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She's a beautiful wreck who hates men but loves animals Beaten and left for dead she suffers from night terrors When she keeps running into a gorgeous guy things heat up but memories of abuse dampen the fire He's handsome He's wealthy He's in a wheelchair His entire life has changed and the past months have been hell But there's a bright spot in Michael's life Sienna an adorable klutz who seems to always be fa. See of my reviews at Bettering Me UpI won this book from Goodreads as a First Reads giveawayETA I will not be bullied into changing my rating nor my opinion of this or any book Mr Hart you may have deleted your comments but you have still performed a disservice to Ms Valentine and Water Forest Press Can you give a book less than one star I must have read a different book than the five people who rated this five stars Because OMG this was a painful read Trite Banal UnderwhelmingI should look up words in my thesaurus since I'm pretty sure the author did the same thing throughout the book Very high school esue There are a number of references to the 1980s Bolero jacket anyone I'm assuming this was written 20 years ago and was published without anyone looking at it in the present dayGlaring mistakes The price on the back of the book is listed as 500 There are three pictures on the front cover the back cover and within the first few pages all of which show different women of differing nationalities Very confusing In the middle of the book the pages are out of order so you wonder what on earth is going on when you flip from page 180 to 187 then page 192 to 181 Those however are the least of this book's problems there are grammatical errors; inconsistencies in timeline; and misplaced punctuation To start It gets worse How The lack of plot And the two dimensional characters And the cheesy dialog And the spineless female lead Sienna And the I loved life until I landed in a wheelchair love interest And the book's message that you have to be in a relationship in order to be happy WTF Sienna goes on a European vacation with a guy she can't stand which her best friend pushes her to do WHY I saw zero motivation in any action performed by any characterThere is a psychicmedium A half dozen car accidents Mention of an Incubus A twist at the end that you can see coming a mile away Technically correct sex scenes which are so dull I wanted to poke my eyes out palming her buttocks ReallyI need to go read some YA dystopian fiction to lift my spirits

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Love DreamsNa there always seems to be something to stand in their way The road is bumpy filled with dreams and desires awkward run ins and deliciously steamy encounters Is there anything short of a miracle that could bring these two struggling souls together A lighthearted contemporary romance for adults Romance and Drama Like life this story has its humorous moments Seriously Graphic Sexual Content Mature Audience Only. Well if the cover art doesn’t grab your attention the first few chapters certainly will January Valentine has presented a tale of twists and turns that keep you wanting until the last page in the romance novel Love Dreams Although not in the category of erotica it is definitely not a lightweight romance novel The sexual content is a bit heavier than I generally prefer but the story was nothing less than stellar Sienna is running from the pain of a past abusive relationship that ended tragically Michael is struggling daily with his new life confined to a wheelchair and unable to walk Their paths come crashing together in a wave of uncertainty and passion the likes neither have felt before Who will make the first move Will the obstacles in their way be too much This novel is definitely one that keeps you guessing until the last page and even there another twists leaves you with a smileSienna is a woman that many can relate to She is beautiful desirable and focused but she has been hurt badly and struggles to let go of the ghosts of her past Faced with one man who can hand the world to her on a platter and is desperately trying to do so and another man who makes her blood boil just being near him but seems so disinterested she has no idea which direction to turn I loved watching her struggling with her own desires and the dreams that haunted her Michael was cut down in the prime of life by a tragic accident but isn’t willing to let it stop him from being successful Being in a wheelchair may keep the party animal at bay but it certainly hasn’t stopped him from working hard and making a name for himself He finds himself entranced by the beauty of Sienna but terrified his injury would keep her from giving him a chance Two people totally oblivious at times to the strength of the others desiresJanuary Valentine definitely has the gift of storytelling She builds uniue characters that have depth and aren’t superficial like many romance novel characters tend to be Although I personally prefer to steer clear of the deeply erotic and sexual content that I found in this novel I still think she is a top rate author Excellent descriptions of the characters and surroundings with a uniue story line that pulls at your heart strings right away Despite my critical stance on the eroticism in the book I still give this 5 stars I look forward to future novels from January Valentine

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Download Love Dreams ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¶ She's a beautiful wreck who hates men but loves animals Beaten and left for dead she suffers from night terrors When she keeps running into a gorgeous guy things heat up but memories of abuse dampen the fire He's handsome He's wealthy He's in a wheelchair His entire life has changed and tLling so why can't she fall for him He offers her a ride not his lap but that's where she ends up when he comes to her aid after she's had too much to drink This is the beginning of the hit and miss love affair He blows it the first time She blows it the second Roadblocks Whether it's a doctor who won't take no for an answer a family emergency or a big mouth girlfriend who thinks she knows what's best for Sien. I received the book for free through Goodreads First ReadsI just didn’t get this book I thought that it was targeted for an adult audience but uickly became confused when I saw the “anime” like depiction of the characters on the back I flipped back to the cover and it was a different couple and yet another couple depicted on the first page So basically we now have 3 different pictures of 3 different couples and not one of them shows a handicapped male Putting that aside I forged ahead into what was just a completely dull book for me The author switches POV between the two main characters Sienna and Michael They both want each other desperately but neither seems to be able to voice that attraction for the LONGEST time What really bothered me was the author’s insistence at telling everything from the characters different POVs but never allowing them to say “I think” or “I saw” instead it was always Sienna thought or Michael saw It created a barrier between me and the characters that I just never broke down I just feel like she missed the mark on this one It should have been a great book after all she did have an intriguing plot but it just never delivered I know some people loved it and that is great but I just didn't