ability to engage in acts of evil Author Sarah Cohen Scali has written a uniue sensitive and morally complex depiction of two lost and damaged boys’Readings ‘One of the most uniue and impactful books that I’ve read for a long time Even though Max is a child of evil it’s tough not to love him and care for himI challenge you all to not fall in love with Max and his story Because it’s impossible’Reading With Jenna ‘A fascinating fictionalisation of a very real piece of World War II historyProvocative and confronting’Booktopia ‘Cohen Scali’s research for the work is impeccable and her storytelling convincing Max is a timely reminder of the tragedy of war’Magpies ‘Compelling for young adult and adult readers alikeA must read’New Zealand Book Council ‘A heartrending portrait of unlikely friendship and fierce defiance and an impeccably researched glimpse into a deeply disturbing point in history Unforgettable bizarre and brilliant’Booklist ‘Readers will find Max’s story reminiscent of MT Anderson’s National Book Award winning The Pox Party 2006 Horrific atrocities—and the ghastly realities of any war—seen through the eyes of a child with heartbreaking cognitive dissonance pack a wallop’Kirkus Reviews

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Max Author Sarah Cohen-ScaPar les nazis mettent au monde de purs représentants de la race aryenne jeunesse idéale destinée à régénérer l'Allemagne puis l'Europe occupée par le ReichUne fable historiue fascinante et dérangeante u'on ne peut pas lâcher Une lecture choc remaruablement documentée dont on ne sort pas indemn. Let me tell you one thing about this book I won't consider it as a masterpiece I won't call it a life changing novel that's why I only gave 3 stars by the way but I would say without any hesitation that Max is a book that will make you think A lot First of all it's the story of Max actually Konrad who is a boy born to represent the aryen race at is best during WWII Basically Hitler wanted to create an army of nazis pupets So our main character is one of them We follow his story from his birth to the end of WWII I found it a little bit too long to start and I actually started to enjoy it with the arrival of a new character Lukas The main character being made to be the perfect little nazi isn't one you can relate to easily He isn't one of those character that you love from the first moment But eventually considering the fact that you know all of his life since his birth you're able to understand why he act like he does why he thinks what he thinksIt's also rough as a story obviously it's about WWII but some scene can be uite explicite and the language can be crude It's not a story for young children Beside that the story itself is one of those that really leave you thinking I actually finished the second half of the book in one sitting at 130 am Because you find yourself carring about the characters you find yourself wanting an happy ending for them Cause they're not evil They're just products of the Nazi's government They're victims of it And even though I had some problems with this book I finished it thinking differently about WWII You can only admire the research and the effort of the author who reveal the nazi regim's horror way that what you learn in school can teach you in a very deeper way You end up being able to see how far they were ready to go and what the world could have been if the nazis hadn't been defeated I will end up on this note if you love history you should read this book But expect it to be different from what you think it is and expect to learn a lot from it Actually even if you don't love history you should read it Because I think everyone should be aware of what happened