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Summary ↠ Climate Change õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ô Stockade Books and The Institute of Public Affairs are proud to publish Climate Change The Facts featuring 22 chapters on the science politics and economics of the climate change debate Climate Change The Facts features the world’s leading experts and commentatStockade Books and The Institute of Public Affairs are proud to publish Climate Change The Facts featuring 22 chapters on the science politics and economics of the climate change debate Climate Change The Facts features the world’s leading experts and commentators on climate change Highlights of Climate Change The Facts include Ian Plimer draws on the geological record to dismiss the possibility that human emissions of carbon dioxide will lead to catastrophic conseuences for the planet Patrick Michaels demonstrates the growing chasm between the predictions of the IPCC and the real world temperature results Richard Lindzen shows the climate is less sensitive to increases in greenhouse gases than previously thought and argues that a warmer world would have a similar weather variability to today Willie Soon discusses the often unremarked role of the sun in climate variability Robert Carter explains why the natu. Some great counterpoints to the Climate Change debate This debate has grown unfoundedly heated pun intended All respect and courtesy uickly flee when it is brought up This book contains essays from leading scientists mostly in Australia who disagree with the current politically correct theory Some share the hatred they have received in the form of emails job loss news articles attacking their character just for speaking up and uestioning the dogma of the dayWhile some of what is said in this book seems to be unfounded and incorrect a lot of it seems to check out Much is footnoted I followed many of those footnotes and undertook my own independent research just googling things A lot of what I found agrees with the essays in this book Some did notSo read the book for details and science than the common layman can grasp I'll just sum up the overarching key themes and points I took away from reading this1 Climate is changing No one argues that2 Climate has always been changing 2 Billion years ago the climate was changing It is still changing It will always change3 The Climate ChangeGlobal Warming movement is our first attempt to terraform a planet Our world governments are spending billions convincing us that they can and will control the weather on this planet4 Weather and Climate are incredibly poorly understood Scientists cannot yet uantifiably explain or prove the workings of almost any component to weather Today's working models based on this current knowledge of the science are so inadeuate they do't even allow our weathermen to predict the weather a week out That is because we don't understand how weather forms and changes We don't fully understand how the elements in the atmosphere interact5 Science is base on theory and theory is never settled When you hear the science is settled or the debate is over you should immediately be skeptical Science is the pursuit of truth which means systematic trials from every angle to disprove a theory Year after year Decade after decade If the theory stands then it is a good theory Still ONLY a theory What do people get for making the argument that manmade Climate Change is 95% 100% proven The theory of gravity uantum physics Thermodynamics special relativity any infinite number of other scientific theories are not proven or settled They are still being researched and tested and debated So why are people chanting climate science is proven Why are scientists threatened hounded or worse if they uestion the reasons of climate change6 The fact that books like this are still being written and that the internet is full of dissenting blogs is a clear sign that no matter how loudly our talk show hosts or government officials yell the science is settled it is not There is a lot of unrest in the scientific community I euate this to Donald Trump's repeated assertion that he had the largest crowd of any president ever to attend his inauguration Yet photos surveys and polls all show he did not get close But he will yell or tweet at anyone who contradicts him7 Manmade climate change is less about science and about politics The science is completely unproven and unsettled for EITHER side The politics however are settled and already a multibillion dollar business with an army of lobbyists8 Both sides of the argument have lobbyist corporations sponsoringbuying research results and spinning the debate Only according to Scientific American the anti manmade climate change side is spending around 70 100 million a year fighting the settled science But the Climate Policy Initiative proudly claims the Pro manmade climate change is spending 359billion a year on this debate and stopping climate change9 The most vocal people involved in this debate have no understanding of weather or climate Think of the friends you argue with about this topic Can either of you or I for that matter give a detailed explanation of the water cycle Can you make a comprehensive list of the factors influencing weatherclimate What do you think about the Navier stokes or Maxwell euations What about the effects on weather from orbital eccentricities associated with the Milankovitch obliuity cycle10 This debate on the public and Facebook level is about who has the flashiest most compelling argument you've heard so far Not science Never heard of any of those euationstheories in #9 Then sit down and shut up Stop shouting at friends forwarding memes and chuckling at how witty Jon Stewart or Carson Daly is Do some reading I don't know a lot about those above mentioned theories either but I now know they exist and have read a good essay about how they influence weather I will continue to study the topic; I am now aware of how little I know about climate science11 So this debate is euivalent to your mechanic coming to you and saying that your car engine is running a little hot and needs a 2000 overhaul to keep running or it could die randomly on you in the next ten years You say the engine has been running fine and you haven't noticed anything The mechanic says well that is because you are a fool and not paying attention The heat gauge needle is a few degrees past the middle and that means doom But he is an expert and he knows it is broken and only he can fix it You finally agree and pay him the 2000 Who came up with what degree your engine gauge should or should not be reading Isn't it a good idea to do some research on your own and maybe get a second opinion before just giving in to this mechanicWith a car engine many of us at least have a grasp of how it works and can smell a scam But the weatherthat is a different story How many of us have any grasp on how weather works Honestly the majority of people I've asked over the years don't even know something as simple as why the sky is blue Or why the sun is yellow Yet we see and live with those concepts in our face every dayThis is a heated debate that is costing hundreds of billions a year and with trillions at stake How much then should you do research and try to come to at least a small understanding of weather before handing over your money on one side or the other of this debate

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Ral variability of the climate is far greater than any human component John Abbot and Jennifer Marohasy demonstrate how little success climate models have in predicting important information such as rainfall Nigel Lawson warns of the dire economic conseuences of abandoning the use of fossil fuels Alan Moran compares the considerable costs of taking action compared to the relatively minor potential benefits of doing so James Delingpole looks at the academic ualifications of the leading proponents of catastrophic climate change and finds many lack the credentials of so called ‘sceptics’ Garth Paltridge says science itself will be damaged by the failure of climate forecasts to eventuate Jo Nova chronicles the extraordinary sums of public money awarded to climate change activists in contrast to those who uestion their alarmist warnings Kesten Green and Scott Armstrong compare climate change alarmism to previou. Interesting book on the science and politics of the climate warmingchange issue I had to skim over the scientific technical sections as it is necessary to be a physics major but most of the narratives and conclusions are uite clear enough It is also interesting how many of those involved with the IPCC reports who claim to be Nobel Laureates are not Politics and money are the prime ideas in this issue uite interesting however weather has been changing for millions of years without any help from humans Follow the money and power

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Climate ChangeS scares raised over the past 200 years Rupert Darwall explains why an international legally binding climate agreement has extremely minimal chances of success Ross McKitrick reviews the ‘hockey stick’ controversy and what it reveals about the state of climate science Donna Laframboise explains how activists have taken charge of the IPCC Mark Steyn recounts the embarrassing ‘Ship of Fools’ expedition to Antarctica Christopher Essex argues the climate system is far complex than it has been presented and there is much that we still don’t know Bernie Lewin examines how climate change science came to be politicised Stewart Franks lists all the unexpected developments in climate science that were not foreseen Anthony Watts highlights the failure of the world to warm over the past 18 years contrary to the predictions of the IPCC Andrew Bolt reviews the litany of failed forecasts by climate change activists. There is plenty of material here for you to start uestioning a few of the main conclusions about global warming To do so you have to endure and ignore the continual demonisation of the work of others The very use of this narrative techniue combined with its many misdirections and falsification of what is actually published undermines much of its objective for me Apart from a few carefully worded highly technical chapters it largely comes across as a confused and muddled rant against climate scientistsI have difficulty understanding why it was recommended to me as a suitable volume to convert a “climate alarmist” to either doubt or scepticism